Monday, January 19, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~Feeling Sore: I am just getting over something that was making me very, very sore all over my body. For a while, everything from my neck down was sore. I was in a lot of pain. However, now it is only my legs. I am guessing it was a flu or something. Damn. 

  ~Selfie Camera: Man, these things look dumb. I generally hate taking pictures of myself, but I do like taking pictures of things. But, I can't imagine getting a dumb device to help me take more pictures of myself. I guess this is part of the dating scene now with couples taking pictures of themselves in locations using this stick. Well at least now they don't have to ask me to take a group picture. I get asked to do this ALL the time. “Hey, there's a angry single black guy. Let's bother him and ask him to take our stupid group picture.” Now, you have a stick that cuts me completely out of your plans. Use them and stop asking me. 
 "Say Turds."
  ~Blackhat is the first bomb of 2015: Congrats? With a 70 Million dollar budget and a 4 Million opening weekend, it is not going to make its money back. I guess the overseas markets might open it up to a bigger money grab, but not that much. I am almost sure the studio didn't have faith in the movie because they released it in January. This is the dumping ground. Things aren't going well for Michael Mann. I also think Sniper took away from its thunder with its huge take.

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