Monday, February 22, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~Jeb Bush calls it off: I sort of liked Jeb Bush, but damn he had the wrong last name. And, I am sure he is pissed because he wanted to become President so bad. He doesn't have that deer-in-headlights expression that his brother has all the time. He looks like that meek manager in some tech store. I am sure he burns a picture of Trump everyday. However, I do have to wonder about the large amount of money he threw away. That's 130 million down the drain. It is smart to get out while you can.
~Finding that drive to write creatively again: Back in 2002-08, I had this drive to become a writer and to have my own name on a cover of a novel. I had dreams of having a book signing event in some bookstore. I truly was driven and was a writing machine that spent hours writing my “book”. I was really happy writing that book. However, something changed and I lost that drive to write fiction. I think I came to the realization that I wasn't good and my book was shit. And, I've never gotten that spark back. I really admire these young writers that still have that drive and hope of getting their stories published. 
~Rachel Dolezal names her child after civil rights leaders: I am okay with this, but it will be interesting to see how her child will react to her strange long con. I still can't get over the fact she went all out with this “pretending” to be black thing and people tried to defend it with the new stupid term trans-racial. By the way, type in trans-racial into Google image and Rachel comes up on the front page. I can't believe this is a thing
~Deadpool: I haven't seen it yet. I will write a review, but I have to set aside some time for the movie. I have back to back doctor meetings, so I may see it this weekend. I have a few co-workers saying they loved it and it has made a lot of money too.

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