Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Edge of Tomorrow (Part 1 of 2)

Edge of Tomorrow (Part 1 of 2)
 Well, Tom Cruise fights more aliens...kind of like in real life sort of. Edge of Tomorrow is actually an entertaining sci-fi/action movie. Yes, Cruise is in another future-set movie, but he's not named John. The concept of time travel and resets has a different take from some other time travel movies. Plus, the tech-suits are another neat twist on the future combat. This is another take on the Groundhog Day concept but with killing.
Cage (Cruise) is an officer in the US military and works with the combined forces in Europe. His job is to promote the war with the aliens (mimics) on TV and other media outlets. He's supposed to put on a good face for the war. Well, through an incident with a superior officer, he ends up on the front line. In the form of a military offensive, the battle turns into a disaster. After killing a major boss mimic and getting killed by it, he finds himself reset back to the day before the offensive began. Whenever he dies, he's resets back to that same point. However, he also discovers that he can change events throughout the day.
I like how the resets are very similar to the (game over and continue) screens in video games. He dies and improves upon whatever happened to him last time. There are even times when you can hear his frustration when he's about to die. Even when he's training in a controlled environment, if he gets injured, he has to kill himself. Yet, he retains all of his memories of all the other time loops before. So, like in a video game, he improves his skills in every loop through.
Cruise's character goes from being a shitty coward to a lean and mean fighting machine. We get to see that transpire through each loop and montage. Cruise pulls out another good performances with his acting. Say what you want about the guy, but he always puts in a 100% in every movie.
Now the standout character has to be Emily Blunt. People say they want stronger female characters in media, this is one of them. Blunt is spot on and convincing as the female lead hero. And, she's pretty damn hot too. Yet, no one watched this movie, but 50 Shades of Gray made a ton.
Sergeant Rita Vrataski is a kick-ass warrior that really knows how to fight in the mech-suits. Here's the kicker, there is a reason she is a such a good soldier. She actually had the same “reset” powers as Cruise character. She lost the powers.
Blunt's character knows about the reset powers, but doesn't have them herself anymore. She and Cruise work together in each loop to defeat the mimics.
Part of the fun is seeing them fight and improve their skills in each loop. However, we also get to see her die a lot in these loops.
I found myself liking Blunt's character more than Cruise's character. 
 When stoners hear the name Blunt, they want to roll her up and smoke her.  
 Tom Cruise downloaded the Xenu DLC pack from Steam. 
If I had my day reset, I wouldn't mind seeing this everyday.  By the way, you will see this scene lot.  Thank me now. 

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