Thursday, February 04, 2016

Riley Reid and Melissa Moore Almost Twins, but not

Riley Reid and Melissa Moore Almost Twins, but not
I've been a huge fan of Riley Reid for a long time. She literally looks like one of those girls-next-door. She's so damn cute and tiny that you would likely see her working in the mall instead of doing hardcore porn. However, she is a pornstar. 
 I have NEVER wanted a doughnut more than now.  Damn.  
I was checking out a video and noticed Riley in a video and I thought, “Did Riley Reid get a boob-job?” Please, tell me she didn't get one. That was her thing, being small framed. After taking a closer look, I realized the woman looking much like Riley Reid wasn't her at all, but another pornstar completely.
See, it is uncanny how much these two ladies look alike. Of course, these two girls had to do a movie together. I think MM is cute too, but I see her being a modified clone of my girl RR. And, I wouldn't kick her out of my bed either. Hell, I wouldn't kick anyone out of my bed given the state of my love life or lack of it.


Anonymous said...

Spot on!

I was also confused and then I saw them both together.

Semaj said...

It is uncanny how much they look alike. Damn, both of them cute as a button to boot

Anonymous said...

They're step sisters man.

Anonymous said...

may be a same father. different mothers.

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