Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Fun with Google Searches on my blog...(Keywords)

Fun with Google Searches on my blog...
I enjoy looking at what people do a search on on my over ten year old blog.  So, I am going share with you the top searches for this month with you.   
Eva Angelina: She is a pornstar that usually wears horn-rimmed glasses and is very pleasing to the eye. I may have mentioned her a few times. She is the top searched item with 15 searches on my stats. 
 Gianna Michaels : Again, another pornstar. Damn, I like my pornstars don't I? She is another favorite of mine. I believe she's retired, but I could be wrong. She has ten hits for this month. 
Shannon Fill: This is one of my most popular posts to date and still gets new comments and many hits on it. Shannon was an actress that showed up on two episodes of TNG and received a lot of praise for her acting skills. She then disappeared from acting without a trace. She doesn't even show up for conventions and hasn't really popped up.
pornstar with star wars tattoo: I did that post about some pornstar with a SW tattoo. If I was performing a scene with her, I'd think “Stay on target. Stay on target”.
sarah palin pageant: I am so sick of this woman. Who cares...
ed helms and jason sudeikis: They're kind of like twins in a sense. Both have that nerd-white-guy look about them. If you can hire one, you hire the other one. Plus, they were in a movie together We're the Millers.
amber lamps: She is the headphones girl with the retro look in that viral video where two fools fought on a public bus. 

cause and effect star trek: This is the famous TNG episode where the Enterprise blows up countless times over the course of the episode because of a time loop. It is a very good/format breaking episode and it works. You really don't see this sort of thing on TV today.
ensign sito: Trek reference; this is character Shannon Fill played. 
erika christensen in dance movie: As far as I can tell, Erika was never in a dance movie. It was her look-a-like Julia Stiles. Stiles is the one in the movie every woman under 30 fell in love with and that was Save the Last Dance. Erika Christensen is the loopy actress that is in deep with Scientology. In other words, growing up in it. She was in the not intended funny movie Swimfan.


MC said...

If you are looking for a twin for Sudeikis, look at Canadian comedian Darrin Rose:

Semaj said...

that is just creepy. someone has been cloning people.

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