Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Zendaya, Giuliana, Kelly Osbourne

Zendaya, Giuliana, Kelly Osbourne
I guess I am completely out of the loop. I hate fashion-based tv shows and I hate the people that host these vapid shows. I hate how they hate rate the women and judge them. Uh, shouldn't be about the content of the shows and movies they put out. (Great, I am sounding like a feminist) However, it's true. It's the worst thing about womanhood, women judging how another woman looks. What happened to “girl power”?
Anyway, I guess Giuliana (whoever) said something mean. From Huffington Post, ((While commenting on actress/singer Zendaya's look, which included an satin ivory Vivienne Westwood gown and a head of waist-length locs, Rancic said, "I feel like she smells like patchouli oil." That sentiment was followed with, "Or weed," by co-host Kelly Osbourne and then repeated by Rancic. ))
Hold on, Kelly Osbourne is a host. What does she know about fashion? And, aren't you a recording artist? What happened to that singing career?
Anyway, naturally, Twitter got heated and people attacked Giuliana over her remark. And, then the race card slowly crept up into the conversation. Giuliana Rancic had to issue the above apology.
I have no dog in this fight and I have no idea who Giuliana and Zendaya are. Zendaya is cute despite her dreadlocks. I hate dreadlocks on a woman, but since she is so damn cute she surpasses the dreadlocks's ugly factor.
However, the person that annoys me is Kelly Osbourne. She threatened to quit the show if the issue wasn't resolved. I'd say let her quit. And, who is Kelly Osbourne to give fashion and beauty comments on TV?  Have you heard her music?
My ears are melting...

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