Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Gym Time: I joined a fitness gym in order to keep my body in shape for by biking in the warmer seasons. I use the various bikes to keep my legs in shape. I have to say the women in the gym are freaking amazing. I mean very very strong and hot. While I'm more of a cute girl type of guy, these women are amazing too. BTW, it is a 24 hour gym. 
 ~Heroes and X-Files are coming back: I keep reading about all these network shows coming back to life. Back in the day, I'd be happy to see some of my favorite genre shows coming back from death. However, today I feel like this is the last breath of the four network formats that are now failing with reality shows and shitty contest specials for has-been actors. Now that's not working for them, they're bringing back some of their drama shows from the past (hits from the past). Heroes Reborn will not have Zachary Quinto returning.
X-files already attempted a revival with that lame movie that came out a few years ago. It was very boring and uninteresting. Sadly, the show was a product of the 90s and probably. Why relive it again? 
Is anyone asking for a X-Files or Heroes stories? They both left a bad taste in our collective mouths.  
 ~Google Suggested...Kim Kardashian: I keep getting Kim as a suggestion. I honestly don't know why. I guess I did some searches for her way back on her “rocky” marriage. Besides her ass, I really don't NOTHING interesting about her. And, I see her a horrible person. She is someone with zero talent, but acts like she has something to offer to people. Heck, I feel bad for even Kanye West because he has to be around this “fame whore” 24/7. However, he made his dicison. I do get a kick out of the fact that I get these suggestions. 

 ~James Holmes Trial: Man, I hope this asshole spends the rest of his life in a Max prison, because I am sure he won't get death. Remember, this asshole killed 12 people. He also wounded 7o folks in the attack. 70! These people just wanted to go to the theater and watch a movie and this f'er decided ruin everyone's lives. Jury Selection is happening right now.
~BTW, I have never been called for jury duty my entire life...ever. On the other hand, my mother has served twice on a jury. WTF?

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