Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy RIP

Leonard Nimoy RIP
From The New York, ((Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83. ))
This guy had a huge impact on my life, probably more so than Shatner. Nimoy was the guy that went from being a good actor to a successful writer/director/producer. In many ways, he was one of the creative forces that saved Star Trek from the mess that Gene turned the franchise into after the first motion picture. Yes, he was one of the people the that saved Trek.
Keep in mind that Nimoy nearly died in the first movie because they forgot he was in that space suit and he overheated sitting there between takes. This in turn made him not want to be Spock anymore and he wanted them to kill off his character in the second movie. Nimoy came in and also had a strong influence on Star Trek VI too with help in writing and producing that film, which bridged the gap between TOS and TNG. He would later play an important role in the two part TNG episodes Unification 1 and 2. I loved these two episodes. 
 Not only did he play Spock. He went on to direct Star Trek III and IV. He showed that he had a workman's like style to his directing. He also directed the popular comedy 3 Men and a Baby. Plus, the man worked all the way up to his death. He played a role in the third Transformers movie, (he also played the bad guy in the 80s cartoon movie) and he played a character in Kingdom Hearts series as well as a voice in some Disney movies. He had a couple of comic books series he produced as well. The man truly was the godfather of sci-fi.
He wrote two books I am Not Spock and I am Spock. 

  83 is a good run with everything this guy accomplished.
So long Mr. Spock. You meant a lot to me.
-Invasion of the Body Snatchers:I loved his almost too creepy take as a head doctor. He would later play an alien in human form in the second and third acts of the movie. He's great in this movie.
-The Transformers: The Movie : When I saw his name flash across the screen as a little kid, I was very giddy. Two of my favorite franchises crossed over due to his involvement. Galvatron !
-He made a lot of guest appearances on 60s and 70s era shows from spy shows to westerns. After TOS was canceled, he went right to work for Mission: Impossible .
-The Simpsons and Futurama : He played himself on both shows. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
 ~House of Cards: While I am very sick and getting over a bad cold, I will be watching season 3 of this show on Netflix this weekend. I got done with the second season of Orange is the New Black within a week. Netflix is really pulling out the stops with these orignal programs. It is like they took the HBO model and mixed it with Showtime's model and made it their own. House of Cards is one of my favorite shows because it is so mean and evil. Heck, they killed off a major hero in the first episode in the second season. That takes balls. I can't wait to dig my claws into season 3. Remember, Frank Underwood is the president. 
 ~Robocop Remake: I tried to sit down and watch the remake. The FX were good and the acting isn't bad. However, I found myself bored with the movie. Robocop 3 was bad, but it was boring. I did like that ED robo shows up, however I couldn't stay with the movie. I turned it off. Why remake something that already worked? I like the first two movies, but hated the two TV shows. Yes, there were two TV shows and TV movies. Why are there so many R-rated franchises with animated tie-ins. 
 ~M. Night Shyamalan reborn?: Maybe. There is a new show coming out, limited like the 24 restart, about a strange town with strange people. It's called Wayward Pines. Doesn't it sound like Twin Peaks? MNS will produce and direct one episode. Can his ego be contained on the small screen?
~Listening to Back to the Future III score: I love this score so much. While part 3 is one of the weaker entries in the franchise, the music is a nice departure from Parts 1 and 2. The score has a western feel, but also adds some newer themes to the franchise. Alan Silvestri is one of my favorite composers. Make sure to listen to his Predator scores. Take a listen...
Here's my favorite Predator track.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Zendaya, Giuliana, Kelly Osbourne

Zendaya, Giuliana, Kelly Osbourne
I guess I am completely out of the loop. I hate fashion-based tv shows and I hate the people that host these vapid shows. I hate how they hate rate the women and judge them. Uh, shouldn't be about the content of the shows and movies they put out. (Great, I am sounding like a feminist) However, it's true. It's the worst thing about womanhood, women judging how another woman looks. What happened to “girl power”?
Anyway, I guess Giuliana (whoever) said something mean. From Huffington Post, ((While commenting on actress/singer Zendaya's look, which included an satin ivory Vivienne Westwood gown and a head of waist-length locs, Rancic said, "I feel like she smells like patchouli oil." That sentiment was followed with, "Or weed," by co-host Kelly Osbourne and then repeated by Rancic. ))
Hold on, Kelly Osbourne is a host. What does she know about fashion? And, aren't you a recording artist? What happened to that singing career?
Anyway, naturally, Twitter got heated and people attacked Giuliana over her remark. And, then the race card slowly crept up into the conversation. Giuliana Rancic had to issue the above apology.
I have no dog in this fight and I have no idea who Giuliana and Zendaya are. Zendaya is cute despite her dreadlocks. I hate dreadlocks on a woman, but since she is so damn cute she surpasses the dreadlocks's ugly factor.
However, the person that annoys me is Kelly Osbourne. She threatened to quit the show if the issue wasn't resolved. I'd say let her quit. And, who is Kelly Osbourne to give fashion and beauty comments on TV?  Have you heard her music?
My ears are melting...

Last of the Mohicans: The Kiss

Last of the Mohicans: The Kiss
I always liked this version better than the one on the album. It feels like the fiddle (Fiddles?) is just source music then switches to score as the low chords start to come in at 1:04. It then turns into a full score sound. It should be noted that the fiddle solo turns into a group later in the piece on the album version.
Back to the Future also does this with the source song (Earth Angel) turning into the actual score during the dance. I love when score do that.
Here's the album version. It is less raw and clearer than the film version
It is a nice piece of music. It is a stripped down version of the main theme. I love how the native drums counter to the Irish theme.
Here's a concert version.

10 Years of Blogging: Some Thoughts (Part 1 of 3)

10 Years of Blogging: Some Thoughts (Part 1 of 3)
  I hate birthdays, but...
Way back on February 11 was my ten year blogging anniversary. I started this damn thing back in 2005. I did it because I saw other people on Streaming Soundtracks create their own blogs, plus I was a writer writing fiction in a writing group. Pre-2005, I was a writing machine cranking out pages upon pages of a book I wanted to publish. The blog was another extension of that. Because I loved movies and video games, I wanted to write and share with others.

I started out writing, if very crudely, without a mindset of what impact it would have on the Internet world. And, keep in mind blogging was much more of a wild west than it is now. Blogging was new and fresh when I started. There were superstars in the blogging that were extreme;y popular. I was just this new blogger with very few readers and followers. I don't know, but it all felt like a different place than what it is today.
I remember that first year giving my blog address to everyone I knew in the real world. I wanted them to read what shitty things I had to say. Looking back, those first few years were shit, but I didn't know it at the time. It was probably more personal than what the blog is now. I was completely different person. And, writing personal stuff too long can bog your blog down. However, I remember refreshing my stat-counter over and over again looking at who would visit my site. I remember seeing someone from Iran checking my site out, and that put a smile on my face. I got a kick out some of the random comments from visiting people. I still get a little giddy like a little school girl when I get to see new comments, and being mad when they're spam bots or spammers.
That's ONE thing that hasn't changed in blogging, because I just had to delete two spam comments. The spam will never end with it?
While those early years were rough, I was becoming a better writer and more entertaining with each posts. I think the blog really took shape when I started to become more of a Review/Preview/Pop Culture/Nerd/Geek blog. And, that's where I can thank MC, another long time blogger, for showing me that you could deconstruct and review pop cultural things and make fun of them. I think his blogs helped me see that you didn't have to have a personal blog just talking about your life, but a mixture of EVERYTHING. I could write my thoughts in my own witty and silly way and people would be entertained by it.
That's where the blog became better place. I think I've become a good writer and blogger around the 5 year mark of 2008 and onwards.
I had no idea how much of an impact this blog would have on me and the blog on the Internet. I've actually touched a lot people (in a non-sexual manner) and on a personal level through my musings. Some were good and some where bad. However, like life, that's part of the journey. All these things are what make you a better writer.
I'll have more on this anniversary in another post.
Damn, ten years...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Christina Aguilera impersonates singers...

Christina Aguilera impersonates singers...
Damn she's good, really good. It sounds like Christina has impersonated Britney Spears before. Plus, Christina does a better version of Britney than Britney herself these days. 
I heard Christina isn't a fun person to be around, but she has talent and can sing. Remember, there was a bit of a rivalry between Britney and Christina at the beginning.
I have to give her props. She has a voice. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

From Louisville to Memphis Part 2

Well, we're back to give you another post  my journey to the city. I want back there a couple of years ago, but never really took any pictures. Now, I have a handy dandy camera and took some. Remember this is during my grandmother's wake and funeral.
Black families put a lot of time and effort into death of a loved one. There is a lot of political aspects that I never want to be involved in and I tried my best to stay out of that shit. I did learn I have some half black half Filipino cousins. That's cool. They were these really smart little girls with musical backgrounds.

Kim Jong Un has a new look and a new attitude? work it

Kim Jong Un has a new look and a new attitude?
Well, well it looks nearly the same as his other looks, but now his hair looks like an eraser. I know I am asking for the Cult of Kim to attack me by me making fun of the guy. However, does everyone have a 50s haircut?  Just shave that shit bald.  People will be scared of you if you shaved it bald and put on war paint.  Actually, really fat guys can't pull off the war paint because it just makes us look like unhappy chubby clowns.  
He's like that chick that gets a really bad haircut, but you can't say anything bad about it. 
So, you do your thing, girl.  Work that hair.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Afroman punches female fan out

Afroman punches female fan out
He punches her and then goes on playing his guitar. Not cool, man.
Uh, maybe he punches all his fans that way as a parting gift. It reminds me of that scene from Time Bandits.
All joking aside, what the hell happened. Why did he completely Mike Tyson her on stage? He knew she was there and not a threat. Keep in mind most of his fans are stoners and non-threatening. I am shocked he even has a following, because he was so (90s).
Here's another video. She landed on the corner of that second stage. Ouch.
When a woman twerks on you, you don't punch them.
Here's his apology.
It should be noted that he's been arrested and charged with hitting that fan. And, you better believe there will be a lawsuit. Now, his tour dates are drying up. Yep, he deserves it. I just didn't know he was still a thing today. 

Edge of Tomorrow (Part 2)

  Edge of Tomorrow (Part 2)
If I have one major complaint, it will be that the design of the minor mimics are uninspired. They move and look like those sentinels from The Matrix movies. There is too much similarity between the two designs. However, the Alpha mimics are impressive, because they have a wolf-like design to them. Since we see the minor ones the most, I just wanted a better design.
The minor problem is we really don't get to know the squad that Cruise's character is assigned to in the beginning. We get to know them on the surface, but it isn't earned when we see the squad finally trust Cage in the third act. Keep in mind that they have no idea he's going through this loop and it is all new to them. They barely even know him in each loop. It just felt like there was a lot of stuff cut from the squad on the editing room floor.
I also like the battle suits that everyone wears in the battle scenes. They are really cool and have a lot of functions once Cage learns how to use it during the time loops. They kind of feel like something out of a FPS game. Thus, this is another callback to the video game style of storytelling.
Speaking of the VG aspect, it was extremely funny seeing Cage die over and over again. Sometimes, his deaths were clearly from friendly fire or stumbling over something. As he knows he will die over and over again he's not as mad about making mistakes, because he will learn from them. I love the one loop where he accidentally gets himself smashed by military vehicle...twice in two different points in the time line.
The battles themselves are also breathtaking and also have that video game feel. We get to see preset actions and deaths that Cage actually has the ability to change though. People and things are exploding around him.
Now, some people might have a problem with the ending. However, I am glad that they went with a happier ending. However, one reviewer pointed out everything works out for the world, but not really for Cage. People aren't going to know that he changed and became a hero. He saved the world, but no one is going to believe him. He's fine with that. Now, there is a YouTube video explaining how that ending works.
How about that last frame with Cruise and Blunt? Loved it.
There is another neat trick where we may see a sequence completely new to us, but we will later find out that Cage has already been through it countless times. These are nice reveals.
Doug Liman once again pulls out an interesting and different type of sci-fi movie with some really cool visuals. While there are some cool moments with the score, it doesn't stand out like some of the other modern scores. Tom Cruise and Blunt are just great and we get to see a good teacher/student relationship. Cruise's character starts out as an a-hole coward, but changes into something else by the end. Edge is a very cool movie, so go out and see it.
Grade: B+

 Bill Paxton is in this bitch.  And he's very funny.  Bill is in a movie where he fights really mean aliens.  This is not going to turn out well for him. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vanilla Ice arrested for stealing...junk?

Vanilla Ice arrested for stealing...junk?
Well, Vanilla Ice has always wanted to appear as a hardcore rapper. I guess this is in the right direction some 25 odd years later..sort of. 
Get this, Vanilla was filming on his reality show, and he sent his work crew over to a house to steal shit and take it over to the house he was working on for his reality show. Isn't that strange. Weren't we done with reality shows starring Ice Ice Baby? This isn't the mid-2000s anymore.
From the, ((The burglarized residence, which is in foreclosure, is near a home that Van Winkle, 47, was working on for his show on DIY Network, The Vanilla Ice Project, and some of the stolen property was later found at Van Winkle's home, police say. ))
Well, this is the most press he's gotten since that Ninja Turtles ad. Did he rap Go Ninja to the arresting cops?

Random Things

Random Things
~I'm feeling a little better this week. Last week wasn't a good one for me with all the drama going around in the family. However, I am in better spirits this week. I kind of had a good time driving to Memphis and back to Louisville. Now, I have to look for a small time part time job just for the season.
~I watched like half of that SNL 40 Anniversary via the gym's TV. I wasn't really all that impressed with it. So Eddie Murphy was supposed to do a Bill Cosby skit. I guess he felt the heat and didn't want to do it. I don't blame him. However, Cosby was the one that gave him a lot of shit back in the days for Eddie's raunchy content. The Jeopardy skit was funny.
 ~Chevy Chase is losing it?: Has his bad asshole vibe caught up to him? It seems Chase forgot he was on SNL, which launched his career. Having to deal with someone with dementia, it sounds and looks like he has the early stages of it. Dementia is something I don't wish on anyone, because things tend to get worst for them as time passes. Not even Chase deserves it. However, I could be wrong.
~Bobbie Kristina Brown: Can the police NOT screw this up and please make an arrest. Clearly, a certain someone did something to her and she ended up in the bath tub. And, I also find it strange that she ended up in a similar fashion as her mother. Don't screw this up with all the family drama surrounding the case.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PS or BS: I “love” your comments...

PS or BS: I “love” your comments...
Yet again. I received another comment that showered me with their love (or is that piss?). These comments usually pop up from posts I did years upon years ago. This one had me in stitches. How the heck did he come across my blog? Also I pissed him off so much that he left me an angry comment.
Somehow, my rant about fat guys in tank-tops/wife beaters, offended him. His name is Xak. Let's read and enjoy his remarks on my shitty “offensive” post.
((The difference is while you may be 'tired' of seeing fat guys in wifebeaters, and you can actually do something about it by making this blog to express your displeasure (mostly because you've got nothing else to do), ))
Well done, sir. You came out swinging and insulted me. I “nod respectfully” toward you, sir. Because it is my blog, I can say I am weary of seeing male underarm hair and portions of their pale guts...because I am sick of seeing it. So, let's get this straight, I have nothing else better to do, yet you've somehow stumbled across or searched out this post and fully read through it, went to the comment section and wrote a comment. I guess we're both losers with nothing else better to do. 
This depresses me to no end...
((if a man made a blog expressing his displeasure over seeing muffintops on women, his blog would be shut down over his 'insensitivity'.))
Crap, I guess I've attracted Men's Rights person. Really, you're going to go there with this comment. I hate to burst your bubble, but I attack and insult EVERYONE. I wrote a post about a woman getting naked and having sex and attacked her on it. If you've read my blog long enough, I attack everyone and my blog hasn't been shut down. Sorry, your argument doesn't hold water or even piss. I hate everyone and everything.  Remember that. 
I'm the one that believes that we've gotten too sensitive on things, but you can't use that argument against me when I got 10 years of blogging under my belt. Sorry.
((Yet, because of your gender, you can basically do anything you want, complain about anything you want and whine about anything you want and men cannot. (explain again to me how men oppress women...) ))
Whoa, hold on. You think I am a woman? This might be the first time in history that someone has confused me with a woman. Then, they accuse me of being a...feminist. A feminist? Are you shitting me? If you read my blog I am all for equal rights for all genders and whatever “Q” means, but I am totally against modern feminism. How, the frak did you confused me with that given my fair stance on everything? So, you've made a mindless post about fat dudes into a post about MRA and feminism.
WTF? I hate to see a female version of my ugly self, yuck.
Xak, come back anytime, because this is really entertaining.

Edge of Tomorrow (Part 1 of 2)

Edge of Tomorrow (Part 1 of 2)
 Well, Tom Cruise fights more aliens...kind of like in real life sort of. Edge of Tomorrow is actually an entertaining sci-fi/action movie. Yes, Cruise is in another future-set movie, but he's not named John. The concept of time travel and resets has a different take from some other time travel movies. Plus, the tech-suits are another neat twist on the future combat. This is another take on the Groundhog Day concept but with killing.
Cage (Cruise) is an officer in the US military and works with the combined forces in Europe. His job is to promote the war with the aliens (mimics) on TV and other media outlets. He's supposed to put on a good face for the war. Well, through an incident with a superior officer, he ends up on the front line. In the form of a military offensive, the battle turns into a disaster. After killing a major boss mimic and getting killed by it, he finds himself reset back to the day before the offensive began. Whenever he dies, he's resets back to that same point. However, he also discovers that he can change events throughout the day.
I like how the resets are very similar to the (game over and continue) screens in video games. He dies and improves upon whatever happened to him last time. There are even times when you can hear his frustration when he's about to die. Even when he's training in a controlled environment, if he gets injured, he has to kill himself. Yet, he retains all of his memories of all the other time loops before. So, like in a video game, he improves his skills in every loop through.
Cruise's character goes from being a shitty coward to a lean and mean fighting machine. We get to see that transpire through each loop and montage. Cruise pulls out another good performances with his acting. Say what you want about the guy, but he always puts in a 100% in every movie.
Now the standout character has to be Emily Blunt. People say they want stronger female characters in media, this is one of them. Blunt is spot on and convincing as the female lead hero. And, she's pretty damn hot too. Yet, no one watched this movie, but 50 Shades of Gray made a ton.
Sergeant Rita Vrataski is a kick-ass warrior that really knows how to fight in the mech-suits. Here's the kicker, there is a reason she is a such a good soldier. She actually had the same “reset” powers as Cruise character. She lost the powers.
Blunt's character knows about the reset powers, but doesn't have them herself anymore. She and Cruise work together in each loop to defeat the mimics.
Part of the fun is seeing them fight and improve their skills in each loop. However, we also get to see her die a lot in these loops.
I found myself liking Blunt's character more than Cruise's character. 
 When stoners hear the name Blunt, they want to roll her up and smoke her.  
 Tom Cruise downloaded the Xenu DLC pack from Steam. 
If I had my day reset, I wouldn't mind seeing this everyday.  By the way, you will see this scene lot.  Thank me now. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Randy Quaid, what happened?

Randy Quaid, what happened?
Yes, that actually happened. Randy started to lose his mind years ago when he refuse to leave a house he didn't own anymore. After breaking the law, he moved up to Canada with his bat-shit wife. I am certain Canada want to deal with him either. 
 TMZ is now a police force?
Yes, that was a ID4 reference.
What's funny about his appearance now is he looks like the extra member of ZZ-Top. At this point, he IS cousin Eddie. I believe Dennis Quaid and he aren't on speaking terms. 
 There is good news about this downward fall. From Daily Mail, ((Quaid has a 31-year-old daughter, Amanda Quaid, with his first wife, Ella Marie Jolly, whom he divorced in August 1989. He married Evi six weeks later and they have no children together.))
Yep, these two crazy people don't have a child together. I am sure his daughter isn't pleased though.
Anyway....Quaid, free Mars. 

From Memphis to Louisville (Part 1)


-Nashville: I passed through that city fairly quickly. It was just beginning of rush hour. Nashville isn't that far from Louisville.
-Memphis has brown roads: What I mean by that is the concrete roads have a light brown color to them. We don't have that color in Kentucky.
-Graceland: Every time I passed Graceland, I thought Scientology taking a portion of that profit that place in the form of his wife and now, his daughter is out of the church though. I never was a fan of Elvis or his music, but the place was crowded. It is only a few blocks away from my grandmother's house.
-Police Escort: In Louisville, we don't have police escorts (motorcycles) to most funerals. I asked the limo drivers if there is an escort to all funerals. He said yes because people drive very crazy in Memphis and they need them. He also stated that a few motorcycle guys got hit recently. I drove my car to the church behind the limos. It almost makes you feel important, but you're not. We drove in the limo to the grave site too. I believe that was the first time being in a limo. Though, I could be wrong.
-Both services were well put together. Someone that was a professional gospel singer sing at the service. I guess she was related to me in some manner. I am not sure how. I am not into gospel music, but she was a strong singer. The program paper was professional too.
-Grandmother's dog: I love animals more than people, so I was really concerned with her dog, whom was very attached to her. The dog is a rescue dog. She was 11 months old when they got her for grandmother. I made sure to spend a lot of time with the dog. She slept on the couch with me and even jumped on my chest a few times when I was watching cartoons in the morning. She's a heavy freaking dog. However, she's a great dog. I tend to get more attached to family dogs or cats in people's houses than the people.
-Going back home: It was 10PM on a Saturday when I started back to Louisville, so it was just me and the trucks on the road for the most part. It took me 6 hours to get home on a tank and a half of gas. I would have gotten home sooner 
A few counties outside of Nashville, I went to a gas station/McDonald's/Subway.  A lot of camo products for sell, and not my cup of tea.  The gas was 1.99 here.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Back in Louisville

I will give you an update and posts some photos of the city and other things soon.  Just wanted to let everyone know. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

7-11 crazy

7-11 crazy
I go to these 24hr stores all the time. There are some interesting characters that grace the store. My favorites are the really hot girls that come in drunk and flirting with everyone. You also get those creepy homeless guys waiting for you outside. However, you also get these pieces of shits too.
The incident goes from being bad to worst. The only two people not in the wrong is the black dude in the white hoodie and the camera guy. I like how the black dude (Amber Lamps) his way through the whole thing.
-Clerk throwing stuff: That shouldn't have happened. I think he should have just waited for police to show up. That's when the high lady went crazy. However, she did grab that shit to provoke him to throw that shit at her. Just keep calm, dude. You're the one that isn't high.
-High Lady gets a major slap to the head by foreign dude. Listen to the slap at 1:46. There is even a grunt by the clerk throwing the slap.
-Foreign Dude calls the white dude the N-word. WTF?
-High Lady crawls on the floor: Why? Did she turn into a cat person?
-Old Clerk throws High Lady to the floor hard. I think she might be hurt.
-It ends with Old Clerk literally kicking them out.

Keanu Reeves is a nice guy...

Keanu Reeves is a nice guy...
I may not be a fan of his acting, yet he's better than Nic Cage, but he's always come across as a nice dude. He was on the subway and gave up his seat for a woman. I won't even do that. I am an arrogant piece of shit. However, I would rather stand when it comes to being next to someone.
I kind of like that Neo likes to ride the subway without a group of his people around. Was he looking for the train man from The Matrix 3?
I've only heard good things about this guy, so I can't hate him.
 Whoa, food. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

American Hustle

American Hustle 
 This is kind of a quirky movie that is a little bit too silly in some parts, but is actually pretty good overall.  The movie leans on some darker elements only to dip back to a softer movie.  That’s okay, because it doesn’t have to dip into the really darker side of storytelling.  David O. Russell may be a total asshole, but there is something cool about this gaudy and charming 70s throwback comedy/drama film. 
Two con-people Bale and Amy Adams get caught up in a bigger con with a government agent.  The longer the con/bust goes, the more people get ensnared into the con/investigation. 
Amy Adams’ boobs should have credit in the end titles too.  She has them on display in most of the movie.  Holy, crap.  Anyway, Adams really shines as the con-woman.  She’s great as the smart con-person. The staring roles are basically shared  between Bale and her.  She’s a strong character with some complex things going on.  Is she really pulling a long con everyone? 
I am really shocked how much they ugly-ed up Christian Bale.  He’s overweight and very bald, which isn’t the way he really looks.  In the opening we get to see how superficial he really is with his introduction.  I was like, “Is that Batman?  A fat Batman?”  The makeup is so good that it is almost distracting. 
Jennifer Lawrence plays Bale’s crazy and kooky wife.  Lawrence really goes for the gold with the role.  The character is stupid and annoying.  And, she has a passive-aggressive control over her scheming husband.  I hate this character, but I am supposed to hate her because she plays the role so well.  Good job, Lawrence. 
Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner (another Marvel movie connection) are great too.  Louis C.K. is funny in his limited role.  I love the shitty story he keeps trying to tell throughout the movie. 
-Latino playing an Arab:  That was pretty funny.   It shows the US government just doesn’t get it. 
-Robert De Niro extended cameo:  Robert has a great tension filled scene with said Latino agent that doesn’t speak Arabic and it goes on from there. Robert is un-credited.  This is probably his best work of late given all the bad movies he’s been in. 
American Hustle isn’t the best movie in the world, but it is entertaining.  It has some funny moments with a lot of people really dressing badly in extreme 70s style clothing.  The makeup is very well constructed.  The movie is fun with a nice/neat wrap up to its story.  Not a bad movie. 
Grade:  B-
Side Note:  This movie is full of Super Hero cast members! 
 : Batman
: Lois Lane
:  Hawkeye
There's your DC/Marvel crossover.   
 Batman 2036:   "Alfred, get me another Bat-Beer."
Every time she was on screen, I kept getting distracted.  I wonder why?
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