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The Interview (Part 2 of 2)

The Interview (Part 2 of 2)
 The third act of the movie takes a bit of a serious turn with the talk of revolution. We know that NK has pretty much smashed all talk of fighting against the government. I should also give credit to the writers to for actually calling back to things they set in the first act. The actually does try to tackle some serious things in the third act that sometimes work and other times doesn't.
The movie also takes a bloody and violent turn in the third act. It is in the manner as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Rogen's character takes the brunt of these horrible attacks, which I won't spoil here. That's not to say some North Korean soldiers get some violence onto them too. I have to give the movie credit for going as far as it does with the gore. Ouch.
The gore in this movie reminds me of the violence in This is The End.
Like I wrote before, through all the sex and bathroom humor there is a movie with a deeper meaning about the problem with the Cult of Personality style of ruling. We see a Kim that is kid like, but also has some grownup toys in the form of nukes. He's willing to use them just to prove that he's worst than his father. And, we also witness the propaganda of the NK state with a rather amusing scene with a store and a fat kid, which later come back in the third act in an amusing way. And, the callback is one of my favorite reveals and turning points for a certain character.
The movie also takes the wind out of American politics as well with the CIA having to rely on two of the goofiest guys ever. The two of them really screw up their hidden mission with other people dying in the process. And, Kim's retorts back to the attacks on him actually hit home. However, the movie reminds us that North Korea still has concentration camps.
Despite a few missteps, The Interview has surprised me. It is a funny movie with some serious undertones thrown in for good measure. It lampoons American and North Korea politics like a comedy like this should. You get both male and female nudity too, though I didn't need to see Kim's bare ass. The acting all around is very good, sometimes Franco can get a little too goofy though, with Randall Park being the standout character actor. His portrayal of Kim is amazing. It is a shame this movie will never receive a wider release.
Grade: B+

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