Thursday, February 12, 2015

7-11 crazy

7-11 crazy
I go to these 24hr stores all the time. There are some interesting characters that grace the store. My favorites are the really hot girls that come in drunk and flirting with everyone. You also get those creepy homeless guys waiting for you outside. However, you also get these pieces of shits too.
The incident goes from being bad to worst. The only two people not in the wrong is the black dude in the white hoodie and the camera guy. I like how the black dude (Amber Lamps) his way through the whole thing.
-Clerk throwing stuff: That shouldn't have happened. I think he should have just waited for police to show up. That's when the high lady went crazy. However, she did grab that shit to provoke him to throw that shit at her. Just keep calm, dude. You're the one that isn't high.
-High Lady gets a major slap to the head by foreign dude. Listen to the slap at 1:46. There is even a grunt by the clerk throwing the slap.
-Foreign Dude calls the white dude the N-word. WTF?
-High Lady crawls on the floor: Why? Did she turn into a cat person?
-Old Clerk throws High Lady to the floor hard. I think she might be hurt.
-It ends with Old Clerk literally kicking them out.

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