Monday, February 29, 2016


I hate/love this movie. It is sheer craziness and bad acting. I think the Spawn animated series was way better than this despite that show's flaw. This is a fun bad movie I think. This movie screams “This is an 90s movie!!!”.

-How many times does Spawn say "Wanda"?
-CGI is the worst thing about this movie: Even during its time, the CGI is texture-less and just bad. I remember the studio bragging about the “ground-breaking” special effects.
-John Leguizamo is over the top: However, that's how The Clown is supposed to behave. I will give them credit for the makeup job on him is great. Actually all the makeup jobs are great. He's better here than Super Mario Brothers right?
-The movie did turn a slight profit. It made 40 million more than its budget. So, I guess there could have been a sequel. The budget balloon up from 20 to 40 million, but that is cheap at the time give the huge budget of Superman Lives/Reborn.
-Making a black character white: I'm okay with this just like when they make white characters black from the comic book roots. Jimmy Olsen is black in Supergirl. I don't like that they made Al/Spawn's friend white in the movie because they didn't want the movie to be too black. So, they give the white guy a Tony Stark mustache. I guess that makes him black enough.
-A Sequel?: I read that a follow up has been floating around for ages. I not sure a Spawn 2 would hold up today. Spawn was such a 90s character.

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