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Ghostbusters all female cast thingy (My thoughts)

Ghostbusters all female cast thingy
 There was a point when I would have given a shit about this news and the outcry. I first took the position that there should NEVER be any sequel or remake/reboot of the franchise. Yes, the first movie is great, and the second isn't as good. And, the two GB cartoon shows are extremely well made and still hold up today. However, I felt a direct sequel to the first two movies with the original cast was out of the question because most of the people behind movie have lost touch with movie making.
Dan Aykroyd : He has completely lost his mind. He actually believes in all this shit and is hawking that crystal head vodka, which I heard was actually good stuff. Did you watch Blues Brothers 2000?
Harold Ramis : Sadly passed away.
Sigourney Weaver : Maybe she'd come back. She actually reprized her role in new Alien videogame, which was cool.
Ivan Reitman : He has made shit for years now and is a bit out touch.
Ernie Hudson : He's ready to pick up his check.
For me, Ghostbusters is a classic movie and one of my favorite movies. (Heck, I love the fact that Ron Jeremy is in the movie!) I kind of felt the powers that be really wanted to force another movie down our throats. Why ruin it with another sequel or remake. We already had a weaker remake in the form of Ghostbusters II.
Now with the new talk of a all female cast of new Ghostbusters, I was first shaking my head in confusion. It wasn't because they were female, but what was the reason for digging up this franchise again? Wasn't the videogame good closure to the franchise?
However, now I really don't care. I'd say let there be a female version of Ghostbusters as long as it is a good movie. While I won't see it on the opening day, I'd see it in the first week unless the reviews are shit. I don't care about the outcry from both sides of the argument.  It is just white noise for Men's Rights Folks and SWJs and they both annoy me equally when it comes to this topic.  I am kind of sick of the stories written about it from both sides, (including this post?).  
 If it bombs, there won't be another one. If it succeeds, we'll get a weaker sequel out of it. Having a female version of the movie won't take away from your love of the original franchise. Actually, this is a better idea than seeing a bunch of old farts chasing ghosts around (though the videogame was rather good).
Who cares really? 
I do think is in the right direction in getting stronger female characters in fiction.  I am just not sure Sony is up to the task given the interference they had on the new Spider-man movies. 
However, I believe today's younger audience won't be interested in watching a GB movie anyway.
I just think people should write an original movie with a strong female cast in mind that has enough crossover appeal for male audience members. And, can we stop making these shitty romantic comedies such as The Other Woman? If you want to start writing stronger female characters, start by not making as many shitty rom-coms.  Can we do that? 
If they play the movie safe, it's over.
BTW, Melissa McCarthy is perfect casting. Kristen Wiig would be great in the lead role. I also think they should have her touch up the script. And, keep the ghosts fairly creepy and not wussify them like some of the ones in GB2. 
I'm all for diversity, but let's just make sure the story is good first and foremost. 

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