Monday, January 26, 2015

M. Night Shyamalan really hates critics...(Lady in the water)

M. Night Shyamalan really hates critics...(Lady in the water)
This is not clever and Joss Whedon does it better. I was listening to a podcast and this scene came up in the discussion.  I shake my head when ever I see this scene on TV.
MKS really has a major ego problem doesn't he? This is one of those scenes that pretty much shows you just how sensitive he is about criticism and it shows you the major problems with his writing style.
First, the critic has to explain everything that is going on in the us. Why? He almost looks at the camera and explains the cliches and the tropes involved in a horror scene. He does all this deadpan voice too. Not everything has to be explained in dialogue, M Knight. It is a visual medium too. Isn't this creature only interested in the Lady in the Water?  Why eat him?  
Second, M Knight hates critics so much that he breaks the rules of his own movie logic in order to kill off the character that represents all movie criticism. In the context of this movie, why was this character killed off. I love how MKS positions the critic as one of the worst people in the movie.
There comes a point when you either ignore criticism (Bay) or you improve on your craft. Bay may make shitty movies, but he knows his audience and he knows how to please that group. MKS seems to have completely alienated his early fans and he's suffering because of it.  At this point, studios would rather not put his name on their movies!
Listen to this interview. This guy has huge ego!  I love how he tries position himself away from North American critics.

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