Friday, February 20, 2015

Edge of Tomorrow (Part 2)

  Edge of Tomorrow (Part 2)
If I have one major complaint, it will be that the design of the minor mimics are uninspired. They move and look like those sentinels from The Matrix movies. There is too much similarity between the two designs. However, the Alpha mimics are impressive, because they have a wolf-like design to them. Since we see the minor ones the most, I just wanted a better design.
The minor problem is we really don't get to know the squad that Cruise's character is assigned to in the beginning. We get to know them on the surface, but it isn't earned when we see the squad finally trust Cage in the third act. Keep in mind that they have no idea he's going through this loop and it is all new to them. They barely even know him in each loop. It just felt like there was a lot of stuff cut from the squad on the editing room floor.
I also like the battle suits that everyone wears in the battle scenes. They are really cool and have a lot of functions once Cage learns how to use it during the time loops. They kind of feel like something out of a FPS game. Thus, this is another callback to the video game style of storytelling.
Speaking of the VG aspect, it was extremely funny seeing Cage die over and over again. Sometimes, his deaths were clearly from friendly fire or stumbling over something. As he knows he will die over and over again he's not as mad about making mistakes, because he will learn from them. I love the one loop where he accidentally gets himself smashed by military vehicle...twice in two different points in the time line.
The battles themselves are also breathtaking and also have that video game feel. We get to see preset actions and deaths that Cage actually has the ability to change though. People and things are exploding around him.
Now, some people might have a problem with the ending. However, I am glad that they went with a happier ending. However, one reviewer pointed out everything works out for the world, but not really for Cage. People aren't going to know that he changed and became a hero. He saved the world, but no one is going to believe him. He's fine with that. Now, there is a YouTube video explaining how that ending works.
How about that last frame with Cruise and Blunt? Loved it.
There is another neat trick where we may see a sequence completely new to us, but we will later find out that Cage has already been through it countless times. These are nice reveals.
Doug Liman once again pulls out an interesting and different type of sci-fi movie with some really cool visuals. While there are some cool moments with the score, it doesn't stand out like some of the other modern scores. Tom Cruise and Blunt are just great and we get to see a good teacher/student relationship. Cruise's character starts out as an a-hole coward, but changes into something else by the end. Edge is a very cool movie, so go out and see it.
Grade: B+

 Bill Paxton is in this bitch.  And he's very funny.  Bill is in a movie where he fights really mean aliens.  This is not going to turn out well for him. 


MC said...

At the end, only one person has to believe him. And they will.

Semaj said...

You're right. I never really thought about that, but there are at least two people that will believe him. One really important to him.

I was listening to one reviewer and she really angled the ending to be a little bit more sad than most people view it. I always take a darker meaning to things than most, so that review left a impression on me.

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