Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last of the Mohicans: The Kiss

Last of the Mohicans: The Kiss
I always liked this version better than the one on the album. It feels like the fiddle (Fiddles?) is just source music then switches to score as the low chords start to come in at 1:04. It then turns into a full score sound. It should be noted that the fiddle solo turns into a group later in the piece on the album version.
Back to the Future also does this with the source song (Earth Angel) turning into the actual score during the dance. I love when score do that.
Here's the album version. It is less raw and clearer than the film version
It is a nice piece of music. It is a stripped down version of the main theme. I love how the native drums counter to the Irish theme.
Here's a concert version.

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