Monday, February 15, 2016

Chyna then and now

Chyna then and now
I always say this about people who use drugs. “Would your past self look atyour current self and be .proud?” When I see what Chyna has become, I shake my head. I remember WWF really pushing her has the unstoppable force that would show up protecting Triple H. I remember all the positive press she received as her star began to rise in the company.
However, I truly believe Stephanie McMahon was a mjor factor in her falling popularity and her firing from WWF. Stephanie, outside the story line, seems to have seen her as a threat. I feel bad this happened to her.
Chyna got into drugs (Allegedly) and even made it into a reality show. I remember that picture of her in a wheel chair completely out of it looking about 10 pounds lighter. 
And, then she got onto porn and that was the end for her. She went from having her own book and Playboy spread to being a drugged out pornstar known for playing She-Hulk.
I have a family member that is heavily into substance abuse and is at rock bottom, but refuses to get help. I would like to take his younger self to his present self and show him how badly he will fall. I view that in the same manner as Chyna's state. She was a hero for women getting to wrestling and was a sharp contrast to the Diva era of women in the WWF during the Attitude era that and Leta. She got a raw deal when she got fired.

I had a friend that bought this issue.  I wouldn't have, but he was a bigger wrestler fan than I.  This was the same guy that paid for a Hulk Hogan Grill only because it was from Hulk Hogan.  And,this grill proceeded to burn people's houses down.  No word on this guy's house burning down.

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