Monday, February 29, 2016


I hate/love this movie. It is sheer craziness and bad acting. I think the Spawn animated series was way better than this despite that show's flaw. This is a fun bad movie I think. This movie screams “This is an 90s movie!!!”.

-How many times does Spawn say "Wanda"?
-CGI is the worst thing about this movie: Even during its time, the CGI is texture-less and just bad. I remember the studio bragging about the “ground-breaking” special effects.
-John Leguizamo is over the top: However, that's how The Clown is supposed to behave. I will give them credit for the makeup job on him is great. Actually all the makeup jobs are great. He's better here than Super Mario Brothers right?
-The movie did turn a slight profit. It made 40 million more than its budget. So, I guess there could have been a sequel. The budget balloon up from 20 to 40 million, but that is cheap at the time give the huge budget of Superman Lives/Reborn.
-Making a black character white: I'm okay with this just like when they make white characters black from the comic book roots. Jimmy Olsen is black in Supergirl. I don't like that they made Al/Spawn's friend white in the movie because they didn't want the movie to be too black. So, they give the white guy a Tony Stark mustache. I guess that makes him black enough.
-A Sequel?: I read that a follow up has been floating around for ages. I not sure a Spawn 2 would hold up today. Spawn was such a 90s character.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Remember that McDonald's beating case?

Remember that McDonald's beating case?
Was that Marty McFly in the orange vest walking past the camera?
Yeah, this is a classic one I posted about years ago. I recently told someone at work and it became a popular video to watch with the managers. Looking back on it, I am amazed these two women even tried to bring up a defense given that they jumped over the counter. Once you jump over the counter, you're trespassing. And, what exactly were they planning on doing when they got to him? Were they going to hand him a flower and a peace sign? Of course they were going to beat the living crap out of him. 
What would you do in the situation?
I still think Rayon McIntosh went too far with the beating once they were down. However, a grand jury refused to grant any charges against him. McIntosh did have a pretty bad criminal record. However, one of the women also has a record. Actually, all three parties in this case have criminal records. I find that amusing.
From the New York Post, ((All McIntosh was trying to do at the time was hand Darbeau her extra crispy chicken sandwich. But Darbeau turned on him, mocking his Caribbean accent, shouting, “You should be deported!” and “banana boat!” McIntosh’s lawyer has said. ))

And, it was over a 50 dollar bill. The two “ladies” got upset when he or a manager checked the dollar bill. Part of the problem with the black community is we are quick to answer insults with all out violence. We then only blame the white man for our problems. People have to understand that being a bully doesn't always pay off for you. There is always someone that is a bigger badder bully or former bully. Sometimes, we have to stand down and walk away.

Friday, February 26, 2016

X-Men: Days Of Future Past — The Rogue Cut Thoughts

X-Men: Days Of Future Past — The Rogue Cut

Just saw the Rogue Cut of X Men: Days of Future Past. I am really impressed with this cut of the movie and it makes it a fuller story with the 17 minutes cut back in. Anna Paquin has a bigger part now and is part of the main future plot. I always say you can never get enough of Anna Paquin in a movie. I heard that they cut almost all of her scenes out, but I had no idea they also inserted Kitty to take her place and did some minor re-shoots to cover up some of the plot holes. Why would you cut out a character that was important to the first two X-men movies?
Here are a few worth noting...
-Scarlet Witch gets a mention aka Wanda: We know in this universe Quicksilver does have a twin sister as well, and this new cut now adds this new information. So, Quicksilver has two sisters. Was this deleted because they used both characters in Avenger II?
-There is another use of the F' word. President Nixon uses in this cut. Interesting that I noticed that.
-There is a moment between Professor X and a wounded veteran. In this cut moment, he mentions he was wounded by friendly fire. Why delete this moment? It is only seconds at most and it is a nice callback to First Class.
-Slightly more Bishop: Bishop is barely in the theatrical cut, but has a slightly bigger part in the Rogue Cut. He has some extra lines that reveal he's the leader of this small resistance group.
-Mystique and Hank subplot: This subplot is carried over from First Class. Mystique shows up to Professor X's house and flirts with Hank. She then destroys the Cerebro helmet. I am okay with this being deleted, but it adds a lot to Hank's views on Raven/Mystique.
-Kitty and Rogue plot line: This is the biggest portion added. Kitty gets hurt by Logan and Iceman and Magneto break into Professor's old house now occupied by the enemy. Iceman and Mag save Rogue and Iceman is killed here. Rogue sucks some of Kitty's energy and she is the one that uses the power on Logan. (Iceman was added to shots in the theatrical cut, but he was originally dead at this point.) Kitty and Rogue even share a moment talking about his passing too. I really feel like they should have kept this subplot in the movie and Rogue would have more than a cameo. It makes it a better movie to see Iceman die for Rogue, plus Professor X has more to do also.
-Trask in jail: There is an extra after-credits scene with Trask sleeping in Mag's jail. It is funny, but I can see why it was cut.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sam Jackson and his favorite word...Mf'er

Sam Jackson and his favorite word...Mf'er
I love hearing Samuel Jackson yelling, but it is better when he's saying “mother fucker”. He is the best at saying the word.  And, I am glad some made a supercut out of it.  His middle name is MF'er

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mother F'er on Basic Cable (Thanks, FX)

Mother F'er on Basic Cable (Thanks, FX)

I just got done watching the third episode of The People vs. OJ Simpson and they had a rather shocking word at the end of the episode. Marcia Clark says, “Cochran … motherfucker”. I laughed and said “WTF.” However, that sums up the way they felt when Cochran joined the team. Cochran was the ace in the hole.
And, yes they can say Motherfucker on basic cable. From, ((First, yes, FX is allowed to say motherfucker. It can also show Game of Thrones-levels of violence and nudity, if it wants. That's because the FCC only regulates broadcast networks. According to Entertainment Weekly, the only thing keeping basic cable channels PG-13 is a desire to keep viewers, placate advertisers, and "stay on brand." ))

Basic Cable has always had self-imposed censorship, but FX tends to push the limits whenever possible. To tell the truth, I'd say 24 was more R-rated than PG-13 without the boobies and that was on the normal Fox network. Say what you want about Fox News, the Fox brand really pushes the limits.   
It should be noted that Comedy Central tends to let things fly late at night.  
Please make this a meme.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Morgan Freeman on Waze

Morgan Freeman on Waze
Yep, I noticed the Waze app promoted the Morgan Freeman voice, so I quickly downloaded the extra voice. I got to hear Morgan take me to my work last night. I wanted him to say things from his various movies. I keep Waze on in the background and use Google Maps as the main GPS.
Now, here's the thing; Morgan Freeman pops up with his voice when Waze wants to warn you about something. I've gotten people in my car doing double takes and saying, “Was that Morgan Freeman?” 
I love it.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~Jeb Bush calls it off: I sort of liked Jeb Bush, but damn he had the wrong last name. And, I am sure he is pissed because he wanted to become President so bad. He doesn't have that deer-in-headlights expression that his brother has all the time. He looks like that meek manager in some tech store. I am sure he burns a picture of Trump everyday. However, I do have to wonder about the large amount of money he threw away. That's 130 million down the drain. It is smart to get out while you can.
~Finding that drive to write creatively again: Back in 2002-08, I had this drive to become a writer and to have my own name on a cover of a novel. I had dreams of having a book signing event in some bookstore. I truly was driven and was a writing machine that spent hours writing my “book”. I was really happy writing that book. However, something changed and I lost that drive to write fiction. I think I came to the realization that I wasn't good and my book was shit. And, I've never gotten that spark back. I really admire these young writers that still have that drive and hope of getting their stories published. 
~Rachel Dolezal names her child after civil rights leaders: I am okay with this, but it will be interesting to see how her child will react to her strange long con. I still can't get over the fact she went all out with this “pretending” to be black thing and people tried to defend it with the new stupid term trans-racial. By the way, type in trans-racial into Google image and Rachel comes up on the front page. I can't believe this is a thing
~Deadpool: I haven't seen it yet. I will write a review, but I have to set aside some time for the movie. I have back to back doctor meetings, so I may see it this weekend. I have a few co-workers saying they loved it and it has made a lot of money too.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Revenge of the Nerds TV show?

Revenge of the Nerds TV show?
I had no idea this existed, but here's an unsold pilot. This came out in the early 90s and is just the sitcom version of movie plot. They've even taken most of the jokes from the movie and cheapened them to the shitty 90s sitcom.
It is basically a rebooted universe from the movie universe and set in the 90s. We would see a lot of this of type of movie to TV shows in the 80s and 90s. People forget the Gung Ho series. Since you can't show nudity on network TV, this has nothing going for it.
This shit was proposed to FOX, but was dumped. This is really bad and we should be thankful this show didn't get picked up.

Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds
Man, this movie hasn't aged well. It sort of came out during the time of Police Academy, so it models itself like Stripes. There are tons of boobs and unPC jokes and you can throw in some drug humor too. It also had weaker sequels that aimed for a younger audience with PG-13 ratings.
There are things to still enjoy about the movie and I don't hate the movie viewing it through current eyes. It also interesting to see this movie with 2016 eyes with its stance on nerds and the culture. Back in the day, this was the way people viewed an outcast. Today, nerds rule the world and cool people try to look like nerds with their horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans. 
Plus, nerd culture is so varied and divided. I wasn't a nerd, but more of a stupid geek/slacker/smart ass, but I identified with this movie growing up. And, the overall message, buried in there with boobs and weed jokes, that outcasts have feelings and want to live their lives without constant bullying is a good one. 

-John Goodman is in this: I tend to forget that he's in this movie and looking very young. He plays the coach and he's really good playing the asshole/bully. His character hates nerds and I've met some coaches just like him in high school.
-The Gay Guy: In 2016, the way they handled the gay character is very stereotypical. I wouldn't call it offensive, but misguided. He would be an outcast due to the views in the 80s. I did like that they included him in the group due to nerds coming in all types. Today, this character would be a character part of a different group altogether. 

-Lambda Lambda Lambda : I still get a kick out of the fact the nerds apply for a black fraternity . All the race jokes are very funny especially the music joke at the party. The leader of the Tri-Lambda group is played by badass (from DS9 and I'm Gonna Get You Sucka). I loved his scenes. I also like his reaction to the party scene. BTW, this is now a real fraternity!
-Party Scene: Speaking of that scene, everything seems to work for me in the long scene. It feels like an 80s comedy movie. Weed, Michael Jackson, sex, and the pig prank. I like how the nerds and the “not so hot” chicks start to have fun due to the weed. I also feel bad for the party goers when the pigs show up to crash the party. It is mean, but having a bunch of guys mooning them does make me laugh. Why didn't the women moon them too? This is a hard R and the women are sitting on the truck with the guys. Speaking of which....
-Fully Nudity: I remember seeing this as a kid and being shocked they not only showed a lot of topless women, but showed women fully nude. This was one of the few movies that did that. And, I don't think women just walk around topless in dorms like this, but I am not sure. I've never been on a panty raid . People give this movie a lot of flack for the panty raid and cam-spying scenes. However...
-The rape scene: There is a scene where one of the “heroes” pretends to be the boyfriend to the “hot” cheerleader and proceeds to have sex with her. (Though it is implied he just does down on her, looking at the movie with older eyes) I'm no SJW or PC police, but this treads on our “hero” raping her. He had sex with her under false pretenses, and he didn't get her permission clearly. Just because she is okay with it doesn't make his action okay. Rape is not the sort of revenge I want from my teen boob-comedy.
-Cheerleader Leader Chick: Uh, she isn't really not my type. She is so skinny that you can see her rib cage in her topless scene. I guess that was a thing to have women look like they were starving. Plus, she looks to be late 20s or early 30s.
-Actually, everyone looks to be about 25-30 years old here.
-James Cromwell plays the father: He's only in one scene, but I couldn't believe he's in this film. He know plays government type leaders, but here he is a greasy nerd. I got a kick of this because he would later be known for his Star Trek roles.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Good Burger Reunion (WTF)

Good Burger Reunion (WTF)

I laughed a bit.
I love how the actors really fit right into their old roles. And, it seems fitting that Ed would still be working at Good Burger. It is good to see Kenan & Kel back together. I still have a strange fondness for the movie Good Burger, but not the Sketch. 
It is a bad movie, but I can't help but to like it. And, you can throw in some Sinbad too.  
Will we see a Good Burger II coming up? I hope so. Shaq is up for it. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Chyna then and now

Chyna then and now
I always say this about people who use drugs. “Would your past self look atyour current self and be .proud?” When I see what Chyna has become, I shake my head. I remember WWF really pushing her has the unstoppable force that would show up protecting Triple H. I remember all the positive press she received as her star began to rise in the company.
However, I truly believe Stephanie McMahon was a mjor factor in her falling popularity and her firing from WWF. Stephanie, outside the story line, seems to have seen her as a threat. I feel bad this happened to her.
Chyna got into drugs (Allegedly) and even made it into a reality show. I remember that picture of her in a wheel chair completely out of it looking about 10 pounds lighter. 
And, then she got onto porn and that was the end for her. She went from having her own book and Playboy spread to being a drugged out pornstar known for playing She-Hulk.
I have a family member that is heavily into substance abuse and is at rock bottom, but refuses to get help. I would like to take his younger self to his present self and show him how badly he will fall. I view that in the same manner as Chyna's state. She was a hero for women getting to wrestling and was a sharp contrast to the Diva era of women in the WWF during the Attitude era that and Leta. She got a raw deal when she got fired.

I had a friend that bought this issue.  I wouldn't have, but he was a bigger wrestler fan than I.  This was the same guy that paid for a Hulk Hogan Grill only because it was from Hulk Hogan.  And,this grill proceeded to burn people's houses down.  No word on this guy's house burning down.

GameTrailers (RIPD)

RIP Game Trailers
I loved their videos and still watched a lot of them. It came as a shock to see this company go away, but I guess they were bleeding money badly. I remember watching and loving their retrospectives videos for hours. They covered a lot of ground.
They seemed to do their vidoes with humor but not a lot of hate or snark for the fan bases they were covering. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

They just got laid off

They just got laid off
I generally hate unions, but they are a necessary evil. I also attack the rank and file members for not supporting candidates that support unions (IE DEMs). But, this is shitty. If you want to keep your job, sometimes voting for the guy you don't agree with socially is required.
You can feel the anger these people have over being laid off and told their jobs are going to Mexico. I've never had a job I've been proud of in a long time, so I partly can't understand their feelings. But, this is always a shitty way to tell someone they're job is ending despite your best effort. 
Note:  Watch that one guy that simply leaves after the first announcement.  That look of disappointment.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

[Unsolicited Opinions on Israel???]

[Unsolicited Opinions on Israel???]
  This came across my radar on Know Your Meme. And, I thought, “WTF was that?”
Is this supposed to be a joke or has the writer has gone off the deep in? Here's the thing, I'd have a problem with literally the WRITER bringing herself and her political views to barge into the story. I'd have the same problem with a right wing writer forcing their view literally into the story. I don't really care about the political aspects of it, but laziness of the writing.
How does this fit into the context of the story? If you want to fit your views into a narrative, then find a creative way to do it into the story via the characters or the story, but not to force feed it into the blocking out text from a sexist/racist character. Do it creatively.
And, does a mega god worry about things like MRA or Middle East issues? And, what does unsolicited opinions about Israel have to do with the story at hand? You don't see this type of breaking of the fourth wall unless it is in a Deadpool comic. Is this usual in this series?
It just seems odd to have your writer/narrator come in spout out this strange political tirade. Why not just have the actual character say these crazy things and have your hero comment about it instead. This just comes across as the writer having an ax to grind instead of telling a compelling story with yor character at least having your view via through the story. This is clearly preaching for the sake of preaching.
Frank Miller sort of does this on the other side of the political side. It gets annoying on that side too. Yes, Miller, you hate women and you are right-leaning, we get it.
-Why would a God in the Marvel universe care about Israel or even having opinions about said country? Was this supposed to a joke?
-Is it the writer or the narrator breaking the fourth wall?
-Does Bor, a living god, search the MRA websites when he is not kicking ass? It makes no sense in the context of things unless it is a Deadpool series where these sort of things happen. It is confusing. Does this sort of thing happen in this comic book? 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Fun with Google Searches on my blog...(Keywords)

Fun with Google Searches on my blog...
I enjoy looking at what people do a search on on my over ten year old blog.  So, I am going share with you the top searches for this month with you.   
Eva Angelina: She is a pornstar that usually wears horn-rimmed glasses and is very pleasing to the eye. I may have mentioned her a few times. She is the top searched item with 15 searches on my stats. 
 Gianna Michaels : Again, another pornstar. Damn, I like my pornstars don't I? She is another favorite of mine. I believe she's retired, but I could be wrong. She has ten hits for this month. 
Shannon Fill: This is one of my most popular posts to date and still gets new comments and many hits on it. Shannon was an actress that showed up on two episodes of TNG and received a lot of praise for her acting skills. She then disappeared from acting without a trace. She doesn't even show up for conventions and hasn't really popped up.
pornstar with star wars tattoo: I did that post about some pornstar with a SW tattoo. If I was performing a scene with her, I'd think “Stay on target. Stay on target”.
sarah palin pageant: I am so sick of this woman. Who cares...
ed helms and jason sudeikis: They're kind of like twins in a sense. Both have that nerd-white-guy look about them. If you can hire one, you hire the other one. Plus, they were in a movie together We're the Millers.
amber lamps: She is the headphones girl with the retro look in that viral video where two fools fought on a public bus. 

cause and effect star trek: This is the famous TNG episode where the Enterprise blows up countless times over the course of the episode because of a time loop. It is a very good/format breaking episode and it works. You really don't see this sort of thing on TV today.
ensign sito: Trek reference; this is character Shannon Fill played. 
erika christensen in dance movie: As far as I can tell, Erika was never in a dance movie. It was her look-a-like Julia Stiles. Stiles is the one in the movie every woman under 30 fell in love with and that was Save the Last Dance. Erika Christensen is the loopy actress that is in deep with Scientology. In other words, growing up in it. She was in the not intended funny movie Swimfan.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Dragonball: Evolution

Dragonball: Evolution
Chris Stuckman covers the dreaded DB Evolution movie. I've taken some jabs at this strange movie too.
Can you really make a live version of an animated show like this? In DB and DBZ, you can go pretty much anywhere and see anything. In live action, you are limited by you budget. However, the is total shit to begin with and screws up the lore of the shows. I have to say that I can watch this movie all the way through because it is so laughable bad.
There are two things good about this movie...
1 Jamie Chung is in this movie. I think she is really hot in everything she's in. Damn. I don't care if she's bad.
2 Yun-Fat Chow is pretty good: It was good casting on their part, it is too bad the script couldn't rise to is level of acting he's on.  
You tried and failed to get this character right. 

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Do you Superbowl?

Do you Superbowl?
Nope. “Are you going to watch the game?” I get asked this all the time. I not interested in watching it mainly because I find sports boring. Maybe it is my nerd culture growing up and I really don't like sports fans. It is okay to make fun of fanboys for dressing up in SW and Trek outfits, but when sports fans do it is okay. They should both be made fun of equally.
Whenever I get asked the Superbowl question, I just say, “Frankly, I hope they both lose.” I do this just to get a laugh or a rise out of someone.
I might see and discuss the ads, but I won't be watching the bowl. The only bowls I will be watching are the toilet and salad bowls. 

Aren't these the same?   

Pornstar Mugshots

Pornstar Mugshots
 Pornstars and arrest go together like peanut butter and jelly. I am almost certain it is required to have a police record and work in the Jizz Biz. Well, finally something good has come out of Tumblr in the form of Pornstar Mugshots. Someone has compiled (cumpiled?) most of the frequent arrest shots (pun intended?) and put them in one place.
You can check it out here, but it very very NSFW with pictures of them during their day job in other words porn. And, if you don't like seeing gay porn pictures, this site is NOT for you. You will see a lot of them being charged with drug possession and my girl Roxy. I sill think weed and prostitution should be legal at this point. While I won't partake in either one, I'd be okay with people smoking weed and doing the deed.
I like mugshots, because it shows us at our complete worst with anger and confusion on our faces. I haven't had the glory bestowed on me of getting arrested yet. But, being a black man does up my chances. 
Note some of them are really bad mugshots and clearly these people are burning the candle on both ends of the stick.   But some photo well under the mugshot camera.  

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Supergirl and Flash plan to crossover

Supergirl and Flash plan to crossover
It is about damn time too. 
 From Comic, (("We are so incredibly excited to announce something that we have dreamed of happening since we starting making Supergirl – The Flash and Supergirl are teaming up!,” said The Flash and Supergirl Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg. “We want to thank Grant Gustin for making the time to come visit (on top of his already immense workload) and all of the folks at CBS, The CW, Warner Bros. and DC for working this out. And finally thanks to the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone's enthusiasm and support.” ))
Now, the bigger question becomes this; Is the Flash/Arrow universe set in the same universe as Supergirl/Superman? Keep in mind that Superman is alive and well in the Supergirl series and is in contact with Supergirl all the time. Superman seems to have been doing his own thing for a while now. There is no mention of a Man of Steel in the Flash/Arrow universe. I kind of hope they do merge the two. However, Flash does have the portals to other universes scattered throughout the city and Flash could end up in Supergirl's universe. 

 DC Comics TV division is doing everything right. 

Riley Reid and Melissa Moore Almost Twins, but not

Riley Reid and Melissa Moore Almost Twins, but not
I've been a huge fan of Riley Reid for a long time. She literally looks like one of those girls-next-door. She's so damn cute and tiny that you would likely see her working in the mall instead of doing hardcore porn. However, she is a pornstar. 
 I have NEVER wanted a doughnut more than now.  Damn.  
I was checking out a video and noticed Riley in a video and I thought, “Did Riley Reid get a boob-job?” Please, tell me she didn't get one. That was her thing, being small framed. After taking a closer look, I realized the woman looking much like Riley Reid wasn't her at all, but another pornstar completely.
See, it is uncanny how much these two ladies look alike. Of course, these two girls had to do a movie together. I think MM is cute too, but I see her being a modified clone of my girl RR. And, I wouldn't kick her out of my bed either. Hell, I wouldn't kick anyone out of my bed given the state of my love life or lack of it.

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game
 This intense and depressing little movie is very thoughtful and clever. With some good characters and acting. It is not action-packed, but a smart take on WWII spy issues, information and code-cracking.
Based on the book by Andrew Hodges, the movie deals with a group of intelligent people in the UK trying to figure out the enigma code machine that the Nazi had. The British government hired Alan Turing and others try to break the code during WWII. Turing created a large machine to help break the code, but people still had to figure out the code-key because it reset everyday. This is that story.
Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing is one of the best things about the movie and he totally kicks ass as this torn/strange character. He plays a really intelligent guy that likes trying to figure out codes and making his own code language. He is drawn to the code-cracking team. I love Cumberbatch's introduction into the movie against Charles Dance.
Turing is a jerk, but we get to see why he is this way. And, his character does change when he meets his match in the enigma machine. He needs to work with other people,  because the code machine is his worst enemy.  He has to open up to receiving help. This is simply a great performance by Cumberbatch.
Keira Knightley is a breath of fresh air with a movie that is pretty much just men in the cast. You may have written her off in the Pirates movies, but she is great as the female lead. And the direction they take with the character is a neat and interesting way to deal with the “gay issue” of the story. Her character has a very interesting take on social norms of the 1940s in the UK. She is smart, but she has to fit in with what is required of a woman of that era. Anyway, she has good chemistry with Cumberbatch. Yes, she is very good when she finds a good script and director, so she shines in this movie.
With a rather silly movie title, the movie is extremely well-made. The editing and directing are pretty good and you have to good editing due to timeline jumping. There are three main time periods, Childhood, War Time and Post War (50s). In other hands, this movie would have been a narrative mess.
The movie does a convincing job conveying the frustration of resetting everything at the end of the day because the Nazi reset the codes. And, they had to reset their code-cracking methods and start fresh. I also like we get to see the early stages of computers with the Turing machine that was a code cracking machine. In this movie, Turing envisioned the computer age that happened some 20 years later.
Charles Dance (AKA Tywin Lannister ) is also in the movie as a military commander. He hates Turing and seems to carry over that stern demeanor from Game of Thrones. He's a great guy to hate.
The movie also deals with the gay issue that is often NOT talked about that happened in Britain . I had no idea that being gay was illegal and you could spend a lot of time in jail for just being a gay male. The movie opened my eyes to this. THIS plays a huge role in the other portion of the movie.
The movie is very well-directed and smartly acted from everyone around. Cumberbatch is outstanding in the leading role and he carries every scene with exception of the flashbacks to the younger Turing kid. The movie is great, but very depressing and will leave you feeling angry
Grade: A-

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Fine Bros repeal their React-act

The Fine Bros repeal their React-act
I did a bit of research and people on YT seem to really hate the MCN the Fine Brothers are connected to named Fullscreen. The fact this was happening and they were creating their (in name only) MCN really made people become mistrusting of their true intentions. They were trademarking the word “react” in order to corner the market in reaction videos in some people's opinions.
From, ((Late last night the Fine Bros took down both their React World announcement and the subsequent calcification video. They also posted an apology message to Medium that states they will discontinue React World, ))
And, they're take away their content and copyright strikes, which is a smart move after pulling this “boner”.
They've been losing so many subscribers that there is literally a live ticker and website watching their fans bailing their channel. Check out the site. It is a real shame because I actually love their videos and I am a subscriber to their channel. I won't be unsubscribing though. They'll bounce back within a year and most people will forget.
This video clears up some of the shady agreement deals they were going to use.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Fine Brothers (React Thingy)

Fine Brothers (React Thingy)
I like the Fine Brothers and their reaction videos. Why create and copyright the term of React and make some shady network. Trust me reaction YouTubers don't need a network, because they're making a lot of money and companies actually ask many of them to make videos reacting to their stuff. And, I don't have the hate for these sort of reaction tubers like everyone else. But, I do like when people make fun of them.
It just doesn't make sense to attempt to trademark “react”. No one is going to join your network if you pull this shit. It just seems greedy to trademark such a generic term such as react and it seems cheap. 
From BBC, ((On Tuesday, the brothers announced a licensing scheme called React World, which they said would let other video-makers use the "react" title and assets such as their graphics and music. ))
By doing this, they will force people to use their channel to use the term react. 

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