Thursday, January 08, 2015

Mass Effect 4 Stuff?

Mass Effect 4
-No more Commander Shepherd. People saying he probably be a legend. 
 -There will be new alien races, plus Krogan. I love the Krogan. You shouldn't have a ME series with Krogan, they're the Klingons of ME. Heck, an actor that help shape the Klingons played a Krogan. They even quote a Lloyd from ST3 in one of the games.
-How can you have a direct sequel given the major changes to the galaxy after the three endings to ME3? You're going to have make it a new galaxy probably.
-Will it be called Mass Effect 4? On one hand, if this is a new start, it might be smart to go with a new name. And, it wipes away the disdain for ME3's ending. On the other hand, ME is a name-brand and it does sell games on its own. Everything that is a spinoff of Star Trek/Star Wars/Stargate have their main franchise name first and the name of that series second. It's branding.
-By the way, check out some concept art for the ME series by one of the artists. There are some strange but cool designs there. I would have like some of the other “bad guy” designs there. They're very strange and would have given them a different non-Halo look.
-The Mako is making a return. Some people hated the Mako levels, and others loved it.
-There is a version of the game that is playable. However, I am not sure how far along the story is. Remember, the story is very important to the gameplay and does change certain things. You can avoid certain battles all together with your story choices. Here's hoping the game doesn't shift gears from its original planned ending like ME3, which was set up in ME2 and completely dropped in ME3. (Remember all that talk of Dark Energy/Matter?)

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