Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yo yo

I’m such a Geek, again. This week I rented Spiderman 2 and Happy Gilmore. What a strange combo. Just like X2, I really enjoyed Spiderman 2. Despite the poor dialogue, the movie is so much better than the first film. I’ll try to review this movie tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pink not a Guy thing

I was hanging out in the theater lobby with friends when Brian’s girlfriend pointed out a guy wearing pink shorts. Pink shorts? How can some dude sport pink shorts and be hard? Pink is not a Hardcore color. You will never see a gang use pink as their color. Sorry guys, you can’t make pink hard. It’s not going to happen.
On a side note, what was he thinking?

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Well someone really hates me...

I looked up my name on
I have the worst term EVER! I wont even put it on here, but you'll laugh at it trust me.

Crap Movie of the week


What a horrible movie! It is a true turd. This Paul Walker crapfest was only in the theaters for a few weeks. Time travel at its worst. The plot is so dumb, I wont even recap.

During the troubled posts-production of the film, the legend Jerry Goldsmith scored the music in the film originally. Believing the score was finished, Goldsmith moved on to work on other things. Richard Donner saw the cut of his film and decided to pump up the film with more action. He recalled Jerry Goldsmith to replace his romantic score with a more action score. Goldsmith did. After really bad test screenings, it was decided they needed more reshoots and more editing. Well, after they edited the movie, Goldsmith's score did not fit, and Goldsmith refused to rewrite his music again. I don’t blame him. They replaced him with another composer, but you can buy Goldsmith’s very good score even though it’s been rejected.

I can’t believe one of my favorites directors Richard Donner, who was responsible for the wonderful Superman movie, made this movie and didn’t at lease try to make it halfway good. It’s like he’s not even trying. The FX shots are terrible and the acting is bad, thanks to Paul Walker.

Words cannot convey the amount of hatred I have for Paul Walker. There is no reason for anyone to even call him an actor. He doesn’t act, he just plays the surfer dude character in every movie. What were they thinking when they cast him as an archaeological student. No character development here.

For a good laugh, watch this movie.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Random thoughts Part 7

~ We need to bring back the catch phrase, “Surf’s up, dude!”

~ I guess that Beans, Beans song is correct. It is musical fruit. The more you eat the more you toot. The more you toot the better you feel. Let’s have beans for every meal.

~ I am sick of “Your momma jokes”. We need to start using “Your daddy joke”.

~ Again, these birds keep pooping onto my car. What is a brother to do?

~ I rented the Incredibles and Batman the animated series DVDs this week. I’m such a geek!

It’s okay when you’re blond, I guess.

I was at a gas station, and there was a goofy blond teenager there roaming the inside store. I was standing in lane, and she walked up asking about playing cards, behind me. The next thing I know, I hear a thunderous crash, and I look back. She knocked over an entire display of angel figurines! Embarrassed, she starts trying to pick up the shattered pieces with her hands. I, being an asshole, couldn’t help but laugh.

The clerks at the station were very nice to her for crushing all the angels. They said, “It’s okay, honey. You don’t have to pay for them.” They were being overly nice to her. I got to thinking, what would happen if I broke those things. Would I be treated as nicely? No.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Not the kind of test i'd like to brag about...

What is with people? I was heading toward the library when I stepped through the first set of doors inside the little room. I heard a voice say to someone on a pay phone, “Dude, what up? Guess what? I passed the Piss test, dude!”

Now I’m thinking, is this something you want to share with everyone in the library? And, considering the automatic door was open, and everyone in earshot heard him. Moreover, why would you call another dude about a piss test? Also, he seemed surprised he actually passed. Hmm…

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The older meaning of...

Here is the older meaning of boner from

3. boner
failing an attempt at accomplishing something through clumsiness and stupidity
"Jimmy pulled a real Boner move during the football game"

Site of the week

Here it is

I came across this site on a message board. This site started out showing the how much of a Jerk Superman really was. It pretty much bashes old DC comics as well. It is truly funny site on the bad comics from the early years. Please check it out

BTW, this Batman “boner” thing had me rolling. I loved the fact they kept using it. I believe “boner” meant stupid before the “other” meaning. But, I’m not sure how that meaning fits into the context on this Batman comic.

Coming soon later today

If you want to know where those Batman pics came from, come back here later today to find out the story behind these REAL pics, and the funny site of week behind them.

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What is wrong with the Joker? Posted by Hello

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Funny Posted by Hello

Random thoughts Part 6

~ Thank goodness Deadwood and The Shield are back on the air. Besides, Enterprise, I pretty much stopped watching TV. BTW, the wonderful Cop show The Wire has been renewed for another season on HBO. This is great!

~ I read the book Star Trek TNG Q Squared by Peter David within three days. This guy is a great writer; please try to read some of his work. He is also known for revamping old comic book heroes, such as Hulk, and Supergirl.

~ Things couldn’t be more busy for me than what I’m doing this week.

~ It was pointed out to me, that I’m so withdrawn from work, that I don’t even know when people have been fired from the work area. Perhaps, I hate my job so much that I pretty much block out everything that goes on around me.

~ Strangely enough, I was driving down the highway alone at 5am, when a truck came racing up to my rear bumper. I thought perhaps he would go around me by using the fast line, but no, he stayed on my tail for miles. Then, he decides to turn on his bright lights as well. After that, I had enough and decided to go about 75 MPH to avoid his crazy ass. Never get in a car fight with a semi truck; you’ll lose every time.

Forget it (Update)

Please read the 1st forget post to understand this one.

Thank you, to Brian and his girlfriend for inviting to the movies Saturday night. It was a shock that they called right after I posted on my Blog about spending the Saturday night alone. We watched Constantine. I'll have more on this movie later. Anyway, thank you guys for letting me be the 5th wheel

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Robert Blake

Now that Robert Blake is free here are seven things he can do with his life.

  1. Hang out with OJ on the golf course.
  2. Buy some stock in Enron.
  3. Marry Martha Stewart.
  4. Wait for Money Train 2 to start filming. “You’d make a great killer.”
  5. Search for the “real killers”.
  6. Run for Governor!
  7. Start you own reality show where you kill people and see if you can get away with it.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Forget it

I dont want to go out to the movies tonight. There's nothing to watch, plus I hate crowds. I'll just stay in on another Sat night...

"There he is!" "Yo, how you doing" "let's poop on his car!" "better yet, poop on his head" Posted by Hello

Good Feathers

What is up with these birds? You don’t see me pooping on their cars. Anyone else remember the Good Feathers? They must be like the Good Feathers.

The Goodfeathers were a parody of the Goodfellas, except it was birds.

Random thoughts Part 5

Random thoughts

~ Every time I go to my car, I get more bird poop on it. These evil birds cover my car with it as if they have a major beef with me. Are the birds using laser guidance systems?

~ I was driving down the street and noticed those people who wear those goofy outfits and signs at intersections. There were two guys dressed like the Statue of Liberty, waving foolishly at random cars as they passed. I thought, these guys must feel like total fools standing out there. Maybe they don’t.

~ Thank God those girl scouts wont be spamming every shopping center doorway in the USA for a while. I don’t mind girl scout cookies and such, but I hate being bugged about it.

~ Speaking of Spam, don’t you just hate when you get an email from one of them that tricks into thinking it’s a long lost friend. Titles like, hey there! Following up on our last communication, check this out! Good to see you again! Damn these guys.

~ I really need to stop sleeping so much…

Oh boy...

Well, I’m going to the movies tonight. I know I’m going to regret being around those damn teenagers. The fools come out on Saturday nights. I am going to use my movie “rain check.”

Friday, March 18, 2005



A week ago, someone from CA asked me if I knew anything about the Waverly Hospital. At first, I said no. Then I realized I had been to the place. We just call it the TB Hospital. This person said it was one of the most haunted places in the US. Though the I didn’t hear any whispers from the hundreds of dead, it was really spooky.

I’ve snuck into this place a few times with my good friends. This place is creepy and some believe it’s haunted. First, you walk along a railroad track to get to the place. After a few miles, you veer off into some dark thick woods. Inside, the building is truly creepy.

This place really looks like a real life silent hill game.

I’ve posted some pics of the real place and some of the videogame Silent hill, they look alike

Please read this link for more info…

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another real photo Posted by Hello

Looks just like the game... Posted by Hello

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here's a good one to compare to the real photos. Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Two screwed up pop stars standing together. I've noticed that she is much darker than MJ. Does this seem right? No matter how much you try, MJ you cant run away from who you are. Posted by Hello

What have you done to yourself, MJ? It needs to stop, you were great once. Posted by Hello

Mr. Leno?

What does Jay Leno have to do with the Michael Jackson trial? Did he give the children Doritos? Did his CHIN answer any questions? Who are they going to call next OJ? Maybe, I’m out of the loop. I need to really keep up with the case.

"After I leave the talk show, I'm going back to being known as (That Doritos Guy)" Posted by Hello

Monday, March 14, 2005

Site of the week 2.1

Here's site 2 its not interesting but I'll put it up anyway!
the fact that I understand some of this mess is amazing...

It was pointed out to me...

Someone at (a cool cat named Aces) brought up the fact that Michael Jackson’s lawyer looks like the dude from the Quaker Oaks boxes. Here’s the pictures, enjoy.

"Not only am I a lawyer for washed up pop icons, but I make a pretty good oatmeal too.” Posted by Hello

He's just missing the hat. No wonder MJ picked him. (Note: Look at the girl to his left with the sign, what a strange expression she has.) Posted by Hello

Random thoughts Part 4

~ Well, now that the conference games are over, it’s now time for me to go back to ignoring all things sports. I didn’t even know it was Super Bowl Sunday a while ago. When I found it was, I didn’t watch it.

~ Even though it’s spring break, I still have a chemistry project due in a week. Plus, I have to figure out how to balance equations in Chemistry. I’m really busting my ass in this class, I can only hope for a bloody C.

~ It’s strange that I’m having problems with Chemistry considering I kicked ass in Logic. They both deal with problem solving. One thing I will say is that, I’m enjoying understanding how the world is put together.

~ My writing group starts up tomorrow, can’t wait to see the good fellow writers again. I’m going to try to submit at least three chapters.

Site of the week

This is another Web cartoon site, but this one is much more R rated. The cartoons range from really bad to good. Here

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I'm mad

Man, I am pissed! I went to the theater to watch Constantine. I paid for my ticket and went inside. The first thing I noticed was that it was the smallest theater room in the place. So, I sat down. The commercials at the beginning of the movie start. (Note: there was a strange “Public service announcement” for safe 4x4 driving with CGI creatures representing the 4x4s. This has got to be the strangest ad I’ve ever seen.)

The movie starts and the sound quality is so bad that I got up and left the theater. I could barely hear the voices. I marched over to the ticket guy and asked for a refund. Instead, they talked me into a “rain check”. Now I have a free ticket to any movie I want. So, I guess things worked out in the end. I only saw 10 minutes of the film though. There’s always DVD.


I was checking the movie show times for Constantine, and I noticed the actual movie times. Some of these movies are so short its unbelievable! Has our MTV driven attention span gotten even shorter? I miss the good old days when it was okay to have a movie 2hr and 30 mins. Check it out.

Are We There Yet? 1 hr 34 mins (Perhaps it should be shorter.)

The Wedding Date 1 hr 28 mins (Maybe, it’s because they needed to keep it short, because all the boyfriends would be killing themselves for watching this Chick movie with their girlfriends.)

Pooh's Heffalump Movie 1 hr 07 mins (What in Pooh’s Name is with this movie time? An hour and seven mins? Have kids gotten so hyperactive that that can’t sit for 1hr and 30 mins at least.)

Captain Crunch is da man!

Forget Bush, Gore, Kerry, and Clinton! I say vote for Captain Crunch in the next presidential election. Think about it.

* He served in the military. He’s a captain for goodness sake!

  • Everyone loves his crunch berries. (That didn’t come out the right way!)
  • Uh, everyone loves his crunch berries cereal.
  • He’s a crazy old man with a pimping hat.
I can see the campaign slogan: The Cap’n can make it happen!

The man is a pimp! Posted by Hello

Friday, March 11, 2005

Good Movie of the week

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

The story

In order to understand the story behind Batman Beyond, I have to go back to the TV show Batman Beyond. In the fist episode of the TV show, we see an older Bruce Wayne trying to save a life of young woman from kidnappers. This Bruce Wayne’s Batman is dressed differently that the younger version on the Batman TAS. This batman is slower and has gray hair. You can see the damage the years of crime fighting has done to his body and mind.

During this rescue attempt, Batman’s body and mind give out on him. Things go wrong and Batman has to use a gun. (Unlike the Tim Burton films, Batman does not use guns or kill people!) Distraught over his failure and almost getting himself and the young woman killed, he walks away defeat. That is when he decides to retire from crime fighting all together.

Many years later, a young boy by the name of Terry McGinnis looses his father to the now corrupt Wayne Enterprises. (During Bruce’s retirement, he steps down from family Company. Shady people buy out most of the company.) In uncovering his father’s murder, he finds out the secret behind Bruce Wayne’s crime fighting pass. Later, he convinces Bruce Wayne that he deserves to be the New Batman. Bruce Wayne helps the young Batman behind the scenes. By helping each other out, they both find that they can make a difference in city.

Return of the Joker

Terry McGinnis has been the New Batman for a while. He even defeated the man behind his father’s murder. He’s shown Bruce he is suited for the job. In other words, he’s kicking butt. A gang of thugs called the Jokerz start to steal from companies with satellite technology. Batman is on the case. Later, we find out that the Joker himself is behind the thief. How can the Joker be alive when the original Batman clearly defeated him years ago?

The Review

Before I actually review the actual movie, I should tell everyone about the dark history behind this movie. There were a lot of changes made to this movie in post-production, a lot of changes. You see the show was unrated and direct to video. So Paul Dini and Bruce Timm with help of Glen Murakami wrote a dark story.

WB got worried about the violence and demanded a new cut of the film, toning down much of the violence. Most studios can get away with this and keep it away from the public. Here is where WB got it wrong. You see before WB demanded the major cuts to the movie, they sent out reviewing copies of the original cut of the movie! The news hit the fan sites that WB was dipping their hands into Timm and Dini movie. The backlash from the fans was huge. WB didn’t know what they got themselves into. They actually had to bring Timm and Dini out on interviews to calm down the fans.

Despite the backlash, the cut version was released and fan loved the movie. Sure it was not as dark as the fans wanted, but it was still a great story.

Yeah, so this is a cartoon, movie, I don’t care. The story is extremely adult centered. And, the Joker’s never been scarier. (Except for maybe the Mask of the Phantasm.) On the old Batman cartoon show in the early 90s, the Joker could not outright murder people. This was back when the show was on FOX, later on WB the rules were more relaxed. He usually got rid of people off screen. He’s the meanest you’ll ever see, beside the one in the comic book.

Mark Hamill is wonderful as the Joker. He’s been doing the voice of this character for well over 12 years now. It’s always a treat to listen to him.

I can’t say too much about the movie, because I don’t want to give it away. But, what you see in the flashbacks to the old Batman TAS show is down right shocking. You’ll never see Batman loose it like he does in this movie.

Please give this movie a try. Try to find the uncut version.

Things to look for

~ Well, the Batman Beyond TV show isn’t as dark as this Movie. If you get the uncut Director’s version, the violence is pretty harsh. They really tried to see how far they could go with this one.

~ The edited version is not bad by a long shot, its just that they really toned down one the biggest battles between Batman and the Joker. (and Added seat belts?)

~ Listen to the commentaries of both versions they’re interesting contrast.

~ Never has the animation been smoother and cleaner.

~ The voice acting is wonderful. Dean Stockwell, Mark Hamill, Angie Harmon.

~ Note this is not a kid’s movie, trust me.

Fart-knocker update

I've found the term to fart knocker from
here it is
1. fart-knocker
A dumb ass
My boss is a fartknocker.
fart knocker
Originally slang for male homosexual, but the phrase has been used so widely (mainly by second-graders)that it now can mean almost anything.
1. I think Semaj must be a fart-knocker. 2. Hey, fart-knocker, your cheating!
I just love the second grader part. BTW, I put the Semaj in that term.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Random thoughts Part 3

~ What the hell is a fart knocker? How do you Knock farts?

~ I was driving downtown today and noticed a lot of unmarked cop cars park on the sides of the highway. There were at least six of seven clumped together. As I went off ramp, I saw even more cop cars parked on the streets. I took note of this and went on my way. Never put 2 and 2 together. President Bubba was in Louisville today. Aw shucks, ain’t we special…

~ This Semester has been a tough one! I’m going through a lot of pressure, but I WILL make it.

~ Why are the women that are cool to talk to are always dating someone else?

~ Someone at work questioned my manhood. They said I should have seen Constantine instead of Hitch. Fart Knocker!


Sometimes it pays to be nice to people. During my hour between classes, I was walking toward my next class. As I heading up to the doorway, I saw a middle aged woman, a teacher I guess. I’m usually an @sshole and never open a door for random people, but today was different. I saw her, and I opened the door. In return, she said, “Thank you, you have a wonderful Spring Break.” She smiled warmly to me. I nodded and replied, “You’re welcome, you as well.”

After that, I felt something. (No, not gas!) I felt pretty good. Sure, it was a small gesture, but the fact she stopped and thanked me with well wishes, well it made my day. My day was pretty crappy up until that point.

Well, almost time for work, time for me to reform back into my moody, selfish identity.

Monday, March 07, 2005


Well, I went to Wal-Mart this weekend and spotted the Back to the Future Trilogy on DVD for a cheap price. Since this was one of my favorite childhood movies, I was compelled to buy this DVD set. I’ll have more on these modern classics.
I’m immersed in Chemistry and Astronomy homework and study at the moment. I’ll get around to posting the Good movie review in a few days.

Just thinking...

Well, I’ve been writing for three hours now. With all the time I spend writing this book, I sometimes wonder if I’m even close to getting something published. I sometimes wonder if I have what it takes to be noticed. What makes me different the guy that mops floors at a fast food joint? Am I that creative or skilled? These things race through my mind everyday. Then again, perhaps self-doubt keeps us grounded in reality. It keeps us working hard, a drive to be better.

Sorry about that!

Now, back to bashing white castles and Ashton Kutcher.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

White Castles

What the hell? I keep buying those damn White Castles every weekend, and every weekend I always regret it. They don’t call them sliders for nothing. For the last time, I need to stop eating those cursed little burgers. Stay away from those little demon burger.

Cursed Demon burger, that you cant stop eating. Must use will power to stop... Posted by Hello

I HATE Kutcher

Here they are, the Kutcher trading cards, below. Gotta catch them all!

"Yo, Puffy, if two people that suck stand together, does that make us not suck?" Posted by Hello

If Paul Walker and Keanu Reeves had a child together, this would be him. Posted by Hello

"Look at me I'm a cowboy."  Posted by Hello


Okay, so I watched Hitch. After reading the reviews on some sites, I decided to watch the damn movie. I got into the car and drove the very short trip to the theater. After reaching the actual theater, I noticed the audience was made up of couples, just as I feared. Oh, well. I liked the movie. It was…cute. A grown man should only call something cute once a day. (Note: unless it’s about a female. Such as, “She’s cute.”) Try the movie, either single or dating.

Anyway, the trailers start, and something comes to me about the trailers. That damn Ashton Kutcher is in two trailers. People at work know how much I HATE Kutcher. Down with Kutcher!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Site of the week

This site is a Bad Movie Review site. I spend a lot of time reading their reviews. Try the Jaws movies Reviews, its the best of them all.

Thank you

Thank you to all the people who do actually read this crappy blog. And, a big thank you to the ppl who post feedback.
I hope to keep this up.

Short terms for Geeks and Nerds Part II

Noob= not a short word for newbie. A noob is not someone who is new to something. This is the most misunderstood geek term in geekdom. Noobs are people who can be a Vet on whatever, but are very dumb. They act as if they know everything in some field, politics or gaming, but never take the time to learn. Keep in mind that a noob is lower than a Newbie. Love newbies and hate noobs.

Newbie= a person is new at something. They are green. They are usually fresh face people who are open to anything. They are willing to learn. Most people should treat newbies with respect. We were all newbies at one point.

1337= leekspeak meaning “elite” talk. A High form of Nerd and Geek. I don’t get it and never will.

Gusher= a fan of something, so much of a fan in fact, they can never find flaws in that thing they are fans of. These fans will never admit that something is ever wrong with a show, game or leader. They will defend that thing to the death. NOTE these are hardcore fans, not all fans of that fandom.

Basher= People who are on the opposite side of the hardcore fan fence. These are fans of the Old Guard and hate the new product. They will watch and play the very things that really hate the most. Example: Older Trekkers will watch a Star Trek show that they hate with passion, and they will never find a single episode enjoyable. These people will never find middle ground on anything. Just like a Gusher.

Semaj= A strange fellow that goes by the name of James. He likes to write Geek terms on his blog. Avoid this Geek at all cost. Some say he only comes out at night

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Not Good News on the Trek Front

I found this info on the last ep of Enterprise. I'll have more to say about this soon. But lets just say I'm not happy. Damn you Berman!
Here's the link
read at your own risk.

Crap Movie

Blues Brothers 2000

The Story

Elwood gets out of prison to find out his brother passed away. For reasons unknown, he decides to bring the band back together for another mission from God. Well, that’s pretty much it. That’s whole damn plot… I don’t know what else to say… oh well.

The review

It’s time again to review another crappy movie. This one is really bad. It’s so bad in fact I got so angry after I watched it. I couldn’t believe they tried to make another one without even John Belushi’s brother Jim. Who did they get to fill in? John Goodman. Goodman? What the hell?

One thing I always found strange was that they called it Blues Brothers 2000, yet the movie was released in the late 90’s. This movie does everything in its power to destroy the original movie. How the hell did this movie ever get green lit and then filmed?

Dan (get a job) Aykroyd decided there should be a sequel to original and wrote the script (if you want to call it that). Somehow, Danny bribed John Landis into directing this crap. Here’s their conversation…

Dan: Hello, John.

John: What are you doing here?

Dan: Ever since my career went the way of Chevy Chase, I felt we needed to expand on the story of the Blues Brothers.

John: I don’t know, Dan. Many see the original as a classic. Why bother messing that up? Besides, it wouldn’t be right to make another one without John Belushi.

Dan: Come on, Johnny. I can’t do this without you. I know your last movie tanked.

John: That’s not nice. I’m still not going to do it.

Dan: I have money for you…

John: I’m in, I’m in!

Things to look for

~ There is a huge police car pile up in the movie that tries its best to top the original movie. It’s like a hundred cop cars piling on top each other for about 5 minutes. So funny…not!

~ There’s a “cute” little kid that sings and dances as if he actually has soul. Was this character really necessary? Think of him as Jar Jar Binks. It’s better this way.

~ If I were going to say something nice about the movie, it would be that music is good. If I were…

~ Dan Aykroyd is not funny.

~ James Brown and few others from the first movie make appearances.

~ It is nice to see BB King in the movie though.

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