Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bobwhite Bird: Holy Crap they're real

Bobwhite Bird: Holy Crap they're real
I was very close to my grandfather when I was very young. He would take us to see trains on the old Southern Railroad line and other things like explore the woods behind his house. I remember him telling me about a certain bird called the “bobwhite”. He told us they called the bird a Bobwhite because it sounded like the bird call said, “Bob White”. And, if you listen carefully, it does sound like it is saying, “Bob White”.
I was watching Doc Hollywood today and noticed that the bird call for a “bobwhite” is heard after the peeing scene. I remember the story my grandfather said and wondered, Are these birds actually called Bobwhites?
I looked it up on the Wiki page and there is a group of bird actually called the Bobwhites and they are named after their bird calls! I thought maybe it was just an old country thing that my grandfather was telling us, but it is real.
I'm not sure why that story stayed with us.

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