Monday, February 16, 2015

Randy Quaid, what happened?

Randy Quaid, what happened?
Yes, that actually happened. Randy started to lose his mind years ago when he refuse to leave a house he didn't own anymore. After breaking the law, he moved up to Canada with his bat-shit wife. I am certain Canada want to deal with him either. 
 TMZ is now a police force?
Yes, that was a ID4 reference.
What's funny about his appearance now is he looks like the extra member of ZZ-Top. At this point, he IS cousin Eddie. I believe Dennis Quaid and he aren't on speaking terms. 
 There is good news about this downward fall. From Daily Mail, ((Quaid has a 31-year-old daughter, Amanda Quaid, with his first wife, Ella Marie Jolly, whom he divorced in August 1989. He married Evi six weeks later and they have no children together.))
Yep, these two crazy people don't have a child together. I am sure his daughter isn't pleased though.
Anyway....Quaid, free Mars. 

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