Wednesday, February 10, 2016

[Unsolicited Opinions on Israel???]

[Unsolicited Opinions on Israel???]
  This came across my radar on Know Your Meme. And, I thought, “WTF was that?”
Is this supposed to be a joke or has the writer has gone off the deep in? Here's the thing, I'd have a problem with literally the WRITER bringing herself and her political views to barge into the story. I'd have the same problem with a right wing writer forcing their view literally into the story. I don't really care about the political aspects of it, but laziness of the writing.
How does this fit into the context of the story? If you want to fit your views into a narrative, then find a creative way to do it into the story via the characters or the story, but not to force feed it into the blocking out text from a sexist/racist character. Do it creatively.
And, does a mega god worry about things like MRA or Middle East issues? And, what does unsolicited opinions about Israel have to do with the story at hand? You don't see this type of breaking of the fourth wall unless it is in a Deadpool comic. Is this usual in this series?
It just seems odd to have your writer/narrator come in spout out this strange political tirade. Why not just have the actual character say these crazy things and have your hero comment about it instead. This just comes across as the writer having an ax to grind instead of telling a compelling story with yor character at least having your view via through the story. This is clearly preaching for the sake of preaching.
Frank Miller sort of does this on the other side of the political side. It gets annoying on that side too. Yes, Miller, you hate women and you are right-leaning, we get it.
-Why would a God in the Marvel universe care about Israel or even having opinions about said country? Was this supposed to a joke?
-Is it the writer or the narrator breaking the fourth wall?
-Does Bor, a living god, search the MRA websites when he is not kicking ass? It makes no sense in the context of things unless it is a Deadpool series where these sort of things happen. It is confusing. Does this sort of thing happen in this comic book? 


MC said...

It is a comic like Xena with a fourth wall breaking character and pop culture references out the ass apparently so contextually it seems fine.

And if you've ever been around Roseanne Barr on twitter, you will be familiar with [Unsolicited Opinions on Israel]

Semaj said...

It seems so odd to have this tirade in a censored manner when you can put it in the words of the character instead of having the writer break the fourth wall herself. Does the writer break the wall herself? (With the exception of Deadpool)

I Guess I have to read the comic book to understand it, but it comes across more Frank Miller-ish than Deadpool-ish.

MC said...

Semaj said...

That's a great exmaple of a character lamp-shading a plot point/plothole through the voice of the character whereas the other one seems to be more intrusive with the actual writer coming in. I think the Bor thing would have worked way better if the characters noticed that interference from the over-reacting writer and commented on it.

"Whoa, did anyone notice that voice overtaking Bor's voice? Or am I just crazy?"

Bor looks around and then shrugs.

That Lampshades any awkwardness that comes from said tirade

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