Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chick-fil-A: Eat more poop...

F' you, again. 
After seeing this picture of Sarah Palin and her hubby embracing Chick-fil-A bags as if to make a statement, I am now not going to eat there anymore. I hate boycotting stuff and acting like I am self rightous by not buying a bag of chicken, but the fact certain people are going out of their way to buy the damn chicken and tweets about it sickens me.
I support gay marriage by not caring if people of the same sex want to hook up. I don't care. It doesn't bother me if people want to marry gay or straight. I find the concept of marriage period to be flawed.  Just let them have that right, because I am certainly not going to get married. Part of me really regrets not being able to eat their really good chicken, but I just can't stand pictures like this. (Plus, they really have cute counter girls taking your order.)
So, long Chick, and thanks for all the Chicken.
Hello, KFC!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Allison Niemeyer: Best mother of the world? (AKA No Child Left Behind)

Allison Niemeyer: Best mother of the world? (AKA No Child Left Behind)
Man, this lady can run like it is no one's business. I mean we could use her for the Olympics for crap's sake. She must be tapping into that speed power that the Flash uses for his great speeds.
From Huff Post, ((Officials say Allison Niemeyer, 19, and her sister, Laura Niemeyer, 22, started stuffing several items of clothing inside Allison's diaper bag, including one bathing suit, four women's shirts and some men's undershirts. ))
Men's undershirts: I guess she was picking up a few things for her man too.
There are a few things that make her a foolish criminal (allegedly).
-She brought her one year old kid with her on the shoplifting spree: I guess keeping it all in the family.
-When confronted by security, she took off and left her child in the shopping cart: Something tells me this kid won't be leaving her anything for Mother's Day.
-She decided to shoplift at Walmart: Everything is priced fairly cheap there. Why even bother lifting something?
Another part of this story is the police found and arrested them at a local club. After discarding your son, why would you go out clubbing afterward? You left your son completely alone. How can you live with that? I hope this child has a proper upbringing now with someone that will care for him and give him a chance. Still, this pisses me off even more than the actual leaving the child thing. It is a total disregard for the abandonment of her flesh and blood. Is partying more important than caring for your child?
Oh, it gets better. From Gainesville Sun, ((Allison Niemeyer is serving probation on house arrest until 2021 in connection with a home invasion robbery with a firearm. She was pregnant when that crime occurred, authorities said. ))
Now,if you really want some lulz, her Facebook is still up! I can't believe no one has deleted it yet.
When you check out her FB pages, you get the idea that she is actually a loving mother because of all the photos of her baby.  So, it seems odd that she and her sister would leave him behind.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mindy Meyer Running for office: Okay...

Mindy Meyer Running for office: We all lose
Yes, I went to her site and I want to stab my ears out because of the bad remix of “I'm Sexy and I know it”. Her site literally looks like a throwback to the those annoying MySpace pages from back in early 2000s. I guess someone had too much money and supports her campaign.
Is this for real?
From her horrible pink website, ((A lifelong Flatbush resident, Mindy is the first young woman in the history of New York to run for New York State Senate. The Orthodox Jewish woman, aged 22, is the candidate for both the Republican and Conservative party lines. Mindy intends to utilize her religious values and moral compass as her guide. "I can tell you one thing, I have no experience in corruption," said Meyer. "This is how politics has to change. There is always corruption, but I have the intention to follow my values and ensure that none of what happens in my district is corrupt." ))
I guess she might be serious, but why the MySpace-like site and annoying techno music?  Is this an after-school project for her?  

Someday, she will be president...I hope not.  
And, you have to love the bad Photoshop...
 Hey, she has my vote in the "I don't give a crap" runoff.  
Watch her video below.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (Part 1 of 3)

The Dark Knight Rises (Part 1 of 3)
The Dark Knight Rises is a very entertaining wrap up to the Nolan Batman trilogy.  While I am torn if this is better the second movie, this one wraps up many of the threads and themes from the first movie nicely.  To be fair, this movie is closer to a sequel to Batman Begins than The Dark Knight.  Not everything gets paid off, but you will be leaving the theater feeling the story is complete.  There were a few emotional scenes where I was a bit misty-eyed.  I am not going to lie. The movie is very good, but there are a few plot flaws.  But, I really loved the movie. 
Basically, it has been eight years since the second movie and Gotham city is a cleaner city with police actually winning the war on crime.  Batman hasn’t been seen in those eight years.  Bruce Wayne has been recluse too.  Suddenly, a powerful villain named Bane appears and turns the city upside down.  Think of Bane as the leader of an Occupy Movement and the Tea Party. 
As I wrote before, this story has a connection to Batman Begins with all kinds of threads and arcs from that movie.  Fear is the central theme of the entire trilogy.  It is interesting to note that the first movie is about facing your fear and controlling it.  The second movie has the theme of people turning their fear outward, while this movie is about embracing fear.  Batman has to learn the complete opposite of the lesson learned first movie.  He has to fear “the end”. 
Also, this movie is closer to comic book version of Batman than the other two movies.  The story is loosely base on No Man’s Land with the end of the world stuff.  It also has strong elements from The Dark Knight Returns with a burnt out Bruce Wayne that has to get back into being Batman one more time.  But, the biggest influence to the script has to be the Knightfall/quest storyline that introduced Bane to the DC universe. 
Bane is a different villain from the Joker in the first movie.  He’s cultured and brutal that the same time.  He’s an unmovable force that crushes and smashes people.  He has no problem instantly killing people.  It took me a few seconds to get use to the voice, (which was enhanced for the release), but I really liked what they did with it.  He bellows out over everyone else.  The facemask was a brilliant choice for the character. 
Tom Hardy made a great choice with the voice, and not making it a Latino accent.  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Things

Random Things
~Chrono Break: Do you remember when there was talk of a new Chrono Trigger game way back in 2001? Square trademarked the name Chrono Break in both the US and Japan, and fans of the series got wind of it and went crazy. Square isn't really into other RPGs other than Final Fantasy spin-off.
~No Chicken, or they just out of Chicken? Oh, boy.
~YOLO: You only live once. Really, you have to acronym for this stupid phrase? I had no idea why this became so popular. I hated it when it was only, “You only live once”. Hey, try this crack, you only live once. Make sure to read the Live Twitter of every dumbass that uses YOLO in their feed.  I'm too old for this shit.  
~I am working on a Dark Knight Rises review, just a bit busy.  Speaking of the new movie, 
~Nudity on YouTube. King Fantastic made a music video starring Kristina Rose NSFW. Don't be too surprised when she gets completely naked and takes two showers and dancing naked in someone's house. The storyline of this video is Miss Rose is a replacement maid, and destroys a rich person's entire house before the owner gets back home. She gets naked while doing this too.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kristen Stewart cheated and we eat it

Well, I kind of understand...Not that I really care, but...
After looking at this picture, is there any wonder why Kristen Stewart cheated on Rob? It looks like a cross between a hobbit and cave troll you put on your dashboard.  I mean could imagine waking up beside that monster?  (Keep in mind this is coming from an ugly person who writes blogs about people that are richer than I.)
I personally don't find her that attractive. I see her being that plain girl at the coffee shop that takes your order and is pissed she is taking orders. She's that girl that is a cross of a hipster/grunge/goth.  Now, I am not saying I'd pass it up if she offered, but let's call it like it is.  I'd take  Sookie Stackhouse over her any day.
Hey, this is good press for that new Twilight movie. On second thought, I am almost wondering if this whole thing is just a set up anyway. Hmm...
Anyway, I am going to love watching the awkward press junkets.  
This scene of her crying outside on the street is brought you by Adidas.  Damn it... 
She happens to be outside crying in a fresh Adidas shirt, right. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RIP Sherman Hemsley (AKA George Jefferson)

RIP Sherman Hemsley (AKA George Jefferson)
It looks like all my syndicated TV show stars are dying recently.
From People.com, ((Hemsley died at his home in El Paso, Texas, police say. A cause of death was not immediately known.  ))
I remember watching re-runs of The Jeffersons as a child. I watched this with Different Strokes. I really liked seeing a black family “make it” and move into a richer neighborhood (A deluxe apartment in the sky) And, yes the show was a spinoff from the popular TV show All in the Family. And the Jeffersons was on the air for 11 seasons. Holy crap.
Anyway, RIP George.
You can't go wrong with the theme song right? I love this song.

Christian Bale: A truly great guy...

Christian Bale: A truly great guy...
Bale actually visited with some of the victims during his visit to Aurora. This guy has had some anger issues, but he's been really knocking it out of the park recently. Remember, he stood up to some Chineseofficers during his visit to China recently.
He also visited the Memorial outside the theater. From SF Gate ((Bale also stopped by a growing memorial near the theater and walked among the 12 crosses erected for each of the slain victims. Many people there didn't realize who he was or chose to leave him alone. ))

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DJ Paris Hilton: You Lose.

DJ Paris Hilton: This is probably the worst DJ-ing I've ever heard...
Brazil, please tell me no one paid to go see her practice her DJ Skillz?
And, she decided to sing with her track. This shit is really bad folks.
It sickens me to see her fall into yet another profession she has no interest in fully learning. She was a terrible pornstar. Her acting career was short-lived, and her singing career was bad. I guess she thought she'd become a DJ after having sex with a real DJ.
The best part is even her former DJ boy disses her. From Guardian, ((Luckily, her collaborator DJ Afrojack was on hand to offer his unreserved backing for her latest career choice: "I saw and I was like … ugh," he enthused. "I think it's really important that if you go in front of a crowd and DJ, you actually take the time and practise becoming a DJ. You can't just … wave a flag. Also, it was pre-recorded. I'm not supposed to say that, my management's going to fucking kill me, but it's true." ))
I also love that she actually has a person come on stage to turn down a knob.
Is that JJ Abrams on the ones and twos?  Really, it looks like JJ.  Is Paris really the Smoke Monster?  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let me make my complex point via 150 characters...(rant on FB and Twitter too)

A friend posted this on her FB page, I really like her and we see a lot of things eye to eye. But, I totally disagree with this photo below. This “discussion” is not that simply by making a straw man argument via a poster.
This is the reason I kind of hate Facebook...Half-assed political statements. (on both left and right sides)
I have a few conservative friends that are fierce gun people. Whenever someone shoots someone, they come out of and post things like this. While I am actually supporter of people having guns, I am not for making them easier to own eps on a mass level. Part of the street violence problem, not the crazy loner shooting people problem, isn't legal guns but illegal weapons flooding the streets.
It is the crazy people getting three or four weapons with vests and armor piercing bullets that I have a problem with,  When someone has the methods for doing a mass shooting, and protection against police officers, I think need to be discussed.  However, we lump it all under a 150 character post and picture.  
You can't sum up complex issues such as this one using a posting that is using a straw-man argument to begin with. It doesn’t work that way, but sadly Twitter and Facebook are being used for just these type of arguments. This is the reason I hate seeing long form blogging dying a slow death and giving way to short attention-span blogging such as twitter and FB.  
These issues deserve better than a twitter or FB post, yet we don't want to bothered with that.  

Early thoughts for The Dark Knight Rises

Early thoughts for The Dark Knight Rises
First off, I really loved the movie. I am now siding with this being better than the second movie. I'll have a proper view soon. I am just a little busy now.
-Theater Exit: I keep looking away from the screen down to the theater exit hoping no stupid knucklehead came in. I hate the fact I am worrying about some copycat trying to ruin this for me. In the words of SF, F' you, James Holmes.
-I was impressed with the way they handled Bane. We can finally forget this image of Bane from Batman and Robin.

-I am now torn who is more hotter in leather pants Anne Hathaway or Scarlett Johansson because they are both amazing women.  Hathaway handle herself really well as Catwoman.  She is much better than the Batman Returns one.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Michelle Jenneke: Now this is cute

Michelle Jenneke: Now this is cute
That smile, that body, I think I am in love. Damn she's cute. She has become a meme in a manner of speaking as millions of dudes have watched this video of her (And some girls). They call her  "The Hottest Hurdler Ever." More female hurdlers need to warm up like this.
When I warm up, I never look this good. It usually starts with a crack and then a fart .
Also, please note the confused girls in the back.
This made my day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

And, now it begins...again. 2012 Aurora shooting

And, now it begins...again.

After the horrible shooting at the Dark Knight Rises opening in Aurora, we're already getting the left leaning blowback with people trying to connect the violence to movies and video games. Hey, how about the fact this guy was armed to the teeth or the fact he was mentally disturbed?
People stop overreacting and go see the damn movie. Don't let some f'ed up asshole ruin your weekend. 
El Presador pretty much sums up my thoughts about the incident.  Usually, these guys usually kill themselves and he didn't.  He wanted to put his mark on the world with this attack.  

Top Cat: The Movie?

Top Cat: The Movie?

How did this movie even get green-lit?
For some strange reason, this Hanna-Barbera character is very popular in the Spanish-speaking community. The kicker is this cheap movie was a huge hit in Mexico. It broke records in Mexico.
Oh, it hasn't been confirmed for a US/Canada release. Something tells me the studio knows it will get creamed here in North America.
Oh, and take a look at the Wiki page with the plot. It has one of the longest plot synopsis ever!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whatzupwitu: Eddie Murphy and MJ.

Whatzupwitu: Eddie Murphy and MJ.
And, you thought Norbit and Pluto Nash were bad.
You know it's Hip 90s because it has a “z” thrown in there. As mentioned in this Cracked story, Michael Jackson had nothing to do with the song, and just came in to do backup stuff. Eddie Murphy's ego was too big for him not to try another stupid comeback with this music. He tried it earlier with Party All the Time. I guess all the house/dance beats from 90s gave him to idea to try it again.
The video has all the lame aspects of “world music” that replaced much of MJ's music in his later career. Eddie from his “Raw” days would have made fun of this Eddie Murphy. This song came from Eddie's album Love's Alright from 93. The album ended up being a flaming turd on the charts. This ended his singing career again. All the songs are bad on the album, and I've listened to them all.
Did I mention that this 'colorful' video was inspired by the awful album?
The best parts of the song are clearly MJ's portions with Eddie's stuff falling flat. Eddie doesn't even try to move out of his range.
-Bad Green/Blue screen: Really, you have the both of them floating in the air? And, the clouds?
-Children dancing and singing: Yep, you had to have this in your 90s videos. I don't think they were shot at the same time as MJ and Eddie.
-Why is there a clown telling us that “The elephant is dying”? What the hell does that mean, Eddie?
-Nice manly belt there, Eddie. Did you buy that from Prince?
-Hearts with bird wings, check!
-Floating musical notes and peace symbols, check!
-Michael Jackson's hair is fabulous! “Girrrlll, he got good hair.”
"Eddie, don't hurt him.  He's the only thing good about your song!" 
It doesn't get any dumber than this, folks. Some things from the 90s show never be brought back. The only thing that would have made this better is if rainbows starting sprouting out of Eddie's ass at the end of the video. (taste the rainbow)
 "OMG, it's full of stars." 

Listen to some of Eddie's other train wreck songs from this album...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Justin Bieber's Rolling Stone Magazine cover (Manly)

Justin Bieber's Rolling Stone Magazine cover (Manly)
Okay, there are so many things wrong with this cover, but Bieber himself inflicted this new RS on us via Twitter.
From MTV, ((The pop star retweeted the cover photo after a fan got her RS copy in the mail and tweeted out a photo of it. The headline reads, "Hot, Ready, Legal," and the accompanying photo shows a much more mature version of the singer than his fans might be used to. ))
There is something disturbing about the title “Hot Ready and Legal” because that sounds like a damn porn series than a cover name. This poor attempt must be a media move on his team's part to make him appear to be more mature.
From MTV, ((And in the accompanying interview with the magazine, the singer, now 18, admits he's feeling a bit older since becoming legal. ))
No shit. You're supposed to feel older smart ass. Why do all his interviews sound like Teen Beat magazine interviews?
You can't claim to feel manly/older if you're keeping that stupid haircut. I don't know, everything about this I just can't stand. I hate hearing his songs and I hate the fact he has this massive wealth for being an terrible singer.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thomas Jane as the Punisher…again…sort of…

Thomas Jane as the Punisher…again…sort of…
Warning, this short film is bloody and violent.  However, it is as cool as hell.  This is the Punchier movie we wanted after the origin story.  
Yes, the extended cameo by Ron Perlman was cool.  I personally liked the 2004 version of the Punisher.  Jane was spot on as the character.  When they were doing Punisher War Zone, he was up for the part.  He read the script and told them “no”.  So, they rebooted the series yet again for a third time!
The Official title is Dirty Laundry, but it is a Punisher movie.  It is unofficially a sequel to that 2004 movie. Jane made this movie as a love letter to the fans and pet project for himself.  
I don’t have my hopes up for a proper sequel to the 2004 movie.  Anyway, I liked this short film, if it is a little bit too bloody, yeah for even a Punisher movie.  (Well, DC's Hitman was pretty bloody too.)

Tom Cruise Wife Auditions

Tom Cruise Wife Auditions
Everything about this skit is spot on. 
-The Harry Potter bit is funny.
-The voice on Emma Stone bit was spot on. 
-The actor doing Tom Cruise is spot on. 
-One of the questions has to be, "Do you believe in a Warlord named Xenu?"
Everyone said something like this happened way back when Katie started “dating” Cruise.  We will never know.  But there will be a Cruise Wife 4.0 or 4.5.  
Side Note, every picture of Katie Holmes now has her smiling and enjoying life.  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Popeye’s Chicken brings the worst out of people?

Popeye’s Chicken brings the worst out of people? 
Him pushing that woman would have made me want to hit him.  The other people showed great restraint. 
-Why does he keep using the hand sanitizer?
-I love that the cell phone recorder is upset she didn’t get her chicken. 
-So, this guy ends up in jail because they didn’t instantly have his rice.
Look, I’ve been pissed off because the fast food place was slow, but this is a bit too far.  
Remember this?  Man, Popeyes’ just makes us look bad.
Yes, this video makes me cringe every time I see it. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A re-edited Batman and Robin trailer (not too bad)

A re-edited Batman and Robin trailer (not too bad)
This actually makes Batman and Robin look like a compelling piece of film instead of a compelling piece of crap. I would have cut out the first few seconds with the girlfriend of Bruce. It is a great edit by Jeremy Jahns. I found it through his funny B&R review.
However, not enough editing could ever fix this mess of a movie. 
Screw you, Joel Schumacher.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph
Yep, Disney is making a video game-based animated movie. It has a bit of Toy Story vibe to it and a bit of Kingdom Hearts. We get to see the VG world once the arcade closes.
The movie is clearly a throwback to the original games from the 80s. And, I find that very cool. I am not sure the Tumblr-Twitter kids of this age will understand or like the movie, but we'll see.
The movie uses licensed characters from other games. And, that's also a Kingdom Hearts thing.
Check out the site based on the movie. By the way, you can play the actual game on the site. I've been playing it for a while. The ducks are invincible.
-Zangief  Good to see him in the game.
-I read Mario is not in the movie because he would have cost too much. I'm thinking he will be in the movie.  

Listening to The Dark Knight Rises score (a few thoughts)

Listening to The Dark Knight Rises score (a few thoughts)
I must break the Bat. 
I personally think James Newton Howard should have came back for the last film since he co-wrote the scores for the earlier films. You could clearly hear the differences between the two composers in the scores, but they blended in well. For this new score, Zimmer goes in alone for the composing duties.
I really do like this score a lot because Zimmer added the Bane chanting. You can hear the chanting throughout the score. I don't think the score is as diverse as the first two scores and that's a problem. However, the action cues are very impressive. And the Bane and other new themes are very cool.
The two note Batman theme is back, but there might be another hero theme added in there too.  It also appears there is a Catwoman theme in the score too.  
Is the low toned cue and the Bane Chanting a part of the same theme?
My favorite track has to be Imagine The Fire. I love the chanting toward the middle.
Now, the Bane chanting is actually people on the Internet recording it and Zimmer using it for the tracks on the score and in the movie.  I thought that was kind of cool. 
Overall, I really dig the score.  And, it is certainly more interesting than the James Horner's score for the new Spider-man.  (However there are some good tracks on there too)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skinny Jeans Rant...again

Skinny Jeans...My Thoughts exactly...

How does one sit with jeans that tight or ride a bike (fixed gear)?
You can't even walk fast!
Nothing pisses me off more than seeing some young hipster with these tight ass pants on and wearing a old Transformers shirt. If you're a dude and wearing skinny jeans, you need to knock it off. We have equipment down there. Please bring the baggy jeans back. Heck I'll take guys sagging more than d-bags wearing tight pants.
There are some amusing remarks by this blogger that I agree with too. It doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, don't squash your goods trying to be hip or trendy. And, I am starting to really see the fat guys with the huge gut and chin beard donning these things now. No, no, hell no.
Is this what women are into?  Seeing your junk smashed and squashed into un-godly shapes?  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buxom Bandit: Please rob me?

Buxom Bandit: Please rob me?
"That's not a knife, these are boobs"
I was going to write about this story a few days ago. The Young Turks brought it up again.
However, I didn't know that the Buxom Bandit flashed her “cold cuts”.  The cashier threw cigarettes at her in response.  As far as mating rituals go, I don't think that's the proper response to a woman flashing you.  Neither is it the correct response when someone robs you, throwing products that are very soft and costly.  (I'm not talking about her fake boobs either.)
From the Huffington Post, ((Security footage of a voluptuous blonde in a low-cut top robbing a gas station probably made the unidentified suspect one 
of the country's "most wanted" criminals. Now, Tonee Walker has turned herself in, claiming to be that thief. ))
Look after seeing a bunch of fat guys wanting a pack of cigarettes or big gulps, this was probably a treat for him.  The only that would have made it better would have been a cameo by Steven Seagal.  
Looking at the picture, I thought she looked like that chick with the Dragons from Game of Thrones...from a far, but less hotter. Naturally, she has a facebook page. And it says, “Worked at Self Employed”, as in robbing stores.
I think the guy at TYT is right. She is doing this to get a deal of some sort. Look at her FB profile picture. And, her FB page is still public...hmm. It just seems a little stupid to do this in order to get famous.  Then again, a certain talent-less woman made a sex tape in order to get a reality show and date rappers and NBA players. 
That's not a normal profile picture.  They're usually of a person in front of a mirror with a camera flash with poor lighting, or a stupid "duck face".   This picture looks like a casting photo (head shots)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Miley Cryus, I am getting a little sick of your tabloid stories. It seems she being known more for her wild nights out drunk or her completely panty-less short-shorts. Really, you actually make sure to bend over in front of the photo guys to show off your ass. Come on. We get it, you want to show that you're not the Disney girl anymore. Now just start making music again.
~Pretty good Game of Thrones impressions.
This is the way!
~Final Fantasy Tactics: I've played up to the Deep Dungeon (side quest of the game). And I've gotten every side character with exception of the one from the DD. DD is a very hard side quest to play because the monsters are very strong. I don't remember exactly how I beat the DD back in the 90s when I beat the game the first time. This game does make me want to play the undated version of the game. (PSP version or the fan made versions) Side Note: The Deep Dungeon has some strange random battles in it if you play around with them.
~Bethany Benz: Somehow, this woman took the path from being a reality star to hardcore pornstar. She went from being a magazine model (for black themed magazines), to music video girl to reality star in that Ray J show. Then, she threw herself right into hardcore porn. (Bangbros) Usually, women get into porn (and usually failing) as a stepping stone into mainstream work. Going from being in porn to music videos and actress is usually their dream. This Benz girl did it the opposite way. Why? Don't get me wrong she is damn sexy.  

Monday, July 09, 2012

the weakest and wimpiest fight

This is probably the weakest and wimpiest fight I've ever witnessed
Was it the skinny jeans restricting their movements?
There are girls that fight better than these two.  

Lisa Marie Presley: So Long and thanks for all the thetan bills?

Lisa Marie Presley: (The other departure?)
Because everyone is watching and listening to the whole Tom and Katie thingy, people overlooked a somewhat other famous Scientology member named Lisa Marie Presley that may have left the Church.
From The Village Voice, ((Last month, we noted that Lisa Marie Presley's single "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," which she released ahead of her new album, Storm and Grace, came with lyrics that read like a kiss-off to the Church of Scientology, even using some of Scientology's jargon -- like the very telling word suppressive. (For several years there have been rumors that Presley was disillusioned with the church.) ))
Here are some of the damning lyrics from her song.
((This here is a city without lights
Those are all the people without eyes
Churches, they don't have a soul
Soup for sale without a bowl
Religion so corrupt and running lives
Farewell, fair weathered friends
I can't say I'll miss you in the end))
Tell us how you really feel, Lisa.
I remember there was a lot of talk about her distancing herself from the Space Church years ago. However, she really seems to mean it now. Maybe she can give Katie some tips.
Any woman that can survive being married to Nic Cage and Michael Jackson has to be a strong woman.

Spoiler Dude

I hate to say this, but this Spoiler Dude is straight up me...

Yes, I am this guy sometimes. I personally don't have the same aversion to spoilers like most people anyway.  
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