Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DC Completely changes the design of Wonder Woman.

DC Completely changes the design of Wonder Woman.

You know what? I really like the new design. I think the "no pants" old design was a bit too old for me. If she wants to be taken seriously, this new design is the way to go. And, I find it sexier than the old outfit. I would think the old costume would get a little unfitting at times.

It looks like DC’s main universe is getting a major reboot/change involving Wonder Woman’s history.

From DC, ((The Gods, for reasons of their own but which may have something to with their survival and perhaps the survival of Earth itself, have changed the timeline. In the new timeline, years ago the Gods removed their protection from Paradise Island, and left it vulnerable to attack. And attacked it was. Led by a dark figure, a veritable army descended upon the Island, equipped with weapons that could kill even the Amazons. Outgunned, doomed, Hippolyta gave over her three-year-old daughter to a handful of guardians who spirited her away as Hippolyta led one last desperate battle against the forces that had come to destroy all she had created. In that final battle, she and most of the Amazons were killed, though some managed to escape.))

((It’s now nearly twenty years later. Diana has been raised in an urban setting, but with a foot in both worlds. She has little or no memory of the other timeline. She knows only what she’s been told by those who raised her On the run, hunted, she must try to survive, help the other refugee Amazons escape the army that is still after them, discover who destroyed Paradise Island and why…and if the timeline can be corrected or not. She also does not yet have access to her full powers, but will be gaining them as she goes. Along the way, she will face a range of enemies — human and otherwise — who we have not seen before.))

I'm fine with the Timeline shift, but what does this mean for the rest of the DC Universe? How will she relate to the other super heroes like Superman and Batman? Did she still date Bruce Wayne in this new time line?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chris Brown, really? Is that crying? There's no crying in BET

Chris Brown, really? Is that crying?

Maybe, Kanye West should have interrupted him.

Man, I'm calling BS on this one, but not because I say it was a PR move. But, are people willing to forgive and forget?

I don’t know about you, but I thought it was a little pathetic. But to be fair, he did a pretty good job before he broke down crying.

From MTV, ((But Brown's onstage breakdown divided viewers: Was he emotionally overwhelmed by the moment, or were his tears a publicity stunt designed to garner favor after his assault of former girlfriend Rihanna?))

Does weeping on stage make me forget the picture of a beaten, bruised and bloody Rihanna? Nope. But I think the MJ song “Man in the Mirror” kind of hit a little too close to home for Chris Brown. At that moment, he started to actually think about the horrible things he did to her before, during and after the beating. (Exactly how did those nude pictures of Rihanna get released on the Internet, Chris?)

JunebugObama gives another point of view. I don't agree with it, but he does bring up a sound argument.

Poor Jonah Hex

Poor Jonah Hex

In just two weeks, Jonah Hex has only made 9.1 million dollars at the box office. Keep in mind that the movie's budget is 47 million. Ouch...

That's not a good investment. Jonah Hex is one of those movies that was plagued with behind the scenes problems from pre-production to post-production.

From Reuters, ((But after Hayward delivered his cut, Warners decided to move in a different direction and brought in "I Am Legend" helmer Francis Lawrence to oversee reshoots. How extensive those reshoots were remains a subject of debate. ))

That sounds vaguely like Fanboys and Catwoman. Both of those movies were reshot extensively, and we saw how they turned out.

You would think WB would've learn from its big mistake on Catwoman, but that simply isn't the case. And, it would seem WB will see some red because of the poor box office take. I'm sure WB would like to forget Hex all together.

Btw, the way here's a very good picture of Megan Fox in her sexy outfit in Jonah Hex. Now, you don't have to see the movie. Enjoy

Monday, June 28, 2010

Michael Jackso: Remember the Time

Remember the Time

This is not one of MJ’s best songs. It was around this time that MJ’s music started to follow trends instead of setting them. This probably has to do with the fact Teddy Riley wrote part of the song with MJ. That’s not to say this isn’t a fun song. It just isn’t in MJ’s best list for me.

John Singleton directed the music video. He uses a lot of rich colors to give us an Egyptian setting.


-The Melting effects aren’t that good. I’m sure they were effective at the time.

-Tommy Tiny Lister: Yes, that’s him playing the guard trying to capture MJ.

-Iman looks amazing here. She is a very pretty woman, and think she probably looks slight hotter in her Star Trek 6 role than here. But I love her busty outfit.

-The Dance Portion of the video is very impressive and it reminds me of the Coming to America dance number.

-Eddie Murphy in a non-speaking role: Having Murphy here is a kind of a joke because Murphy used to rip into MJ all the time during his stand up acts. His role kind of showed that MJ had a sense of humor.

The Breakfast Club: XXX Parody

The Breakfast Club: XXX Parody

When I watch the classic teen movie The Breakfast Club, I don't think of porn. This one seems a little odd to me, but I do like that they captured the setting of the original movie fairly well. Check out the trailer for the real movie to compare.


-What exactly is that chick doing in the background in the 1:17 mark?

-They pretty much matched the outfits from the original movie.

-They also matched the sculpture in the library too.

-They changed the gender of the principal.

What's next a parody for the A-Team? It will probably happen...

The Room (Worst movie ever created?)

The Room (Worst movie ever created?)

This is not to be confused with the excellent video game Silent Hill 4: The Room.

The trailer

Crap, even the trailer sucks.

Obscurus Lupa did a rather funny review on this movie a few weeks back. She pointed out that this guy named Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed and acted in the movie called The Room and most people consider the movie the worst film ever created. Wiseau himself seems to be just as terrible as his character in the movie. He claims he has a few projects coming up, but I'm not sure about that.

After making the movie and getting the negative response from critics, he flipped the script and claimed the movie was a “Black Comedy”. But, most of the actors have stated that the movie was supposed to be a straight drama.

One cast member says this about the director/actor and the drama stuff. From ((''I don't have anything to say about Tommy as a person. He is a nice guy. But he is full of s---. He was trying to put together a drama. It was basically his stage to show off his acting ability.'' ))

It seems Tommy is riding this shit-film fame to the end of time. He even showed up on Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast.

I haven't had the misfortune of seeing the movie, but have come across a few funny clips online.

Here are a few...


Comment: Was this written by a five year? Who in their right mind talks like this?

Denny on Drugs!!!

I have to see this movie.

Lady Gaga's “Alejandro” with Madonna and Ace of Base?

Lady Gaga's “Alejandro” influenced by Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita ? I kind of mentioned it a while back in my review.

Both songs have a Latin flavor, but they say Ace of Base's “Don't Turn Around”. And, it matches with the Ace of Base song completely structurally.

Someone actually remixed the Ace of Base with Lady Gaga.

It turns out both songs end up better for it. I like this version much better than the originals. Some people are saying Gaga stole the song, but the songs are different enough that I can't support that theory. It is more of a mash up of Gaga using “Don't Turn Around”, “Like a Prayer” , and “'La Isla Bonita”. Gaga's Telephone has a lot of Michael Jackson influences. And to be fair, the song “Don't Turn Around” was actually sung by Tina Turner first.

I can't believe this, but I am defending Lady Gaga here.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random Bits

Random Bits

~Cell Phone Blues?: I've gotten more “wrong numbers” than actual calls for me. On my voice mail, One was about some guy wanting Adam to fill in for him backstage because he had a Wake to get to out of town. He only met “Adam” once before, but he was really in a pickle. His words not mine. The same guy called back later asking “Hey, is this Adam?”. “No, I'm not Adam,” I replied back. He seemed confused before I told him my name. I just hope he got a hold of Adam.

~Viacom loses lawsuit with Youtube/Google: The only reason Viacom sued Youtube was to boost their own website Spike/iFilm. Jeepers Media totally rips into Viacom and shows they've been stealing youtube videos from users for years. It has very little to do with copyright theft and more to do with shutting down their rival.

Oh, they also claimed they never had porn on Ifilm/spike. I know for a fact they did because I used to watch their Naked Joke of the Week. That was when pornstars would tell jokes while being completely naked. Hey, I'm a man.

~Futurama Returns, but so did Bender on Family Guy: Here's something strange, Bender shows up in an episode of Family Guy in appearance only. It seemed so random even for Family Guy. It would seem he showed up on the Star Wars special too. I know the writers from FG hate the Simpsons guys, but it seems they give positive nods to the Futurama guys more.

Guy gets caught trying to steal a guy's bike

Guy gets caught trying to steal a guy's bike

Gangstalking from tummyauto on Vimeo.

Security does nothing when they show up. It is a little sad that the security does nothing and chews out the victim.

This another one of those videos where educated black people hate watching because how stupid and ignorant some of the black people act in the video. We usually see videos like this and go, “Oh, boy.”

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Karate Kid (2010) (Review Part 1 of 2)

The Karate Kid (2010) (Review Part 1 of 2)

I still remember going to the movie theater with my entire family and marveling at the original Karate Kid back in 84. I remember the entire crowd erupting in cheers when Daniel preformed the crane kick. I was like Daniel, that being an outsider. So, the first movie really connected with me as a kid. So, how does the remake stand up its 1984 counterpart?

Uh, should it be called The Kung-Fu Kid, but I’ll let that pass because this remake surprisingly follows the old movie in almost every way. They pretty much followed all the plot points from the original movie that you can guess what happens from scene to scene. I wanted to hate this movie, but I came away from it really enjoying it mainly because it reminded me how special the original has in my heart. Some of the fighting scenes are a little rougher than the original and the bullies are a little meaner here, but it is still the same story.

This remake isn’t prefect, but it is certainly a respectable remake of the original despite the fact they should have called it Kung-Fu Kid. Culturally and physical these two forms of martial arts are different. It seems a little insensitive to call the damn movie Karate Kid when it is set in China.

Yet, the rest of the movie is almost scene for scene a remake of the classic movie. It is the same under-dog story that the first one is and that’s a good thing.

The running time is even closer than most people think. However, this remake is longer, and there are a few scenes that probably should have been cut out. The movie doesn’t drag all that much, but you may feel the long running time.

The landscape of China is brilliantly displayed here. I am aware that the Chinese government made sure the studio put their homeland in a good light, but damn this movie makes me want to visit China some day just to see the landscapes shown here. We get to see the city streets and trains in all their glory.

Jaden Smith does an okay job as the main character in the movie. For the most part, he has to carry the movie because he’s in almost every scene. You can clearly see many of Will Smith’s mannerism in Jaden’s face. I still think his character is too young for all the things that happen in the story, but I don’t mind it that much. His mother (Taraji P. Henson) in the movie helps carry many of the scenes. Their relationship is very similar to single mother and son relationship in the original movie.

I felt a little uncomfortable with the love relationship between Dre and the Chinese girl (). Mei Ying and Dre do have some chemistry, but it just comes across a little bit too mature for kids their age. Wen Wen Han does a good job playing the cute little girl who is pressured into playing the violin. However, there is one scene involving Wen Wen Han and Dance-Dance Revolution machine and Lady Gaga’s song Poker face that is extremely uncomfortable. I’m not sure what to think about that scene.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bristol Palin can't act...

Bristol Palin can't act...

Did you enjoy that wonderful acting from Bristol Palin? Given that she has zero talent when it comes to acting, why exactly is she in front of the camera? Are young girls supposed to look up to her even though she failed at abstinence to begin with?

Her robotic acting reminds me of Vicki (Tiffany Brissette) from Small Wonder.

By the way, the show is called The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I'm guessing that Bristol will show up throughout the upcoming episode.

Jeremy London kidnapping???

Jeremy London (what a strange story)

If you haven’t heard by now, there is a story going around about Mallrats guy Jeremy London. London has had a history of substance abuse. And, I have to wonder if that was the reason he didn’t show up anymore Kevin Smith movies.

Recently, London has claimed that two-three men kidnapped him at gunpoint and forced him to buy drugs and alcohol. There were reports that he escaped from the 12-hour drugged kidnapping and told the cops. That’s right you read it correctly. Does any of this sound plausible to you? Why do I get the feeling there is more to the story?

The reason I say there is more to the story is the overreaction on London's part. He's planning on suing his own mother over her claims that he made the story up to cover his drug problem.

From Herald Sun, ((London's lawyer, Catherine Lombardo, told the website that her client was suing his mother, Debbie Nielsen, twin brother Jason and Jason's girlfriend Sofia Karsten, and had sought an injunction against them to “specifically to stop (them) telling harmful lies.” ))

Really, London, you're suing your own blood? That's the kind of overreaction when someone has something to hide.

Jeremy's twin brother had this to say about the reaction too. ((However, Jason London told People magazine, "Jeremy's behavior right now is indicative of whenever he's back on drugs.

"The fact that he's lashing out against his own family and has shut us out is just one more sign of how sick he really is.

"For months, Jeremy has cut off his whole family and he refuses to talk to us. We're desperate for anyone to get him help and that's why we're speaking out."))

I have a close family member with a long history of drug and alcohol problems. Whenever he falls off the wagon, he gets defensive and blames everyone except himself. People like this create fictional stories as to why they fell off the wagon and blame those that confront them on it. I’ve seen it first hand.

And, the story gets stranger. The police caught one of the guys (Brandon Adams) that supposedly drugged and kidnapped London. Radar Online interviewed Adams, and he's telling a completely different story from the Mallrats actor.

From Radar Online, (("There was no gun. There was never a pipe," Adams told "We got drunk and I hooked him up with some Ecstasy and Xanax and we took a joyride and partied for hours." ))

Make sure you read the whole interview.

Jeremy's wife was also partly on location to see what happened and she backs up her hubby's story. Yet, she has a sorted past as well. ((As was first to report, both London and Melissa have been to rehab for pill addictions and have lost custody of their 3-year-old son Lyrik as a result. They both must undergo random drug testing as part of their custody battle. ))

Oh, did I mention that Jeremy and Melissa had huge incident and had the cops called on them.

Is this the type of behavior that a kidnap victim displays?

When you take into count everything surrounding this story, can you still believe London’s tale?

Can the cops really believe this story?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Green Hornet (trailer)

The Green Hornet (trailer)

Well, the trailer is certainly not that good. Actually, it is downright horrible. It feels like something some out of touch “hip” studio guy just cookie-cutter-ed this thing. Why did we need the Hip-hop/rock music? Did we need to see the “extreme!” shot of machine guns coming out of the car?

Some of this is taken from Wiki, so it isn't 100% factual.

However, it should be noted that the movie has a long history of false starts and production problems.

-Michel Gondry was attached to the project back in the 90s.

-Kevin Smith wrote a script and came very close to starting production before he lose interest in the project. I heard rumors of Jason Lee being the Green Hornet, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

-Stephen Chow came on board as director and for the role of Kato. He later left the production as director but stated that he was still going to play Kato. After some time passed, Chow dropped out of the Kato role.

-Sony brings director Michel Gondry back.

-Nicolas Cage dropped out and Christoph Waltz was in.

This could turn out to be a good movie, but surrounded by bad promotional material. Or this could be a trouble movie with worried studio trying their best to turn a turd into a gold nugget.

Also, where was that famous theme in the trailer?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dragonball: Evolution

Dragonball: Evolution

What the F’ did they do to the Dragonball franchise? I wasn’t a huge fan of the oringal Dragon Ball series, but enjoyed the Dragon Ball Z series. I knew going in that this movie was coming going to suck, but it looks like it is even worst. No one in the production even tries to make good film.

Words can’t describe the sheer badness of this movie. The acting is bad. The writing is cluttered with mess. The special effects

-Justin Chatwin is the worst thing about movie. So, we get to have in almost every scene. He keeps putting on this goofy stare that makes him look like a dork.

-Chi Chi is hot and the only thing worth seeing in this movie. Jamie Chung plays her and she is very hot. I’m not sure I wanted a damn Reality Star to play her though.

-Confusing plot?: You can’t take a entire TV series plotline and narrow it down to a movie time. The movie gets a little confusing in some places because of it. And, never seems that interested in paying off certain things.

- Lord Piccolo sucks: I hate the makeup and the character isn’t nearly as interesting as the character from the franchise. James Marsters just wasn’t right for the part. Piccolo is a poorly written character.

- Yun-Fat Chow tries his best to bring this movie out of the shit storm. However, he’s just lost.

Don’t bother watching this movie, because it is a total mess. By the way, there are plans for another movie…

Grade: F+

Goku: “I had this strange dream where I was little kid with a tail. Very strange.”
Did they just steal a move from the Matrix?


Get use to this stupid expression, because you’ll see it all the time.
Yun-Fat Chow is wondering why he decided to sign up for this movie.
This is Piccolo…enjoy

Is Seinfield right about Lady Gaga?

Is Seinfield right about Lady Gaga?

Seinfeld is pissed. Lady Gaga got an upgrade

From MSN, ((“You know, I changed my mind. I hate her,” Seinfeld said in his typical rant style after the sports jock pointed out that Gaga was taken to the comic’s seats after flicking off the photogs. “I can’t believe they put her in my box — that I paid for! You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in now? I mean ...”))

Look, I don’t like Seinfeld, and I never liked his stupid sitcom, but I have to give him credit for flipping out about Gaga. Gaga pissed him off.

From MSN, ((“How would I know anything? I wasn’t even there ... I came for the night game and heard all about it,” he said. “She’s a jerk. ... What is she giving the finger (for)? What’s the finger anyway? Speaking of interesting and new, how old is the finger, how did it even get to be the finger? “Get an act,” Seinfeld continued. “Rhinestone bikinis and giving people the finger? But she is talented. I don’t know why she’s doing this stuff.”))

Sienfeld hit the nail on the head. Gaga can sing and she has talent, but instead we get this shit. The only thing I disagree with Seinfeld on is the “Get an act” remark. Acting like fool is her “act”. I just want to see a new act.

I’m at the breaking point of all the Gaga moments she tries to create for herself with the stupid outfits and hats. We’ve kind of bought into discussing Gaga’s outrageous moments, without talking about her music instead.

Jerry Seinfeld: “Why is she called Lady Gaga? Is she a baby? I don’t understand. Why does my hair look like this?”

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Orphan (2009)

Orphan (2009)

Orphan is frustratingly bad and good at the same time. It is a shame the movie falls into complete slasher territory in the third act when the first two acts are handled so well. It’s like baking the best cake ever and then you drop it on the floor before you eat it.

After a stillborn baby, a couple decides to adopt a little girl named Esther. At first Esther, seems to fit into the family structure, but certain things appear wrong with her.

The movie does have some truly disturbing moments that will make your skin crawl. The opening scene with the dream scene involving a bloody childbirth will make you wench. But, the movie has a reason for showing you this disturbing dream, because it fits in with the character development of Vera Farmiga’s character.

The movie takes its time developing the descent of jealousy and mistrust of Vera’s character. Isabelle Fuhrman (Esther) is simply brilliant as this deranged “orphan”. Fuhrman goes so far in one scene that I’m surprised the producers let a little girl do that scene, and it will probably make you want to turn the movie off because it is creepy. I don’t want to give it away, but it just shows you how much this little girl can act. Fuhrman is creepy and keeps the accent throughout. I only wish I can praise her in the third act, but the movie turns into a standard slasher film.

The movie completely loses its good will from me when they turn Esther into an unyielding killing machine in the last act. It becomes humorously bad when nothing can destroy this little “girl”. They go for one after another false-death moments toward the end. They will make you laugh when you’re not supposed to.

The other major problem with the movie is the story never gives us a convincing motive behind Esther’s craziness. She seems to be crazy for the plot and nothing else. To my surprise, the script did in fact explain why she behaves the way she does. It was never put into the film.

Orphan is everything that I like and hate about modern horror/thriller movies. Today’s thrillers drop the ball in the third act and Orphan is no different. The movie has an okay concept with a poor execution. If anything, see it for Isabelle Fuhrman’s performance.

Grade: C-

Monday, June 21, 2010

Eva Ellington: A very funny interview

Note: I had to go to her Myspace to get clean pictures of her.

Eva Ellington isn't that smart, but she's damn cute.

Deleted scenes video.

You gotta love these pornstars. I love the fact she has no idea who Christopher Lloyd is or any of the Back to the future references. I love her answer to 'Do Gingers have souls?'. She says, “Gingers? Like a Gingerbread man?” Priceless.

Clueless only works for cute girls. Because of her subject matter, I did some “research” on her. I came across her Twitter page, and low and behold she's already announcing she's quitting “the business”.

From her Twitter page, ((Ladies & Gents Miss Ellington is out of this crazy business that has been such a fun ride and onto my next step in Life. Thank you 2 my fans ))

You have to give her credit for going with the flow.

Side Note

Faye Reagan and her boyfriend have a very awkward interview: I really hate when people bring their damn pets everywhere they go. The other portion of the interview is rather funny too. This Kassem G guy is funny. Watch Faye start to lose it at certain times. The Twitter questions are funny too. Cherry Ferretti is pretty funny in her interview too.

The A-Team (Review 2 of 2)


The Score

Alan Silvestri’s score does use the famous A-Team theme throughout the movie, but Silvestri brings his own flavor of themes and cues. Interestingly enough, Alan’s score is closer to his music from the late 80s and early 90s. I really enjoyed the score in the flying the tank scene.

It is good to see some strong film scores from this movie and the new Karate Kid film.

The Directing

I felt there were a few instances where director Joe Carnahan went a bit too far with the “Shaky Cam” and it does distract from the action set pieces. It makes it hard to keep up with what is going on screen.

It is a real shame that Carnahan has to fall into the Michael Bay action mode in a few scenes, because many of his scenes are solid.

Final Thoughts

The A-Tean is a fun and big movie adaptation to the much beloved TV from the 80s. They updated enough things to make it fit into our faster-paced views while maintaining some of the sillier elements that made 80s TV so charming.

The acting and music are completely in tune with the overblown action story. If you like your action movies not to take themselves seriously, then this is your summer movie.

Grade: B

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Armond White loves Jonah Hex and hates Toy Story 3. (is it BS?)

Wow, Armond White does it again: He proves he’s a douche bag, but a clever douche bag. Mr. White gave a negative review of the critically praised film Toy Story 3 and gave a down right glowing review of Jonah Hex. Hex is a film that is current at a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. It just goes to prove he truly is a contrarian in the extremist form.

He’s not doing this out of pure bad taste or opinion, but he’s clearly making these contrartian reviews to get a rise out of people. The kicker is that it is working. Armond White is no idiot, but he does thrive on negative attention. Toy Story 3 had an 100% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes until he and another reviewer came along. He knew his review would make it in the history books for knocking down TS3.

I was going to sit on the sidelines and let this guy do his shit storm swirling, but I can’t take it anymore. After Reading his laughable review of Jonah Hex, I had to type something about it. You really have to read between the lines of what he’s really trying to say with his review and that he has an agenda. Let’s go through some of his positive review on Hex.

((Entrusted to direct the Jonah Hex screenplay by groundbreaking team Neveldine & Taylor, director Jimmy Hayward brings to it the visual craft and genre savvy he learned as an animator on Toy Story and Toy Story 2))

He used “entrusted” as if the Gods of Art Neveldine and Taylor granted the director the right to direct their story. To call these two Crank/Gamer writers a “Groundbreaking team” is just asking for people to attack him. Crank 2 was a total mess and Gamer didn’t fare much better either. N&T at most are entertaining directors on a slight step above Boll, but nothing else. White knows this, but he’s fanning the flames.

You see, Mr. White is trying to entice the haters and trolls into his trap. After that, he throws in bigger bait. He compares Toy Story 3 to Jonah Hex. Read on…

((That alone makes Jonah Hex the best movie to open this week—easily overshadowing Toy Story 3. ))

Comparisons are always useful in reviews, but Hex and Story 3 are different animals. Hex is about a bounty hunter with a dark background seeking revenge. Story 3 is about toys that come to life when kids aren’t watching. The only thing they have in common is that they both have cowboys in it. Sorry, that’s a stretch. He’s trying his best here to get the Pixar fanboys pissed.

Trust me, he brings in even more button-pushing topics that have nothing to do with the movie…like comparing it to 9/11.

((Jonah’s post-Civil War adventure parallels contemporary malaise. N&T adapt the 1975 DC comic book to fit their timely sense of disquiet and cultural confusion—that post 9/11 dread that Bruce Springsteen aptly described as “a fairy tale so tragic.” ))

Yeah, you lost me there. I can’t even think of anything clever to say to rebuttal something so stupid. Did I mention that Armond White makes another 9/11 reference later on?

Armond also enjoys comparing this movie to the Crank series and the creators Neveldine & Taylor. I guess White didn’t bother to do some research into his beloved Neveldine & Taylor were going to direct Hex, but bowed out due to “creative differences” with the studio. So, even your “Groundbreaking Team” didn’t like the direction the movie was going.

White has ignored all the major story issues and editing problems each reviewer has mentioned their reviews. He doesn’t even talk about the short running time or the late reshoots or the horrible test screenings. (One test screening had audience members laughing at the movie, making the studio executives leave the screening in shame.) That’s why I am calling him out on his bullshit review. Even if his review were real, wouldn’t it be in his best interest to note some of these problems despite his positive stance?

The biggest insult in this whole thing is Armond White is giving minority film critics a bad name. But, that’s for another post all together.

The Smurfs Teaser...Did they Smurf-it up?

The Smurfs Teaser...Did they Smurf-it up?

Well, that was awful. It looks like they're going for the Garfield/Chipmunks vibe, and it looks terrible. The CGI looks bad and the concept is doomed to fail. Here's why...

1 Raja Gosnell is the director. He's responsible for Home Alone 3, Scooby-Doo, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. That’s not a good list of movies there. Why do I get the feeling we will hear, “The studio decided not to screen this for critics.”

2 It’s the Smurfs: The last time I checked no one was asking for a Smurfs movie. How many Smurf Conventions are there now? Is there a Smurf-Con?

Side Note: While they're at it, why don't they make a Snorks movie as well? Hanna-Barbera produced both the Smurfs and the Snorks, and they both were broadcast on NBC.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Real Ghostbusters (original pilot)

The Real Ghostbusters (original pilot)

I fondly remembered watching the old show back in the day. Watching the show now, I am impressed how well it holds up. The show went on for 7 seasons, and that's not including the Slimer spinoff show. And, the show had a direct sequel called Extreme Ghostbusters.

While doing some digging on the show, I read that there was a 4-min pilot made for the show. That's when I found this...

Notes about this pilot

-Slimer is designed completely different from TV show. Here in the pilot Slimer is drawn like they designed him in the movies. Plus, he's evil.

-Watch for the crowd shot at the beginning. If you look closely, there is a young boy and an old man. When everyone freaks out over the dancing ghost, you will see the old man jump into the boy's arms. The boy carries the old man away!

-The dancing ghost is in the actual TV intro. They re-used a portion of it, but in the pilot it is longer and the “crossed out” symbol comes from behind to take the ghost.

-The group of ghosts shot is reused in the actual intro too.

-Note the Stay-Puff Marshmallow toy that Raymond Stantz has. That's a nice little connection to the movie, because Ray likes Stay Puff.

-The animation of the ghostbusters running through the halls is very well executed.

-Peter Venkman looks more like Bill Murray here than in the show.

-They're wear uniforms closer to their movie counterparts and not the multiple colored uniforms from the show.

Here's the intro so you can compare.

Here's an interesting “Behind the Scenes” Part1 Part2 Part3

Random Things

Random Things

~While riding my bicycle, I was nearly run over by a damn mini-van. I was at a stop sign and a van with two women in it made a wide turn onto the same street and nearly mowed me down. I know someone will probably hit me, I just don't want to be taken out by a damn mini-van. I hate those things. I want to be taken out by a freaking tank.

~Boycott BP stations?: Some are saying you shouldn't because they're independently owned, but I'm not going to stop at a BP station for about three months like the protest has stated. Remember when Republicans were promoting more offshore drilling?

~Lady Gaga wants to do Playboy: Why? I can't say I find anything attractive about this woman.

~Church gets rid of gay softball coach?: Uh, sure it was a church sponsored league, but does it really matter that she was a lesbian? To be fair, she should have known how narrow minded religious faiths are about these sort of things and not have gotten involved in the league. At a certain point, you have to cut ties with people that don't agree with you or your lifestyle. I'm not going to join a team that I know has people that are rednecks.

~Perez Hilton and child porn?: As you know, Perez Hilton is a magnet for controversy. This is all set up for this stupid tool to get more press. Supposedly, he showed an up-skirt photo of Miley Cyrus, and she is still under age. I personally don't even understand the attention that she receives anyway. And, the big media is playing right into his hands and having him on TV shows again. When are people going to stop doing the same song and dance with this douche bag?

~I was watching the opening to Planet of the Apes again today. This movie is really good, and it makes it shame that Tim Burton messed it up with foolishness in the remake. It is like he didn't bother to even watch the first movie. Jerry Goldsmith's score is very strange but interesting at the same time. You can hear his Planet of the Apes influence in other movies.

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