Monday, February 16, 2015

From Memphis to Louisville (Part 1)


-Nashville: I passed through that city fairly quickly. It was just beginning of rush hour. Nashville isn't that far from Louisville.
-Memphis has brown roads: What I mean by that is the concrete roads have a light brown color to them. We don't have that color in Kentucky.
-Graceland: Every time I passed Graceland, I thought Scientology taking a portion of that profit that place in the form of his wife and now, his daughter is out of the church though. I never was a fan of Elvis or his music, but the place was crowded. It is only a few blocks away from my grandmother's house.
-Police Escort: In Louisville, we don't have police escorts (motorcycles) to most funerals. I asked the limo drivers if there is an escort to all funerals. He said yes because people drive very crazy in Memphis and they need them. He also stated that a few motorcycle guys got hit recently. I drove my car to the church behind the limos. It almost makes you feel important, but you're not. We drove in the limo to the grave site too. I believe that was the first time being in a limo. Though, I could be wrong.
-Both services were well put together. Someone that was a professional gospel singer sing at the service. I guess she was related to me in some manner. I am not sure how. I am not into gospel music, but she was a strong singer. The program paper was professional too.
-Grandmother's dog: I love animals more than people, so I was really concerned with her dog, whom was very attached to her. The dog is a rescue dog. She was 11 months old when they got her for grandmother. I made sure to spend a lot of time with the dog. She slept on the couch with me and even jumped on my chest a few times when I was watching cartoons in the morning. She's a heavy freaking dog. However, she's a great dog. I tend to get more attached to family dogs or cats in people's houses than the people.
-Going back home: It was 10PM on a Saturday when I started back to Louisville, so it was just me and the trucks on the road for the most part. It took me 6 hours to get home on a tank and a half of gas. I would have gotten home sooner 
A few counties outside of Nashville, I went to a gas station/McDonald's/Subway.  A lot of camo products for sell, and not my cup of tea.  The gas was 1.99 here.  

 Note the brown roads.

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