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X-Men: Days Of Future Past — The Rogue Cut Thoughts

X-Men: Days Of Future Past — The Rogue Cut

Just saw the Rogue Cut of X Men: Days of Future Past. I am really impressed with this cut of the movie and it makes it a fuller story with the 17 minutes cut back in. Anna Paquin has a bigger part now and is part of the main future plot. I always say you can never get enough of Anna Paquin in a movie. I heard that they cut almost all of her scenes out, but I had no idea they also inserted Kitty to take her place and did some minor re-shoots to cover up some of the plot holes. Why would you cut out a character that was important to the first two X-men movies?
Here are a few worth noting...
-Scarlet Witch gets a mention aka Wanda: We know in this universe Quicksilver does have a twin sister as well, and this new cut now adds this new information. So, Quicksilver has two sisters. Was this deleted because they used both characters in Avenger II?
-There is another use of the F' word. President Nixon uses in this cut. Interesting that I noticed that.
-There is a moment between Professor X and a wounded veteran. In this cut moment, he mentions he was wounded by friendly fire. Why delete this moment? It is only seconds at most and it is a nice callback to First Class.
-Slightly more Bishop: Bishop is barely in the theatrical cut, but has a slightly bigger part in the Rogue Cut. He has some extra lines that reveal he's the leader of this small resistance group.
-Mystique and Hank subplot: This subplot is carried over from First Class. Mystique shows up to Professor X's house and flirts with Hank. She then destroys the Cerebro helmet. I am okay with this being deleted, but it adds a lot to Hank's views on Raven/Mystique.
-Kitty and Rogue plot line: This is the biggest portion added. Kitty gets hurt by Logan and Iceman and Magneto break into Professor's old house now occupied by the enemy. Iceman and Mag save Rogue and Iceman is killed here. Rogue sucks some of Kitty's energy and she is the one that uses the power on Logan. (Iceman was added to shots in the theatrical cut, but he was originally dead at this point.) Kitty and Rogue even share a moment talking about his passing too. I really feel like they should have kept this subplot in the movie and Rogue would have more than a cameo. It makes it a better movie to see Iceman die for Rogue, plus Professor X has more to do also.
-Trask in jail: There is an extra after-credits scene with Trask sleeping in Mag's jail. It is funny, but I can see why it was cut.  

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