Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Michael Jordon Partying like he's 20

Michael Jordon Partying like he's 20
I am not here to judge. After getting a divorce, go ahead and get your freak on, MJ. But, after all these stories of MJ cheating on his wife and extensive gambling, it might not be a good idea to make him a role model again, Nike.
It is kind of interesting to see my childhood and teenage heroes turn out to be flawed assholes, like Hulk Hogan is one of the worst people on the planet (in my opinion). And, yeah, Hogan is far worst than Jordan. 
Then again, MJ kind of hurt his image by trying to come back to the B-Ball game after retiring.  
Are these girls even old enough to even know who Michael Jordan is?  
Hot Drunk Girl:  "Weren't you in that Kazam Movie with that chunky kid?" 
Jordan:  "No, that was Mr. Shaq-Fu.  I was in something even worst...Space Jam." 
Hot Drunk Girl 2:  "You're old enough to be my father." 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sound advice there

Okay, this video put a smile on my face…
Not only because I know all the sites she talking about, but the fact she is even talking about the subject.  I know that women go to porn sites too, a growing number of them do, and I still find it a little strange.  I usually hear them say, "because it's gross)
Despite the fact she’s talking about my favorite subject, her low cut shirt is still distracting me.  
Anyway, you know we have a surplus of porn when people discuss which is site they prefer and give out reasons why they feel that way like they're ordering food.
By the way, I honesty have no idea why this video popped up in my suggestions box on YT on the side.  I looked up LSU Pizza Girl and this came up.  

Update: a long road

First I looked like this...
Sorry about not updating the blog. I had to write a nearly 15 page paper (with group notes and outlines) on news media law for our final. It almost kicked my butt, but it proves that I can really get down to business when it comes to deadlines.
While it wasn't easy, I enjoyed every minute of it. And, now I believe I should attempt to get some freelance work for some sites when I get a chance. If you know of any offers for writing gigs, hit me up.
Anyway, the paper came out much better than I even imagined.
Now I look like this.  It's been a long road...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stop looking at the girl...

Stop looking at the girl...
Yeah, she's very cute, but...After looking at her for 15 seconds it becomes creepy. It should be noted that his happened at a Starcraft 2 event, so that means there are a lot of lonely (and smelly?) single guys out there and a cute chick goes a long way. So maybe the cameraman was one of them.
The chick's name is Irena Liu.
And stop looking at her.

Natalie Maines talks about the Bush-gate (and not Earl)

Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines talks about the Bush-gate
It is interesting that she talks about this incident after so many years, (ten years ago). I felt Maines had the right to say whatever she wanted. And, I agreed with her. However, I also felt it was a little bit of a low blow to say what she said to a non-American audience, because she was fully aware that kind of talk would have never happened in an American concert full of rednecks. It just felt a little underhanded to me. I don't think she thought it would have viral. 
I also think the other two Chicks weren't too happy about the statement by Maines after the fact. You better believe there was strain in their relationship.
Now, the reaction from the country music fans was a bit of an overreaction. Country stations refuse to play their music and DJs were suspended for playing their music. It was down right stupid in some cases. It was an comment made by a group called the Dixie Chicks, relax folks. This is the same group that made the song “Goodbye Earl”.
From Huffington Post via US Magazine, (("To me, I was right from the beginning, because it's my right as an American to speak up and question our President, have my point of view, have my opinion, question what I want to question, and say what I want to say about our government," Maines said. "It's very scary to me that people actually think we should just follow our leaders. If we can't learn from our history, we're nowhere." ))
I begrudgingly agree with the first part of the statement, but it would have made a bigger impact if you had said it in the US.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adam Savader: Nerds, stop making us look bad.

Adam Savader: Kind of Strange
Okay, this guy's creep factor is very high. A GOP intern blackmails chicks into showing their boobs. Usually, this happens after they get into office.
From New York Daily News.com, ((Adam Savader, 21, a former campaign intern for the Republican presidential candidate, was arrested in his Great Neck, L.I., home Tuesday by FBI agents and charged with cyber-stalking and blackmailing young women online, authorities said.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/romney-campaign-intern-busted-nude-pics-blackmail-scheme-article-1.1325621#ixzz2RVZRDlOB ))
Given the state of the Internet, you don't have to threaten women because there are hundreds of sites out there with women willing to take their clothes off. (Some for free!) Yet, he went through this whole thing to get some topless pictures. That's right he hacked sites to obtain the pictures. And, that's the reason I think he has mental issues(In my opinion). Basically, this guy obtained nude pictures of women and then threatened to reveal them unless they gave him more nude pictures. Does that even make any sense? You already have the pictures, and yet you're wanting more of the same. That digs you into a hole deeper, bro.
The FBI arrested him, because he's no mastermind. (He was the freaking elephant in appearances.)
He could see five years in prison where burly guys will be asking him to take his clothes off.
Given that this kid was Internet savvy (which is probably what got him in trouble), he has tons of photos with famous Right Wing people on his Facebook page. Something tells me he didn't post his collection of nude pictures there though.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rasputin vs Stalin (Rap Battle)

Rasputin vs Stalin (Rap Battle)
You have to love these historic rap battles. This one first starts out with a simple battle between Stalin and Rasputin. But, Putin comes in at the end at destroys them all, because he's total bad ass.  And he did it without a shirt too.
And, I love those beats too.
Best part for me is when Stalin mentions defeating Hitler, and that's true. 
Who won?  

The New Thor 2 trailer (first impressions)

The New Thor 2 trailer (first impressions) 

Hmm, that was rather bad ass. I've come to really like the first movie on second viewing. It is actually a well put together movie. While this is a different director, the new director is from the Game of Thronesstable of directors. That means he knows how to direct sword and fantasy stories. 
 This movie seems to take a darker appearance. I love the appearance of Loki at the end of the trailer. Basically, Thor has to put his trust into his former enemy. I love that Loki is kind of the Lex Luthor of the Marvel movies. 
While I hate the title (The Dark World), I can live with it.
Anyway, it looks good and I can't wait. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Boston Bombings: I've tried to stay away from mentioning the bombs because I wanted to keep this blog somewhat upbeat and humorous. But, I do need to say a few things. First, I love how most news companies won't even mention the fact that Reddit discovered the bombers way before even the FBI released a photo of the suspects. While there were some missteps, they did a good job pointing them out. Second, thanks to all the cell phones and digital cameras, they were able to give a step by step timeline of the events.
And, social media also played a role. It is also interesting to note that one bomber even had a profile written about him way before the attacks. I mean info is all out there. Also, how stupid do you have to be to wear white hat backwards so people can get a good profile of you? Stupid, just stupid.
~Megan Fox as April O'Neil: Everything about this news seems wrong. And, why is Michael Bay even bothering to cast her after the mean things she said about him? It doesn't make much sense. And, have we forgotten that she is a piss poor actress? Anyway, Megan Fox has already dyed her hair red. Why not get a hot redhead that can act? 
Hell, the pornstar April O'Neil would be a better choice than Megan Fox.  We know that Pornstar O'Neil is a better actress than Miss Fox.  

~Justin Bieber and his Monkey: All this talk about Justin Bieber and his Monkey could be read in a totally different way. I guess he's not interested in picking up his dirty little monkey Germany. By the way, I've grown tired of Justin and his stupid “home schooled” comments of late. I'm sick of the shirtless strolls around town and the stupid comments about Anne Frank.

~Harry Shearer is being pulled from his radio home: He had this show on the radio for about 29 years and now the radio station that was his home is shifting his show to an Internet Only broadcast. At first, I was against this, but given the state of radio now, it might be a smart move. Basically, only people in LA won't hear him on the airwaves. I remember the rather funny scene in Wayne's World 2 with Shearer.

Space Harrier Music

Space Harrier Music
I used to play the hell out of this game. I fondly remember playing it with my brother all day. The good old days when you all you had to worry about was playing too much Sega Master System or NES. Now, things just suck.
Anyway, the thing I really loved about this game was the kick ass music. While the main title music is great, the Special Stage music was also very cool too.  Take a listen below.  
This track is used when you hop on a special dragon start blowing things up.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ryan Lochte makes people laugh

Ryan Lochte makes people laugh
Okay, this made me laugh, mainly because of the reactions from the news people. Yeah, they trolled him after the interview and check out Ryan's reaction just as they cut away. Despite him being a “pinhead”, I think he knew they were clowning him.
From the Huffington Post, ((The 28-year-old swimmer, promoting his E! reality series "What Would Ryan Lochte Do," ))
Uh, does everyone need a reality show? Even the boring stupid guys?  This show will be a train wreck. 
From Blog Zap2it.com, ((Lochte is literally dumbfounded, leaving the broadcast in complete silence for a full six seconds before replying, "Good question ... My philosophy is if you're a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning." ))
What does that even mean, Lochte?  
"I don't know"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jennifer Love Hewitt makes an entrance with that damn dress

 Jennifer Love Hewitt makes an entrance with that damn dress...
Damn, girl. 
 Anyone that's read this blog long enough knows that I love Miss Hewitt for two reasons. And, this dress she's wearing puts them front and center. While Mathew Perry is very interested in that dress and the stuff that's in it, I'm sure Ellen had a bit a of female “boner” as well. This is freaking JLH. You know Ellen was like, “Damn, I want a piece of that.”
Like a fine wine, JLH gets better with age. She apologized for her revealing dress. Uh, why? If you got it or paid for it, show it. I've been attracted to her since the 90s.
And, everyone remembers the “What are you waiting for?” 

Friday, April 19, 2013

After Earth shifts to a new release date. (after date)

 After Earth shifts to a new release date.

From The Huffington Post, (("After Earth," the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan film starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, has been shifted to May 31. ))

Hmm, in many ways this isn't a good sign, and I have to wonder if someone at the studio is feeling a little uneasy about this movie. Keep in mind this is a M. Night Shyamalan joint and you will notice they haven't marketed the film with his name plastered over the titles like his earlier movies.

I actually think they want to distance themselves from Oblivion which has a similar concept to After Earth. I mean they almost seem like they could be set in the same damn universe. I am looking forward to Oblivion over After Earth. 

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
 ~Star Trek The Motion Picture OST: I actually really dig this soundtrack a lot. I am listening first track and I love Jerry Goldsmith's score. I am listening to this as I write this.
~Glee gets a season 5 and 6: Maybe I've grown out of the demographics of Glee and let it pass me by. I just can't seem to really care for the show anymore. It has moved away from the things I liked about show and into “You see” type of issues instead. Tell a good story and let the issues rise to the surface instead. Don't preach and let the message take over for good storytelling. I think Glee has fallen into preaching and not telling a good story. But, that's not what people want these days, and FOX has a lot of faith in the show. Fox doesn't usually do this sort of thing.
 ~Lamar Odom is an ugly man: I am not a looker myself, but even I shiver every time I see Lamar and that stupid grin plastered on his face. I guess it is only natural that he picks the least attractive Cardassian Khlo√© Kardashian. He couldn't even get one of the hot ones. 
 ~Big Bang Theory rerun beats American Idol: Finally something to be happy about. While I don't watch the show, I am thrilled to see a repeat of a scripted show beat the tired game show/reality show. It should be noted not many people from AI seem to make it big anymore and tend to lose fame as the year roll on. That Clay fellow and Rubin aren't hot shit anymore. What about that curly haired dude from the first season? Where is he now? Justin Guarini
  ~Twitter Rant again: After all these firings because of Twitter remarks. Are people finally learning to watch what they say online via twitter? I feel kind of bad that Adam Orth lost his job, but the guy was a douche. I guess the good news is he is a meme now.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Women vs. Police @ IHOP plus Star Wars

Women vs. Police @ IHOP plus Star Wars
This is probably the best video ever created.  What is it with IHOP and foolish people?  They might as well have a cop stationed at each place and arrest any hood-rats or thugs that act up.
1 Why is Boba Fett chilling in a restaurant in Atlanta? He has a freaking ship and he can go anywhere in the galaxy.
2 What happened before we saw the cop grabbing the chick (s) by the hair? Did they crap on his waffles?
3 Why would the girl in the black dress throw some fists at the cop?
4 Watch the girl that remained at the table afterward. She checks her freaking phone for texts and calls. WTF? Your friend just got Rodney King-ed and you felt it was more important to check your phone.
5 Boba Fett actually has weapons that could have helped the cops. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aubrey Plaza storms onto stage and pulls a Kanye West and fails

Aubrey Plaza storms onto stage and pulls a Kanye West
Miss Plaza, I love you, but you look pretty silly here. Her reaction afterward sort of proves that it wasn't a staged stunt. I love the expression on her face after she made an ass of herself. It was a “Wow, did I just do that?” expression.
Give me the Mother-Father Popcorn, Will!
Then again, maybe it was made up. But her reaction during and afterward seems real to me.
I will note this; Why would any want to steal a MTV award anyway? Maybe she thought she could actually eat the golden popcorn? Is MTV's security so bad that they can't stop a Kanye West or a drunk chick from strolling on stage?  Where are the snipers with the dart guns?  
God bless you Kanye West. 

I love that she just gives up and sheepishly walks away...defeated.  Check out Will's body language   

Monday, April 15, 2013

Psy: Gentleman

Psy: Gentleman
At first, I didn't like this song as much as his first global hit. However, I've come to really like it and I laugh every time I see some of his antics in this video. I love the “new” dance and the lead woman really knows how to sway those hips.
The song is another parody of those heavy electronic dance songs that have infected our pop culture of late and I love that Psy keeps making fun of it. It is carried over from his Gangnam Style.
The biggest reason I love Psy is because he's making millions using the new style of music making. If you make a popular video, people will then in turn go out to buy it. If you make it viral enough, people will buy it. Right now, the song has had over 76 million hits, beating out Justin Bieber and that's good thing because I freaking hate Beiber...a lot.
Yes, the swaying hips dance is a slight modification of the Abracadabra dance from the K-Pop group Brown Eyed Girls. You can check out in all of its swaying goodness here. The girl dancing with Psy is from that group (Brown Eyed Girls) and is featured doing the modified dance. (Ga-In )

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chris Brown: Fine China

Chris Brown: Fine China
I hate to say this, but I actually like this song and the music video. I hate Chris Brown as person and a singer. However, this song is very good and well written. It is clearly heavily influenced by Michael Jackson's Thriller and Off the Wall albums. The chord progressions and “whoos”are clearly Michael Jackson.
I also like that Chris Brown doesn't rely on auto-tune in this song like his other songs. He uses his voice just like MJ. Plus, the guitar and bells work in giving this song a bright feeling. I think this is in the right direction for Brown and he should rely less on the heavy-produced dance songs he's been into recently. I know people don't like that he is using the 80s style of music here with the Off The Wall feel of the song, but it works.
-The actress, while very hot, isn't that good. Brown is actually better.
- Dr. Pierre Chang has returned. It is good to see the Doctor from Lost made it off the island and turned to a life of crime in the triad.
-I like the neon light effects in the city. That is clearly a MJ throwback too. The lighting and color tones does bring you back to the 90s Micheal Jackson era of music videos. The music video almost feels like it shares the same universe as MJ's music videos.
-Heck, I even liked the dance fight. But, Brown looks a little corny in some shots. Is the man eating anything, because he's looking a bit thin?
-Did she get naked in his car? I'm not complaining, I just wanted to point that out.
So, it ends on a cliffhanger. Will they do a follow up? Who knows?
I am not a fan of CB, but damn this is a nice nostalgia trip down the early MJ solo road. And, it has a smooth sound it. Damn it, Chris, I like this song.
Grade: B+
 Why do I think "Nice F'ing model"?  Honk-Honk
You've been f'ed by a smooth criminal.  

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
~This is a busy time for me with a ton of projects and tests coming up all around the same time. I have a huge presentation coming up Monday and probably another smaller one later. I also have a final where we have to work in a group and come up with a paper. I love writing so that one is actually going to be fun to work on.
~This is the best review for a Brandy show I have ever see in my entire life. She talks about having her heart dropping out of her private parts and other colorful remarks. “She put everybody in a motherf'ing casket.” She even mentions unicorn and rainbows and she mentions orgasming in her pants and talks about the hair on her butt.
And, Brandy needs to meet this woman. I don't think I've ever been excited about anything like this in my life. Not even caramel popcorn...
~The weather is warming up, so I've been riding the bicycle again. This helps clear my head and it keeps me from turning negative on myself. So, I am looking forward to the summer break. I just got done with a bike ride in the city a few minutes ago. I just have to keep positive and not let the bad thoughts keep me down.
~Mad Wife at Wrestlemania: She went to the same event as her cheating hubby, whom was cheating on her. She brandished a sign with the words, (("My cheatin' husband's in 129 row 31 seat 7-3 (with the homewrecker)." ))Yeah, her hubby is a bit of an asshole. Leave your wife at home and take out your mistress to a big event, that's just oozes a major asshole (That didn't sound right). I have to give her credit for actually buying a ticket herself and making a sign. I actually think this isn't a bad version of public shaming. If you really don't want to be around your wife, divorce her. Plus, you have to give her credit for matching the pink color of her sign with her shirt.
~Worst Mother Award?: Well, she might be as bad as the one in that Mall taser video. She gets into an argument with another woman about her child, which comes across as nonsense and proceeds to throw her kid down and attack the other woman. I've learned two things in life, avoid riding a bus and eating at a 24-hour restaurant. Because, some of the same loud mouth ignorant people hang out in both locations. I can only imagine the type of person this kid is going to grow up to be because of the mother. Can we take this child away from her? She is in jail and the kid is with family members. This story reminds me of that case where those two women were caught shoplifting and left their baby in the cart and leaving the baby with security. They then decided to go to the club afterward. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Best Injustice Gods Among Us Ad (Meat of Justice)

Best Injustice Gods Among Us Ad
Anyone that has a meat belt and is a superhero is okay in my book.  I’ve seen the short version of this ad, but this longer version is even better.   I love the reaction from both the thief and the woman.  He's like an outcast from Kickass.  
Criminals, you don't want him to slap you with his sausage. 
 The meat of justice…brilliant.  I want this guy to be our superhero for Louisville.  Comrade Kielbasa will protect our city.  This actor sells it with his bit with the meat of justice. 
Now, this is marketing done right.  It has that random feel that the Old Spice ads have been doing for years now.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Go Cards?

I guess I am required by law to mention that Louisville won the b-ball championship. I have very little interest in organized sports, but I guess I should say, “Go Card?”  Since I live in this city, I think I have to say something.  
Anyway,because they won, there has to be some controversy bubbling to thesurface. Some b-ball player named Peyton Siva, whom has a girlfriend, was caught sex-texting with a “Twitter model” named Jenna Shea. Never leave written evidence of your exploits. This just takes away from their win, but everyone likes a sex story.
Even for me, this is way too much.  
Okay, she's hot and all, but what is up with the ass implants? Was that necessary?
Also she bears a striking similarity to a certain pornstar... Are they related? Hmmm

Microsoft,you're doing it wrong. (Twitter Rant Gone Wrong)

After rumors of the new XBOX going Online Always, guy working for Microsoft decided to come to the defense of his company by sending out rather amusingly funny mean tweets.
The guy in question is Adam Orth and he's become sort of a meme because of it.
From the Daily Dot, ((Orth took to Twitter yesterday to dismiss anyone who complained about the rumors that the next generation of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console might be an "always-on" device, meaning that it will require a constant Internet connection to work, even if you’re not playing online. ))
Here's the thing, Microsoft has had this attitude a lot of the years, clearly not as much as EA, but they've made statements like this before. It seems the dick-ness seems to be enhanced by the Twitter format.
After some stupid exchanges with mad fans, he left this Obama meme in response.

And, we now have another person working for a big company acting like a total ass on twitter. Best part of the story is that Orth has now become a meme called Always Online Adam Orth. And, Microsoft had to make a statement because of his douche baggy-ness. Also, Daily Dot says that Orth has made his Twitter account private. Real smooth, Orth.
When are people going to learn that Twitter isn't your friend? I feel kind of bad he left his job, but you really need to step away from tweeting, guys. 

Monday, April 08, 2013

Best Scene Ever Created...

Best Scene Ever Created...
You backed into “Skater” and he flew into the air. That was when you blew him up with a rocket launcher. That was a bit of a overkill.
I watched this clip on the Red Letter Media site and laughed at the crazy action that took place. There is so much that is cool and really bad about this scene. The movie goes by the name Hard Ticket to Hawaii and is directed and written by the infamous (late) director Andy Sidaris.  And, like his other movies, it is full of boobs and cheap action. 

~First off, smoking weed doesn't you can do wild tricks like that.
~Second, the villain’s name is Skater. How original. How many skater assassins do you know?
~What was the point of riding pass them the first time only ride pass them again trying to kill them?
~What is up with sex blowup doll? Why is he carrying it? Was he trying to conceal his weapon from the two dudes in the jeep? If that was the case, it didn't work.
~One guy in the jeep, the driver, gets shot and he shrugs it off.
~ Did you have to blow up the doll too? That just seems like a waste of ammo.

Damn it, Old Spice, you did it again. You made Bar Soap cool...again.

Damn it, Old Spice, you did it again.
Having a shower follow you where ever you go is brilliant. I'd loved to sit in the meetings when they came up with these ads. Old Spice has always made some freaking funny ads over the years.
Some have noted that it seems strange that Procter & Gamble has aimed at the soap bar market. From ABC News, ((Bar soap sales edged up just 1 percent in the U.S. between 2007 and 2012 to $1.62 billion, according to the firm's data. Meanwhile, body wash revenue jumped 30 percent during the same period, to total $2.44 billion. ))
That partly has to do with the aggressive marketing companies have done over the years for body wash soap. The message is simple: Body Wash will get you laid.
And, I am not going to lie, their body wash is very good, but very expensive.

Tila Taquila likes conspiracies now?

Tila Taquila likes conspiracies now?
As you all ready know, I love making fun of Tila. She's gone from being Miss MySpace, to a reality star and to being a shitty rapper. She also had an online meltdown and had ICP fans literally throw shit at her. She is the true meaning of having no talent. And once her looks start to fade, she will be left with nothing.  I'm not even sure anyone will even care when she starts to crash.  
 And, now she has even amazed me.
I was digging through reddit.com and came across this link that stated that the empty head Tila has morphed her gossip site into a conspiracy website. WTF? Originally, Tila created a shittier version of Perez Hilton's gossip site to run against it, but I guess she either got bored or it wasn't making any money. Now, she's turned it into “Freedom Fighters”.
And, it is clearly another attempt at getting eyes to roll her way. Nothing seems that “real” on the blog and seems to be all staged just to get attention. Check out her About Me page. And, I love the fact she hasn't updated her “Freedom Fighters” blog since November.
-She talks about being banned from Facebook: Okay.
-She talks about “clonebots”: Clones or bots, pick one.
-Yes, she even talks about Reptilian Bloodlines: Oh boy.
Folks, don't believe in this shit. In my opinion, this is all a stunt.
Check out her video about “The Others” (From Lost?)

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hell is a Blue Screen with Green Skinned people?

Best CGI and non CGI ever
I love the fact they forgot to add the FX to the second part and you get to see the guys in green suits and the massive blue screen behind the main actor. Brilliant.
I remember a (Next Time on Star Trek TNG trailer) where they didn't add the FX yet either.  

Gilgamesh: Final Fantasy

Gilgamesh: Final Fantasy
Gilgamesh shows up in the latest FF game too and he even breaks the fourth wall in FFXIII-2. He even mentions you downloading the DLC. Gilgamesh is very interesting because he is actually the same character in all the FF games. He basically shows up via a rift and causes trouble for both good guys and bad guys. This makes he one of the few characters that is the same throughout the universes.
I liked John DiMaggio as his voice in FFXII, but Gilgamesh was very hard to defeat in that game!

Friday, April 05, 2013

Target becomes a Target...Manatee-gate-ish?

Target becomes a Target
Yeah, I can see why people are “upset”. But, it seems like more of a coloring mistake than a way to insult their customers. Target isn't in the business of pissing off its customers, that's EA's job. While this does teeter on “the outrage” tweet, but I have to agree with those people outraged with the color name. Plus-size women are a little uneasy about their appearances. And, calling it a color similar to a warm-blood sea creature that happens to be fat is a bit much.

Why would anyone use the name Manatee Gray for clothing anyway?
But, we have to ask, why wasn't the smaller dress named the same color though?
Well, it looks like there were different teams placing the colors into the description. And, I actually buy this answer too. I don't smell bullshit. Large companies do have different teams that don't work together. And, these screw ups do happen.
Target changed it, so no harm, no foul. No donglegate here.
By the way, why did this come up when I Googled Manatee Gray?

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