Sunday, January 04, 2015

Little (jit) Kid goes ape-shit in a Dollar Store

Little (jit) Kid goes ape-shit in a Dollar Store

There is so much wrong with this video that it turns into one of the most amusing videos I've ever seen. You have a ghetto guy speaking broken English and slang words and spoiled little brat destroying shit in a store. Those combinations turns it into a great video.
Now, the thugs keep calling him a little “jit”. First I thought they were calling him a racial slur, but it is actually something completely different.
From Urban Dictionary, ((Juvenile In Training

Any juvenile who doesn't know how to act right, and still needs grown-up training

Like most these young jit's on here who say shit without really knowing what it stands for or means.
Black people, why do all of our terms originate from jail or prison? Damn it. However, the term is correct. This little fool is a jit Juvenile in Training.
What made this little turd turn all Hulk-like and rip up the store?
-Jit starts throwing shit at the camera guy: Are you catching this, Camera Guy?
-The shot-callers keep saying “Jit is going HAM in this bitch.” HAM means “Hard as a Motherfucker” Thank you, Urban Dictionary.
-“You hit me with that, you going to lose your life.” This is probably the funnest statement in the video and the most crazy. Did he just threaten to drop this kid? I love that the kid threaten to attack him and then stopped when the Camera Guy warns him. Smart move, kid.
-“Jit went into the back of the store, Dog.” I couldn't stop laughing. Maybe, the Jit thinks he works for the store now?
-I love that these guys are following him around like they're his Greek Chorus.
-Finally, someone grabs him and takes him out. I mean out of the store.
You are stupid”
Guess which state this happened? Actually, you really don't have to guess. You already know.
Damn you, Jit.
Lil Jit, and a happy New Year.

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