Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Atlas Shrugged Part III (They made another one?)

Atlas Shrugged Part III (They made another one?)
While reading through the Razzie's for this year, I saw that there was another Atlas Shrugged movie.
Keep in mind that all three movies have lost considerable money verses their budgets. Their budgets combined comes up to 35 Million and the BO return is 8 million . Yet, they keep making sequels despite they're losing a lot of movie. Th last movie made only $851,690. Sony has considered stop making the Spider-Man movies because it didn't make enough money for them, and that movie made a lot of money for them. Yet, this franchise keeps chugging along.
The other funny thing about this series is they've changed cast members every movie. The entire cast has been replaced. I guess they keep getting cheaper actors in every movie.  


MC said...

For a bunch of free market capitalists/libertarians, they really don't seem to be getting the message that the free market has rejected their movies.

They are like the libertarian version of Battlefield Earth... a project no one but them wants to see and they just can understand why it flopped hard.

Semaj said...

I agree 100%. The free market spoke and no one wants to see them. I get the feeling they're zealots that want to force this message/movies down their throats.

And, Bioshock games did a better job with the material than the movies

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