Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Who's $%#@ This is?

Who's $%#@ This is?
She went all "flip mode" on his ass.
Yes, I hate these thugs, which you can clearly see he has a sag going on and the loud talking. I hate these types of people in the gaming and black communities. Someone had to remind me I hate thugs almost as much as hipsters. And, he didn't need to stand up and act like a clown during the VG battle. I hate most showboating except for the kind that goes on in wrestling. I hate the jive talking and the over the top wild-ing out.
However, Offended Woman going “beast” on ShinBlade is way over the line. You have no right to grab another grown person and try to force them to sit down. So what he offends you. That's basically attacking someone. Tell him to STFU, but you don't attack him.  
ShinBlade actually handles himself rather well in the incident, because he only grabs her to stop her from forcing him down. He showed a lot of restraint in dealing with this offended woman. Things could gotten very racial and bad if he had laid a fist on her. And, you better believe the police would have shown up and he  would have been beaten and gone to jail. Make no mistake.  I against domestic and abuse against women, but there will always be a racial factor when it comes to this sort of thing. You have to be careful.
This video has been blowing up lately. 
I don't think this has a SJW slant to it as some are trying to make it. I think this was more personal with a scattering of social disorders thrown in for good measure. I think there is something more going on with this woman than what see and hear here. I think she was offended because she hates these type of “cooler” people joining in the nerd/geek's pastimes. I think all that came boiling to the surface with her grabbing him and trying to get him to sit down.  I am not sure why she thought she'd get a friendly response in return?  
And, I really am bothered by the dudes that start yelling “Disqualifying him!” Uh, why? He's not the one that touched her. She attacked him, but there seems to be some people that switch gears and start telling that out, as if she needs defending.  
By the way, she literally came out of nowhere and grabbed him like she was in the WWE. And, she moved in like a ninja.  That's probably why he looks so utterly confused.
BTW, I love the cup guy.  He's more worried about losing his drink than everything that's going on around him. 

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