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Star Trek: TNG Sins of the Father (Deleted scenes).

Star Trek: TNG Sins of the Father (Deleted scenes). 
 Head over to Trek Core and watch these deleted moments from one of my favorite episodes of TNG Sins of the Father. SOTF is kind of a subplot with Worf and the Klingons that we will see carried out from this episode all the way to the final episodes of DS9. Worf's dishonor would be something that would be mentioned through both TNG and DS9, even when he gets his honor back both times. An episode like this would have never been made under Gene's rule on TNG.
Gene sort of had a dislike for Klingons it seems. Worf was kind of a bruiting fool that kept getting his ass handed to him in the first two seasons. And, Gene had to be convinced to have Worf on as main characters. It was later revealed that Gene fought hard with Lenard and the director of ST:VI on an early cut of the film, which dealt with Klingons. At this point, Berman and Pillar had a lot of control over TNG (and Lenard would take control of ST:VI). The writers on the movies and the series actually made the Klingons an interesting race that still this day have a huge following. A lot of this was done without Gene.
I think Gene wanted to the Klingons to be the bad guys in order to show how “great” humans were, and he fought against making them a well rounded race.
These deletions are a nice look into some of the stuff cut for time and some of it cut for pacing.
-There is a nice Wesley Crusher moment deleted: We now get more interaction between Kurn and Wesley and shows why Kurn is kind of pissed with Wes. The deleted callback is a nice moment where Wesley strongly replies to Kurn's order for the Klingon Homeworld with a forecful “Ready sir”. This should have been kept in. It gives Wes character development. But, TV is on a strict time limit (until cable shows started extending times slots)
-On the Homeworld, Riker has an interesting comment about how things have changed between the Feds and the Klingons. Humans being in the great hall could have meant a death sentence back in Kirk's time.
~Riker and Picard leave during the opening arguments: Smart deletion. I think I'd like to see them stay because they are friends of Worf. Even if my friend told me to leave, I'd try to stay for support.
~Duras has more bargaining chips for Kurn: I can see why this was deleted.
~K'mpec challenges Duras, showing there is still more bite in the old Klingon leader. Duras backs down.
~There is more info about Kurn. We would see what happens to Kurn in DS9 once Worf's honor and name were taken away for a second time. Kurn falls on hard times, just like K'mpec talks about in this deleted cuts. That's very interesting. 

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