Friday, August 31, 2007

Random News Bits

Damn it, Beckham!

Random News Bits

~Why does anyone even bother having Andy dick as a performer anymore? Here he is peeing on people and groping women and probably men too. This guy really is a dick...

~I sort of like 50 Cent, but he needs to shut the f' up. While I think Kanye West has a major ego problem, he's a better artist than 50 will ever be.

~Shocking, BN reverses their stance on the new OJ book: I guess profit is better than taking a fake stance on the book. What a bunch of a-holes!

~David Beckham bends it, his body that is: I mostly hate all sports, so I don't get soccer either. I think it will take another five years before it catches on here in the states. Beckham will sit out the rest of the season, and he also recieves a free 6.5 million dollar pay check this year. And you can count the 10 dollars they'll get from the New Spice Girls tour.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spears spears her career.

uh, Stripper outfit not hot...School Girl outfit Hot

22 Reasons Britney Spears will never make a comeback...we hope. (These are great)

Her career is in the crapper, and her life is in shambles. This is a great list, check it.

I’d like to add one: You know you’re in the dumps when you’re caught banging an extra from your own video. (Note: It’s just in poor taste for a mommy to do this, but it’s alright for rappers and rock stars to bang extras.)

KR: enough

Keith Richards wants an apology from a reviewer, and I want Richards to shut up

Comment: Hey, Richards, people are always going to hate your show, so move on. Think of all the people that enjoy your music instead.

(("How dare you cheapen the experience for them and for the hundreds of thousands of other people across Sweden who weren't at Ullevi and have only your 'review' to go on.))

Uh, cheapen the experience? Has the drugs, cheap hookers and cheap beer gone to your head?

(("I am not going to apologize for my subjective opinion," Larsson told the paper's Web edition on Wednesday. "It is Keith who should apologize. After all it costs around $145 to see a rock star who can hardly handle the (guitar) riff to 'Brown Sugar' any more."))

Lol, how do you say P’wned in the Swedish language?


Inside a Killer’s Mind

I’ll come out and say this about myself; I am an outsider and always have been. I’ve spent most of my life being by myself. I’m just more content with being alone and not dealing with people. And, when I read this article about Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech killer, part of me sees some of these outsider traits within myself. Yet, I can’t fathom the mass shootings and hatred that came out of this kid. There was more behind this kid’s anger than was let on before.

Somehow, he let the outside world get to him.

((The bottom line: The killer, Seung Hui Cho, had been mentally ill since childhood))

They go on and talk about how he wouldn’t respond to or hug family members. He would refuse to talk when spoken to.

(("When he first came to America he was in about the second grade," said the acquaintance. "Every time he came home from school he would cry and throw tantrums saying he never wanted to return to school."))

(("I remember sitting in Spanish class with him, right next to him, and there being something written on his binder to the effect of, you know, '"F"' you all, I hope you all burn in hell,' which I would assume meant us, the students," Baldwin said. "And the teacher saw that and she came over and she got him, talked to him for a little bit … and then took him out of the classroom."))

Hmm, this should have been investigated more.

The news media likes to blame violent videogames/movies and guns for this kid’s attack, but there was a deep metal illness to him, something that can’t be explained. Anyone that cold-bloodily murdered that many people was going to do it no matter what. Videogames weren’t going to change that. The signs were there, but no action was really taken. Liberal and conservative alike like to talk out the media influences make this guy pull the trigger, but their focus is wrong.

My encounter with someone unstable.

I remember my encounter with the guy from work, Ray. We watched as his emotional and metal levels started to break down, and he became more and more unstable. He would later go on and kill a family man in cold-blood in a parking lot. Deep down, we knew he was capable of violence. Yet, in the back of my mind, I wonder if I should have pushed for the company to force this guy into therapy. Would it have made a difference?

I’m not sure. Some people can never be helped.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Trouble With Tribbles

The Trouble with Tribbles

Most Star Trek fans tend to agree that the original series' second season was probably its best. I have to agree with them. This was the period when the writers finally got the ball rolling and created some compelling stories in the process. One of the most memorable stories from the second was the episode Trouble with Tribbles. Tribbles was a comedic episode with some incredible writing.

While there was a serious sub-plot in the mix, the story itself was purely for laughs. Not only does the episode have sight gags, but there are some clever exchanges from the different crew members. Some of the best lines are between Spock and Kirk. This lighthearted romp was needed for a generally serious season. Plus, it looks like the entire crew was having fun with this one...even Shatner.

There were so many good moments in this episode that I can't even mention all of them in this review. One of my favorites moments though was the insults the Klingon officer made toward the Enterprise, and Scotty punching the crap out of the officer.

Looking back at TV from the past, it seemed like people attempted to take chances with comedic episodes once in a while, making characters look a little more foolish than usually. You would never see dramas do this sort of thing today.

Grade A-

Great Quotes

Nilz Barris: Captain Kirk, I consider your security measures a disgrace. In my opinion, you have taken this important project far too lightly.

Kirk: On the contrary, sir, I think of this project as very important. It is you I take lightly.

McCoy: It's a human trait to love little animals, especially if they're attractive in some way.

Spock: Doctor, I am well aware of human traits, I am frequently inundated by them, but I've trained myself to put up with just about anything.

McCoy: Spock, I don't know much about these things, but I do know one thing. I like them...better than I like you!

Spock: Doctor, they do indeed have one redeeming quality.

McCoy: What's that?

Spock: They do not talk too much.These guys are great, they should have done a Spin Off with them.

Tribble party!
I make it a point to never go to a bar with this type of entertainment...

Random Bits

Random Bits

~Today is the birthday of philosopher John Locke, not to be confused with the really cool character on the TV show LOST. In many ways, Locke's insight into free governments was key to the American Revolution, as well as many other governments. Yet, a government isn't free until people are given a choice who they can vote for, and a two party system doesn't count.

~John McCain's birthday is also today. Please, someone give him the gift of insight, so he can tell that it is over for him.

~Someone lays down some New Men Rules. Check them out, they're pretty funny. The line, (ALL men see in only 16 colours, like Windows default settings.) Priceless. (Note to female readers: Please don't attack me!)

~Looks like they're adding some interesting names to the LOST cast. Check it here, and here. Someone in the LOST crew really likes HBO, because a lot of the actors from those shows end up on LOST. Last season, at least three actresses from Deadwood showed up on LOST.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem trailer

Alien vs. Predator 2

Okay, you got me wanting more...

I love that this movie going to be Rated R. This could be a new start for these tired franchises.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Larry Craig Flushes his career.

Sen. Larry Craig has a strange fetish, and now we all know it.

((Long dogged by rumors about his sexuality, the married and conservative three-term senator is expected to address the June 11 incident at Minneapolis Airport in which an undercover officer arrested him on charges of lewd conduct in a men's room.))

Anytime you put lewd and restroom together you’re bound to have some trouble there. Why would anyone want any kind of sexual encounter in a restroom? Does the smell of piss and crap turn you on, Larry?

Naturally, this guy is a Republican…a conservative one too. He promotes ‘family values’. He sure showed some values in that restroom.

((As rumors swirl through the Beltway that Craig, who has voted against gay marriage and opposes extending special protections to gay and lesbian crime victims, might step down, some of his longtime allies have denounced his behavior and called for his resignation.))

This is always the case with people who are too intent on regulating what people do in the own homes. They talk the good game, but when it comes to their own lives, they don’t follow what they advocate. I like certain things the Republican Party stands for, but this moral superiority isn’t one of them. And this keeps me from ever voting for them.

But the story gets stranger…

Larry was in a stall and began to stick his hands under the stall where the undercover cop was doing his duty (he-he). The cop didn’t take kindly to that and arrested him. Here’s the best part.

((Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper which first reported the case, quoted the Aug. 8 police report as saying that Craig had handed the arresting officer a business card that identified him as a member of the Senate.

"What do you think about that?" Craig is alleged to have said, according to the report. ))

Do you think showing that you were a Senator was going to scare him into letting you off? These people think their above the law.

Here’s a prediction, I bet he’ll come out with a statement saying that he’ll take some time off to be with his family and go into rehab.

Here’s his web site. Sorry, no pictures of bathrooms…
This guy just looks creepy. I’m sure I’d turn away when if I encountered him in the bathroom too.



This is another film by the people that brought you the pretty good movie Super Troopers, Broken Lizard. Since I don’t drink alcohol of any kind, I sort of feel like I’ve been left out of the loop on with this drunken comedy. Maybe I’m supposed to be shit-faced while watching it. I did like watching the large amounts of female nudity through out the film though. You don’t have to be drunk to enjoy watching exposed bare breasts.

Beerfest is better than their other effort Clud Dread, but not nearly as entertaining as Super Troopers.

And, don’t get me wrong, because there are some things to like about Beerfest. I love the fact that they kill off one of the main characters and brought in his twin brother like nothing happened. It’s almost as if they’re winking at the audience.

However, the movie, more than anything else, doesn’t really have that comedic spark that Super Troopers had. In the end, Beerfest isn’t that funny, not even in a stupid way, but not that bad either. It’s certainly a throwback to those 80’s movies that had tons of nudity and crude humor.

Grade C-

Monday, August 27, 2007



Mark (Marky) Wahlberg plays a military sniper that is double crossed by the very people he works for. Antoine Fuqua directs this very intense R-rated film. The action is very bloody and fast-paced. It would appear Fuqua came from the Bay school of camera movement, because each shot is constantly moving. However, I had no problem with that. While he’s no Tony Scott, Fuqua has always been a capable director. It is no different here either.

Shooter is a very good action movie with some great scenes. Marky-Mark does decent job of conveying a retired sniper on the run from the government. Look for kick-ass performances from Danny Glover and Ned Beatty (Sorry, Mr. Lurthor). While the story is a little shaky in a few places, it does seem to fall together in the end.

And, boy do I love this ending too. Marky-Mark does some things that might make you question if he’s really a hero or an anti-hero. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. Hollywood should start making R-rated Action movies again. If you can look pass some of its flaws, I’d think you’d enjoy it.

Grade B

athletes and my foot...

As you are already aware, I really can’t stand some of the student athletes that are in some of my classes. I can’t stand their ‘I’m cool and I know it’ Attitude, plus many of the football players are not the brightest stars in the sky. Well as my luck would have it, I get teamed up with two football players for a small project. Me and two football players…

I’m sitting there trying to get them to talk about the damn project and what info they could come up with for it. Magically, all they managed to talk about was football practice and parties. I tried to get their dinosaur brains back on subject, but they couldn’t do it. Why couldn’t I have been teamed up with the hottest girls in the class?

You just don’t know how much I hate working with student athletes. Perhaps, I should bring it down to their level, like mentioning ESPN and athlete’s foot…slutty cheerleaders.

Looks like I’m going to have to come up with this project myself.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random Thoughts

~I am looking forward to Fururama's comeback. The first will be Bender's Big Score. Sadly, FOX will still get profit from this movie. FOX hated Fururama and treated it like crap.

~I like Flight of the conchords, and this song is great. You have to love the self-edits. Too many Mother-uckers.

~I keep seeing the U of L police officer that pulled me over at school. Curse you fate.

~Nautica Thorn has a special public service announcement to all the Paris Hiltons and all the other celebrity sex tape folks... I always though Mrs. Thorn was always cute and I see that she a bit part in Knocked Up. You can guess what she played.

~I'm sure John Singleton is having the worst time of his life right now. I can't count the number of times I've come close to hitting someone that simply stepped out in the middle of the street.

~Joe has some interesting things to say about Pan and Scan, and I have to agree with him. I hate watching movies in Pan and Scan. It is a disservice to the movie. Note: I love that TV shows are moving toward widescreen as well. Just don't make those sitcoms widescreen, because they suck. You can get through this, John.

~Remember when they showed cartoons on Saturday morning and you would sit all morning watching them? Breakfast and Cartoons were the norm. Well, The Samurai Frog has a freaking great post about childhood and things past. I do remember the only way your mother could contact you was to yell outside for you come home, there were no cell phones. McDonald's was the coolest place ever. Ah, to be a child again.

The Bonus Room Song

The Bonus Room Song (Skullmonkeys)

I finally found this song. Click on the link above and listen to this funny song. I laughed when the singer tried to trick me into thinking there were monsters in the Bonus Room (there are some in later levels). You have to listen to this song, trust me.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Bits

Random Bits

~I was never a huge Mario Brothers fan or a Nintendo for that matter, but I loved Super Mario Brothers III and Super Mario World, but I still get pissed about how much Nintendo pimped out their biggest franchise. ScrewAttack has the top ten worst Mario Brothers games out there. Some of them I didn't know about.

~Going on the same bad videogame tip, The Angry Videogame nerd has a new video up and I have to say this video is messed up. He talks about pornographic videogames. I can't believe someone came up with these games, then I realized Dead or Alive games are pretty much the same thing...

~Hmm, I like this trailer for the Jesse James movie. Anything has to be better than American Outlaw, which was also a Jesse James movie.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zodiac (2007)


This film, directed by the skillful David Fincher, is based on the actual events that happened with a real killer that went by the name Zodiac. The killer left messages and codes for the police and the news to figure out. What we get in this movie is slow but nicely crafted story about the murders.

And, this is why some people will either hate it or really enjoy this movie. The film goes at an extremely slow place that today’s movie-going crowd might be turned off by this type of storytelling, while others will love the slower pace and finely crafted story. The murder investigation is the central story with a few minor character stories thrown in for good measure. It is also worth mentioning that the movie is long and doesn’t have a true ending.

However, the acting from most of the cast is outstanding, even bringing energy to otherwise boring scenes. Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback, He’s rocking it), Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. are just remarkable in their roles. I really dug Downey Jr. the most.

While not for everyone, those that enjoy slower movies will like this one a lot.

Grade B

(The only reason I’m not giving this a B+ is because I’m waiting to see Fincher’s Director’s cut later this year)

Brian Cox plays real Lawyer Melvin Belli. He was involved in the murder investigation as well. Melvin Belli was also famous for his horrible role in the third season Star Trek episode And the Children Shall Lead, which he played the character Gorgan.

Note: Rumor has it he got the role because the third season executive producer was good friends with him, despite the fact he wasn’t an actor.


Agent: “Hey, Jake, this is your agent calling. They want you to star in Brokeback Mountain 2: Backing Harder. Are you interested?”

Jake: “…”

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random Bits

Random Bits

~I've been deep into school, and dealing with bad tires to look up and notice some new released photos of The Dark Knight. The Samurai Frog has some photos posted over at his blog, so check them out.

~Here's a 'making of' for the music for the new Medal of Honor videogame. The interview from Giacchino is very nice too. I've noticed that he's reprising some of his older themes in this new game.

BTW, here is a theme from an older game.

Allied Assault

~I really need to get around to reviewing Star Trek: TNG Best of Both Worlds.

~Barnes & Noble isn't selling the new OJ book. But, it's okay to sell other books with similar subject matters? I don't like that OJ has a book out, but give people a chance to make up their own minds if they want the book or not. Barnes and Noble, you shouldn't make the decision for them. Besides, the families of the victims are making the money off the book, not OJ.

This just smells of a PR move.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Red

Kalidor: “I saw a vision of the future, and I didn’t like it all.”

Red Sonja: “What? What did you see?”

Kalidor: “I became a figurehead Governor of a kingdom and you became old and unattractive. You were banging some little troll that wore oversized clocks and a hat with horns on it.”

Red Sonja: “Oh, shit. Is there a way to prevent this omen from happening?”

Kalidor: “Simple, we must go to the future and try to prevent this horrid thing from happening.”

Red Sonja: One bad movie

Becca has some nice information this bad campy movie. I remember sort of liking this movie as a child, but I hated that stupid little kid. I also thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger was playing Conan in this movie, but actually it was a clone named Kalidor. As Becca notes, he was going to be Conan, but it was changed.

While Brigitte Nielsen was stunning in Beverly Hills Cop II, here she's just bad all round. I'd say check this movie out, if you're flipping through cable.

(Note: I think it's funny that now I want nothing but for Brigitte Nielsen to go away forever. Can we throw her in the Phantom Zone with those three Villains?)

Goldeneye song

Goldeneye song

Tina Turner just kicks ass in this song. While it isn't best song from the bond films, it does have that 90s feel. Turner seems to really bring a lot of soul into this song. I just lover her voice in this song, then again I like Turner.

I can't say the rest of the film's score is good, because it isn't good at all. It doesn't have that John Barry feel to it, which David Arnold was able to bring in the later films. The producers tried to make this Bond film sound different, and they ended up pissing off the fans. So who was responsible for this score? Eric Serra and let me say that he hasn't done too much worth mentioning other than The Fifth Element.

Licence to Kill's Opening Song

Licence To Kill (the song )

The actual song

I just love this song for this 80s James Bond movie. Gladys Knight does a great job with the wonderfully written music. The best portion of the song comes from the horn section and the music from Goldfinger. I just think the horns make the song sound extremely cool. Sure it has a bit of that 80s vibe, but I think the Goldfinger horns bring the song back to the 60s.

Take a listen.

Dream of the Shore Near Another World

From time to time, I get bored and pick up my big ass keyboard and play some music. I generally try to figure out a tune from videogame song or movie score. Just this Sunday, I figured out how to play the theme to Chrono Cross, the track is “Another World”. This song is one of my favrite tracks from that score.

Here's how it is played in the actual game. I love this song.

You can hear a version here

Here's another take, I believe in the correct key.

I think person is playing it at the right tempo.

Here's how you play the song. (Note: This isn't the key it's played in the game.)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sen. in Batman

Sen. Patrick Leahy has a part in the next Batman Movie;_ylt=AtYaG4Zg66ATxonzXTnixTms0NUE

((The longtime Batman fan would reveal little about his role other than he is called the "distinguished gentleman."))

Hmm, you know, I kind of dig this. As long as we don’t see Rove or Bush in the movie, I’m all for this. Plus, he has to be a better actor than Katie Holmes.

Dunkin' Cops

MMM, Good.

Sunday morning...

It was late, around 2 AM and I was hungry. So I pulled up to a gas station, I noticed three cops hanging around outside the station. They seemed to be into a heavy cop related discussion and ignored me.

I entered the place and went to the Dunkin' Donuts area of the station and discovered that the doughnuts were fresh. I couldn’t begin to describe how good fresh doughnuts smell, freshly picked from the delivery truck, to you. But, it was a holy experience. I picked up about six and placed them in those bright Dunkin Donuts box.

After paying for them, I left the station interior and went outside…in front of the cops. As if they detected my box of doughnuts, they all turned and looked at me.

I felt awkward, realizing I had a box full of Police Officer Fuel.

Oh, shit, should I offer them some? Or will the gesture piss them off?

I then thought about that damn 140 dollars I had to pay for that damn ticket and said screw it.

I did feel like they were going to jump me and take my doughnuts away.

BTW, I got mostly those maple flavored ones and they were great.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Weekend

The Best Copy Machine Ad EVER

Well, it's not really a copy machine ad, but it would certainly sell some machines if they showed this video. This is actually a music video by a DJ named Michael Gray.

Here's what we've learned

  1. This copy machine has magical powers to make ladies horny and take off their clothes.

  2. Women really want to hump a copy machine.

  3. She really can't wait for the weekend.

I really dig the first girl in the video. There's something about her that I really like. I've seen her before, yet I can't put my finger on it. Anyway, thanks to the Internet, I discovered her name, Sarah Merry and she has an agent site. (BTW, she's a size six shoe).

Prototype Sonic

Fun With Early Prototype Sonic the Hedgehog

This Sonic 2 prototype has made the rounds of Sonic fans for a little while now. I had always seen pictures and read stuff about some of the changes made from this version and what we see from the final version. Here some buggy things and small things that were dropped from the game.

Keep in mind that Sonic 2 and Sonic CD were developed around the same time by different teams and some elements were suppose to crossover. I haven’t ever played Sonic CD, but I bet some of these things in the early prototype were carried over from CD, but later dropped.

I noticed the impact ability present in this form of the game. That’s when your character would run into walls and bounce back. Luckily, the developers dropped this concept, because it would have slowed game play to crawl.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Smile: The Smaller picture

ID Picture

I went to the bank Friday, and I walked up to the front desk and a very attractive Bank Teller greeted me with a warm smile and voice. She had to be high, because when most people see me they generally frown and think ‘Not this asshole again.’ Anyway, she asked for my Driver’s License.

She looked at my license and remarked, “You don’t look too happy in the picture.”

I raised an eyebrow and said, “I always look that away.”

“You should smile more,” she said, looking up at me with her baby-blue eyes.

I would, if I was dating you, I thought. “I’m smiling on the inside. I’m just one happy guy,” I lied.

“That’s good to hear,” she added with a chuckle.

This got me thinking about it. Why would I smile in my driver’s license picture? The only time people use the ID is when you get pulled over (Which happened recently, damn you U of L police), and when they need to confirm your ID. In what cases do I need to smile in that picture? If I’m smiling in my picture, does that mean people will treat me differently? Nope, I’m still that asshole that pisses people off.

Do people smile in Mug Shots? Okay, don’t answer that question.

Btw, next time one of these happy people makes it point to mention I never smile and I should, I’m doing that famous Johnny Cage move with that punch.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Uwe Boll doesn't like you

You have to give Uwe Boll credit for not shying away from being a complete jerk.

I guess Mr. Boll’s new movie is another stinker. But Boll didn’t like reading this guy’s review of Postal. You can read this guy's review here. Boll keeps making statements in his interview that he was a pioneer in German Cinema, but forgets that most people find his movies to be crap. It means nothing if you don’t have a good story and a good movie.

Here's the first scene from the movie. I'm not sure if this is suppose funny, but I found this scene to be almost tasteless. There are a few funny lines to be funny, but I hated the last 10 seconds. I don't like what I'm seeing in the trailers either.

Here are some of his e-mails to the website writer. I found them to be amusing.

Milch From Cincinnati

I mentioned that John From Cincinnati ended up getting canned. Just when the show was being prepared for cancellation, David Milch started work on another project for HBO!

((But once again, Milch has shown his propensity for mentally checking out of a series while it's on the air. It happened with Deadwood and it's happened again with John. Milch made a bad program, HBO canceled it and Milch didn't blink twice because he had lost interest anyway.))

Criminal Mandy

Someone, please turn on the damn lights, they look pissed.

Comment: I posted about Mandy Patinkin a while back and that he left Criminal Minds. Well, MC has some even more interesting bits of information on the departing star and that there seems to be a lot of bad blood between him and his co-workers and crew. What did he do to pretty much piss off everyone he worked with on the show? Did he pull a William Shatner?


Brannon Braga thinks about his past

Looks like former Enterprise showrunner reflects on the stuff that happened during his time on the show. The Trek Movie site also had the fortune of having Brannon Braga actually showing up and leaving comments on the post. Generally, Braga stayed away from most interaction with fans because of the anger many of them had toward him. I thought it was interesting that his friend Ron Moore, on the other hand, had a completely open relationship with the Internet fans.

The biggest thing I agree with Braga about was the relationship with UPN. By having the show on a tiny shitty network, I think it harmed the show creatively. Plus, the reason the TNG and DS9 worked was because they had limited interference.

((I think it damaged the show. If you don’t mind booting Brent Spiner later on I could stay up here all day and talk about this one subject. I think it hurt Voyager and much more with Enterprise, to be on a constantly shifting fledgling network that in some parts it was on channel 92 if you could find it and you needed the foil rabbit ears. Here we were shooting this beautiful show and posting it in high def and people were watching it on the crappiest stations imaginable. Tons of problems being on that network. Also we didn’t have a lot of money to promote. So I don’ think it was a great thing for the franchise. I cant blame it all on that. There were other problems of course, but it was truly frustrating.))

Yet, he doesn’t talk about the fact that he needed to step away before the project even got off the ground. He did just as much damage as the Network, for being a ‘yes’ man.

Here’s what he had to say about the post.

((Brannon Braga here. I have to say, I am both heartened and horrified at the responses to the transcript of my appearence in Vegas. But in the end, there is truth in all of your comments. I accept the compliments and the condemnations. I wish my 15 years on Trek had all been smooth-sailing. I wish every day and every episode had gone without a hitch. There are arrogant comments I wish I hadn’t made in interviews, and in pitch meetings (as one email points out, and dude, I am sorry for that). I don’t think I ever really grasped how much I would be scrunitized in my position. I learned the hard way. Still am. Anyway, just here to say I appreciate the comments, even the negative ones: they are all useful and informative. Special thanks to Mr. Pascale, who seems like one cool guy.))

I still hate this guy as a person and a producer, but he gets a few good points for coming online and talking to his haters. Then again, he’s hasn’t done much since Threshold got canceled. Check out his comments from 60 on.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The 1/2 Hour News Hour (Git-R-Done)

Two men

Fox gets rid of The 1/2 Hour News Hour

Comment: Finally, FOX does something smart. If you ever had the displeasure of watching this train crash of a show, you’ll understand my glee. I’m sorry but people who are extremely to the right (or to the left) just can’t be funny. You’re more interested in getting the issues out than attempting to be funny. That doesn’t work.

The biggest shocker in this whole thing is one of the names attached to the show, Manny Coto. Coto was one of the people behind the shift to better writing on Star Trek Enterprise before it got canceled. Coto was responsible for some of the better arcs on 24. I can’t believe he would even consider being part of this shit, even if he was a conservative.

Listen, I’m all for laughs and even making fun of the extreme left (Rosie and Janeane Garofalo), but at least make it funny. That’s the whole point of a comedy show, right? What makes the Daily Show so good is that they make fun of EVERYONE.

Sad thing is we’ll still be getting this shit until 9/16/07.

(Note: Even Conservatives admit that this show sucks.)

Don Imus Farts dust

From Imus to everyone else in this scandal, just stop suing each other.

I’ve gone on record stating that I believe that Don Imus shouldn’t have been fired for his stupid comment. (However, his producer said far worst than he did). But, now a student from that team is suing Don Imus. I have to ask the reason behind this.

((Meanwhile, a member of the Rutgers women's basketball team has sued Don Imus and CBS, claiming the radio personality's comments damaged her reputation.))

Uh, damaged her reputation? How about someone putting nude and sexual photos of you on the WWW for everyone to see? I’d say that’s damaging your reputation. Ask that cheerleader about that one. An old fart saying Nappy-headed hos is just an out of touch douche bag not getting it.

Old farts are a dime a dozen. I’ve been called the “N-word” to my face, but I never thought about suing anyone in the process. Sure the remark hurts, but you either kick their asses or ignore them. You don’t think of a scheme to get some cash from it. You prove that you're the better person by not returning the racial remark.

((The lawsuit also named Imus' employers CBS Corp. and CBS Radio. There is no dollar amount listed in the suit. On April 4, Imus referred to the Rutgers players as "nappy-headed hos" on his nationally-syndicated program. He was fired shortly afterward.))

I hate Imus as much as anyone else, but hasn’t he gotten enough flack for his mindless comment? I personally don’t understand why people feel he’s interesting or cool enough to have a radio show, let alone have another one. He’s boring, but I don’t think he should be sued.

This lawsuit will turn the court of public opinion against you. And do you really want people feeling sorry for Imus?


Dating Tips from Cobra and Destro

Destro dumps his former girlfriends differently than anyone else

Destro was one of my favorite characters from GI Joe and this clips proves he’s a badass. I also like the bling golden dome he has now.

Cobra Commander’s dating tips

I’ll have to try some of these tips, because Cobra Commander knows how to pick up the ladies and he is a friend of Destro.

(Note: on a first date, never mention that you were once turned into a snake and turned back into a humanoid.)

BTW Arthur Burghardt did the voice of Destro. He worked on Go Bots and Transformers during this time too.

For being a bad girl, I found the Baroness to be hottest out of the female characters.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Star Wars Clone Wars: Volume Two, review

Star Wars Clone Wars: Volume Two

When the first volume came out, I liked it, but I thought it could have been better. Volume Two is superior in every way. The story is much more focused and the subplots are better connected in season 3. Genndy Tartakovsky’s style is a little different here. It feels a little less stylistic, which is better in my opinion. The pacing is also refined.

The main storyline begins with the attack on Coruscant by the Separatists with General Grievous leading the kidnapping attempt on Palpatine. It is neat to see how animation frees the creators up to do what ever they want to. We get to see thousands of robots attack the city, as well as Yoda and Mace kick ass.

The other central plotline is even more compelling than the big battle. The focus is on Anakin and OB1 on the planet Nelvaan. Anakin is sent on a mission alone to save all the male leaders of this tribe. On this journey, he has a peek into his dark future and does end up doing some dark deeds in the process. I enjoyed seeing Anakin care about these aliens, but he cares so much that he ends up doing the wrong thing out of revenge. It reminded me of the incident with his mother on the Attack of the Clones.

I should also point out this volume also leads right up to Revenge of the Sith. The only major problem I have with this story is that I could have done with more storyline from both main plots. Because of the time format Lucas forced on the animation team, I felt they couldn’t fully express themselves with the limited time. Plus, the writing is much better than most of Lucas’ work of late. (They know how to write a love story, George). I just needed more.

In the end, it was an enjoyable 60 minutes of animation that at times is better than most of the stuff Lucas has written in ages. There are some very nice moments in this DVD.

Grade B+

Anakin: “Will I ever get to act in another movie again?”

Qui-Gon Jinn: “If I have my way, probably not.”

Anakin: “You’re mean.”


Strangely enough, it is explained why General Grievous is more of a coward in the movie than in the books and the cartoon show. Count Dooku gives him some advice in the matter of retreating when necessary.

Camp this

You know your career has hit a new high when you’re being directed by the guy from The Wonder Years.

Cuba: “Where is Winnie Cooper? Do you have her number?”

The way most people felt after watching this piece of crap

You know when you hear about a movie that is so bad that both critics and normal movie goers both agree the movie sucks big time?

Step aside for Daddy Day Camp. Somehow, this is a strange sequel to Daddy Daycare, but it really has no true relation to the Eddie Murphy movie other than a complete recast of the character Charlie Hinton (Who was Eddie in the first movie). The character is played by the good guy but poor decision maker Cuba Gooding Jr.. Has this guy made anything good since Men of Honor? (Well, he was good in Dirty)

Here’s what one critics has to say about this mess.

((As a film critic, you never feel all that great giving a negative review. You always try to find some positives but sometimes, like with this film, it’s nearly impossible. I grew up watching “The Wonder Years” so I would love to see Fred Savage’s talents blossom towards a new direction. Instead, “Daddy Day Camp” is a perfect family film for the blind and deaf.)) Source,

He hates this film more than I hated Ghost Rider.

John From HBO

That strange show John From Cincinnati has been canned

Comment: I was never a fan of this show, and I hated that this was the show that helped cancel Deadwood. Because the creator of Deadwood was the (David Milch) guy that created this surfer show too, people always blamed this show for the demise of Deadwood. This new show was too strange and different to ever get a steady amount of viewers, and part of me likes the fact that the show failed. Milch pretty much let Deadwood rot and this is sort of like karma

Yet, there is a bit of good news as well.

((But David Milch won't go anywhere any time soon. According to Variety, Milch is in the process of expanding his existing development deal with the network and is working on several new projects for Home Box Office. It's unclear what that deal will include, but the cancellation of John From Cincinnati could allow Milch and HBO to focus on the rumored Deadwood movies to tie up that tragically cancelled show.))

Now if we can get a couple of Rome TV movies, I’ll be happy.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rove out!

One ugly bastard

I generally hate talking about politics, because this is not a political blog, but…

Goodbye, Karl Rove!

The Evil telepathic bastard that goes by the name Karl Rove is leaving the White House, and not a moment too soon either. Rove was one of these assholes that used fear to win an election. Instead of talking about the problems overseas or other stateside issues, he forced the focus on gays and gay marriage. Note: We have more pressing issues than worrying about a dude marrying a dude people.

I guess he’s jumping this sinking ship before he drowns. However, with a head that huge, I’m certain he’d float to the top.

Man, this guy has a huge dome. I wonder if Rosie and Rove aren’t the same person.

((Karl Rove, the most influential White House aide in recent history, has resigned as chief adviser to President George W Bush amid vilification from Democrats and defiant tributes from an increasingly embattled administration.))

So long and thanks for all the fish!

What ever you do, don’t head-butt him, because you’ll lose.
Here’s Rove hanging out with his family.

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~I have to say this again, but I love this Alizée chick. Sure, her music is painful to listen to, but man she's real cute. I don't think she knows the meaning of pants or the phrase 'they're too short or too tight'. I can almost forgive the crap she calls singing and music. I'm in love again.

~We all know that Britney Spears has lost her mind, but now she's doing one-night stands with a dorky dude that looks just like a very young Jim Carrey. WTF? I'm all for MILFs taking me out for a good time. I'd like some MILF loving too. But after that car parking incident and the US magazine shoot misadventure, you'd think she'd attempt to keep a low profile or something. Not this balded former pop star.

BTW, has she even released a single or an album lately? Will she ever work again? Hell, if the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys can attempt a comeback, she surely could. However, would we want her to come back?

~Sorry, but that Jim Carrey looking dork speaks his mind. Imagine my surprise that this dude is dumber than a bag of bricks. However, I have to say that this is my fantasy of getting any pop singer. She gets topless before she even took a drink. What a winning mother! The move that Britney pulled just doesn't work for me.

~Fred Savage has many talents, but directing isn't one of them. Best week ever has compiled many of his skills into one page. I didn't know he played a gay super villain on JLU. He might have as much skill as Chuck F'ing Norris.

~Speaking of Fred, Daddy Day Camp only made 5.04 million. I think it is time for Fred to be looking for that Wonder Years Reunion movie.

~Isn't this girl cute or what? Too bad she's in the other business in Hollywood...Any girl that looks hotter with glasses is alright in my book.

~Well, regular classes are about to start in about a week. So, I’m looking forward to taking classes where there are more actual smart students than dumb athletes and stupid cheerleaders. I can’t tell you how much I hated the people in that class.

~One thing I’ve noticed while paying my traffic ticket, the people that work in the license office are total assholes. They treat people like shit because they are the government. They know that no one is going to call them out on their rudeness.

Screw the government!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jackson and New Line want the ring?

Peter Jackson and New Line making up? Hobbit bound?

Man, I hope so. I really do. There has been some bad blood from both sides of the dispute. And I thought these two camps would never speak again. Things might be changing. It looks like Jackson and New Line are in talks to kiss and make up.

I’ll take Jackson simply doing the Producer position, just as long as he’s in the creative process. I think he should drop the Halo movie all together and get onboard with The Hobbit. I’d rather see a live version of the Hobbit over an overly hyped movie based on an over hyped videogame franchise.

This all could end up being nothing…Just don’t hire Ratner.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hulk Hogan

Happy Birthday to Hulk Hogan (54)

Hulk Hogan was probably one of my main heroes growing up as a child. He was purely a good guy that every kid wanted to be like. Somehow, he was able to go through thousands of shirts by ripping them. He was a success when it came to WWF and WCW, but whenever he tried to make it as an actor he fell flat on his face. He should have tapped out.

Let’s go through some of his ‘great’ films shall we…

Rocky III: He played Thunderlips in this goofy Rocky movie. Anyone that goes by Thunderlips I generally try to avoid completely.

No Holds Barred: This movie sucked big time. It was about a character named Rip (Hogan) and his battle against Zeus (Tiny). Check out this review Here

Suburban Commando: He plays a commando defending the suburbs, but he’s not just a normal commando, he’s from space. Yes, this is a shit movie.

Thunder in Paradise: This is first in a long line of Thunder In Paradise movies and shows. Yep, they made this into a TV show.

Mr. Nanny: This is about a tough guy that has to baby sit a bunch of brats. Didn’t Vin Diesel make this movie too years later?

Santa with Muscles: Just the name alone spells crap. Check out this review of Santa with Muscles. This movie is pretty bad, folks

Friday, August 10, 2007

Little kid vs. treadmill

Little kid vs. treadmill

The name says it all. I bet you can guess who wins this battle.




Okay, I’d be the first to admit that I had no desire to see this musical. People told me that I wouldn’t like it, and it wasn’t my type of movie. Well, I rented it anyway and watched it. And I enjoyed it a great deal.

It’s based on the Broadway musical of the same name. The other thing worth noting is that the main storyline is based on Motown and the Supremes. Trust me; it is very close to what actually happened during Motown’s golden age. Mary Wilson confirms that many of the events in the film did in fact happen.

The performances all round are truly top notch and enjoyable to watch both in singing and acting. Believe the hype; Eddie Murphy is simply amazing as James Thunder Early, a slight riff on James Brown. (Though Murphy’s character mentions James Brown, saying he stole his moves). Danny Glover is always reliable as James’ manager. Jennifer Hudson is lovely and steals the show anytime she’s on screen. She has a wonderfully strong voice, something that is missing from modern music today. (F’ you, Mrs. Spears)

The other actor worth mentioning is Jamie Fox. Fox once again brings his A-game and is a sight to see. He plays a very Barry Gordy like character. He generally starts out with good intentions, but gets twisted by greed. Like many major labels, this record company started out with dirty money, because no one else would give them the cash.

The musical numbers are very complex and long. I enjoyed how the characters would start a number and the scene would morph into an actual concert song with different performers singing it. The music is just great and fun. It needs to be heard and watched.

Steppin' To The Bad Side is one of the best songs in the film, I think.

Grade B+

Back when music was good and meant something to the artists. Now, we have manufactured vanilla, marketable stars that mean nothing in the long run. Will anyone care about The Spice Girls or Spears in 20 years?


Destiny’s Teenage: They already gone through 5 members already…

The Pink Panther Returns (II)

The Pink Panther Returns

So, we have a remake of Get Smart coming out, and now another Pink Panther movie coming out too. As you know, the first movie with Steve Martin was delayed and re-shot extensively. They ended up toning down much of the dirty jokes and making it more kid-friendly. In the end, it sort of paid off for the studio. While I mildly enjoyed it, I’m sort of pissed that they went for a more family film, which the older movies never were. So, expect more of the same but far worst.

Well, they’ve added some names of some the actors attached to the film.

((Andy Garcia, John Cleese, Alfred Molina and Aishwarya Rai are reportedly set to join Steve Martin in The Pink Panther 2.))

I like both Garcia and Cleese. But are they enough to make this movie good?

The good news is that ego tripping, but hot, BeyoncĂ© Knowles won’t be back for the second movie. And, that is a point in the right direction in my book. I guess she’s too busy tripping down stair on stage.

Go here for a review of the first film.

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