Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mother F'er on Basic Cable (Thanks, FX)

Mother F'er on Basic Cable (Thanks, FX)

I just got done watching the third episode of The People vs. OJ Simpson and they had a rather shocking word at the end of the episode. Marcia Clark says, “Cochran … motherfucker”. I laughed and said “WTF.” However, that sums up the way they felt when Cochran joined the team. Cochran was the ace in the hole.
And, yes they can say Motherfucker on basic cable. From, ((First, yes, FX is allowed to say motherfucker. It can also show Game of Thrones-levels of violence and nudity, if it wants. That's because the FCC only regulates broadcast networks. According to Entertainment Weekly, the only thing keeping basic cable channels PG-13 is a desire to keep viewers, placate advertisers, and "stay on brand." ))

Basic Cable has always had self-imposed censorship, but FX tends to push the limits whenever possible. To tell the truth, I'd say 24 was more R-rated than PG-13 without the boobies and that was on the normal Fox network. Say what you want about Fox News, the Fox brand really pushes the limits.   
It should be noted that Comedy Central tends to let things fly late at night.  
Please make this a meme.  

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