Sunday, February 07, 2016

Do you Superbowl?

Do you Superbowl?
Nope. “Are you going to watch the game?” I get asked this all the time. I not interested in watching it mainly because I find sports boring. Maybe it is my nerd culture growing up and I really don't like sports fans. It is okay to make fun of fanboys for dressing up in SW and Trek outfits, but when sports fans do it is okay. They should both be made fun of equally.
Whenever I get asked the Superbowl question, I just say, “Frankly, I hope they both lose.” I do this just to get a laugh or a rise out of someone.
I might see and discuss the ads, but I won't be watching the bowl. The only bowls I will be watching are the toilet and salad bowls. 

Aren't these the same?   

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