Monday, February 02, 2015

College girl makes a public "movie", gets arrested.

If you've read this blog long enough, you've probably read a story similar to this but with still photos. This time we have a good looking college girl doing freaky stuff in full video form. Man, things have changed over the years. 
Yes, I've watched the video...for research...all 30 minutes of it.   
I was tempted to link to the said video, but I am on the fence about it because I think she was did the live cam show for one person. If you're clever enough, you can probably find it on your faverite porn site. Keep in mind this sort of “sexy library” video is sort of a thing on the Internet. Trust me, there are some videos out there of other women doing this sort of thing.
She flashes her boobs, smiles, types, pops gum and shows her “equipment”. I'm not going to lie, she's fine as hell. However, why not do this sort of thing in your apartment or your dorm room? 
  Damn, I go to college part time here and there, but I don't get this sort of thing in the library. Keep in mind I spend a lot of time in the library and I am not that lucky to see this sort of thing.
She might be in a lot of trouble though.
From The Oregon, ((The former Oregon State University student cited on an accusation of shooting a pornographic video in an on-campus library faces as much as one year in jail and a fine of $6,250 if found guilty of the misdemeanor charge she faces. ))
She was actually arrested for her doodling.
I've taken a more liberal view on these sort of incidents from my early blogging days when I was more judgmental about this sort of thing. This possible sentience is a bit much. Okay, fine her, but prison time is way too much. Only the people viewing the web show saw it and not the people in the library. Things get a little murky, because the complaint actually came from someone watching it online and not in person. Huh?
Okay, she broke the law, but how does that effect you in any way? Why snitch on her given no one was attacked or harmed? It just seems a bit strange to go the extra mile to get this person in trouble. If I see a guy or (girl) paying for a hooker, I am not going to call the fuzz on them. Unless you call STDs a crime, it's a victimless crime. To go out of your way to file a complaint just seems like you have an agenda.  
Things are going to get a little ugly in the future with this case. Here's hoping the former student gets a really good lawyer. However,  I have to tell the girl that messed around in the library to think about your actions. Doing this sort of thing will come back to haunt you. If you're fine with doing web features like this, have at it. (I guess you already did). Just make sure to do them in a non-public area.
Damn, I've certainly changed.

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