Monday, May 30, 2005

Rambo 4, (Oh, No)

Rambo Returns (May, God help us)

Here is the Link

Comment: There seems to be news of a new Rambo movie coming out. Can there really be another movie for Sly?

Rambo: Actually a good movie with a serious subject and a touching story. I do recommend this one. Very warm Jerry Goldsmith score. It deals with the Veterans of the war in nice way. Note: Rambo doesn’t kill a single person in this movie.

Rambo II: “Let’s change the format, we’ll have Rambo in Nam, killing hundreds of people.” Not even Jail can stop Rambo from killing in the name of Justice. This sequel bears little in the way of the 1st one. This is a living cartoon movie with a bad Right Wing Regan Speech tm. And just like a blond, Dumb but Fun.

Rambo III: How do you say “it sucks” in a nice way? Well, it sucks. Rambo gets to travel to Afghanistan, and fight (you guessed it) Russians. He is no longer a man, but a superhero. Worst Scene: He plays chicken with a helicopter and wins! Only two good things, Jerry Goldsmith’s best Rambo score, and a speech about Afghanistan and Vietnam. (Kind of Ironic considering the state we’re in now in the middle east.)

When I said bring back the 80s, I didn’t mean this and Dukes of Hazard, oy.

"I am Da Law!" Sly says, forgetting he's doing Rambo 4, not Judge Dredd 2.  Posted by Hello

"OMG, We've become Cartoons." Posted by Hello

Just so kids don't forget, Rambo burns his name into each TV screen across the US. Posted by Hello

She appears to be a Rambo Fan. Good for her! Are you a Semaj Fan as well? Posted by Hello

Rambo stares off into the horizon, noticing his career has floated away, wishing it would come back.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Star Wars link to movie story

My F***King Sad Life Story, Part One

Life can certainly throw you curve balls. There are times when you have everything planned out, and something comes up unexpectedly and changes whatever you had planned for your life. The problem with me, I didn’t have a plan, a goal. I was simply one unhappy high school student. I couldn’t wait to get out of the hell hole called “High School”.

Years ago, right of High School, I decided to jump right into College. I ended up going to KY State, a black college that is located in Frankfort. It certainly was a culture shock. I chose to become a Music Major, because I spent nearly ten years of my life playing music. Music was the only thing in life they kept going to High School.

When I got K-State, I noticed how much time was involved with being a Music Major. There was so much to do in these music classes, that I let my normal classes slip. I ended up flunking out of school, and went back home.

Part of me knew I could never fit in with the team aspects of the Marching Band, and I was relieved. However, the dark years of my life was about to arrive, and I would have to make a very important decision…

Friday, May 27, 2005

Ashlee Simpson goodness (well... not really good)

Ashlee Simpson Booed Off Stage

Comments: Woot, Every time I watch this one, I get a big laugh. I just love how she is getting ready to cry as she starts to hear the boos. There is a God after all.

More Ashlee Goodness

The famous SNL screw up.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Movie Links part II

Kelsey Grammer Falls Off Stage

Comment: I just love how he yells out, “Oh, Dear Lord!” while he’s falling. The man truly has skills. Probably the funniest thing he’s ever done.

Burt Reynolds Slaps Reporter

Comment: Burt Reynolds being an asshole, basically being Burt Reynolds. I do like how the reporter takes the slap like a $%$@.

Movie Links part one

Here Movie Links that are truly funny as hell.

Pissed off Bus driver kicks some kids’ ass.

One of the best links here

Comment: one of the best clips from the news ever!. I hate the fact he slaps around the kids, but then again the kids seem like they’re troublemakers. Being a school bus driver has to be the worst job ever.

Fun with Leeroy on World of Warcraft

Comment: Being an old Online RPG players, I’ve seen this happen before. I just love how the players have all this planned out, and a noob comes in and gets the team killed.

Banned Paris Hilton Ad

Comment: Here is that dumb Paris Hilton ad that’s basically a porno. I’m not a conservative, but this video goes too far. Could you imagine a child watching this? “Mommy, why is she bending over like that?” “Why is she eating the Burger like that?”

Office Party

Comment: Watch as two cute female office workers talk badly about their boss at an office party and the boss overhears it. Great fun.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not Really Funny Star Wars Cartoon

Notice how Lucas uses a LOT of editing Wipes? Well here is a not so funny thing about it, but its true, LinK

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Testing, because I am getting errors in my post.

Sleeping way too much

Man, something must be wrong with me. Ever since I got out of school, I’ve been sleeping more and more, wasting entire days. Giving that I work nightshift, I can sleep the whole day, however this is crazy. I almost have no desire to get up at all. I wonder if this is a sign of depression, hell I certainly hope not. Well, at least I am still working on my book…

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Happy B-day Mr. T

Happy Birthday Mr. T. Man, I still remember his wonderful acting the Living Cartoon The A-Team. He pretty much played himself on that TV show. He also did Rocky 3 as well, playing himself …again.

Who can forget your other roles in…

Not Another Teen Movie

Spy Hard

D.C. Cab

And, well I think that’s pretty much it.

For fun, Mr. T opens fire on his Neighbor's house and car, while wearing a silly hat. Posted by Hello

This is a pic from the show called TnT. I'm not making this up, check for more info...  Posted by Hello

At one point, Mr. T was so drunk that he passed out on the hotel floor. Next thing he knew, he woke up in Mexico riding a donkey and wearing a sombrero, surrounded by hundreds of cheering kids. Posted by Hello

Golden cereal made from his own gold chains!  Posted by Hello

cut scenes from Star Wars Ep 3 (link below)

Here is a link to info on the cut scenes of EP3, note some of these wont make it to the DVD.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Worst drawing ever Vs good stuff

Go here for the worst cartoon drawing ever. Man, does it suck here
Here is a pretty good one by this guy (here is his site) and here is his movie

Thursday, May 19, 2005

For no reason, but because I like this game.  Posted by Hello

Star Wars Update

Yeah, so I saw Star Wars. I wasn’t disappointed, because I wasn’t expecting much to begin with. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Plus, there is very little Jar Jar. One thing is for certain, Lucas CAN’T WRITE Dialogue!!!

I will have more on this movie later. Good Day!

Fanboy shop talk= Pwned!!!!!111


This is the most annoying phrase you’ll hear from RPG Fanboys. They love using this phrase for anything from being defeated by a dragon, (I just got Pwned by a damn dragon), or defeating something (I just pwned all of the trolls myself). It really means owning something or someone. Sigh, fanboys.

Here is the definition right here.

Bender gets Pwned by the Cops. Posted by Hello

These two are in the RED major Pwned. Side Note: notice that Ken writes his name in an interesting manner.  Posted by Hello

Yeah, even Ice can Pwned Posted by Hello

this one is the best Posted by Hello

Old school pwned Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I might try to see the early showing of Star Wars, If I can.


Crap, I seemed to be sleeping too much. I sleep all day for no reason. I wonder if this is a form of depression. F’ it maybe not.

Some more Star Wars news

I found an interesting link about old SW fans vs New SW fans. Enjoy here

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 Info

Things that they’re talking about on


I really should watch Lost someday, but I tend to avoid network TV if it isn’t on HBO, FX, Cartoon Network, or Sci-fi. I usually catch up with TV shows by watching them on DVD. Now that I think about it, I only watch most shows through DVD sets. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve watched less TV. This maybe because of the growing number of reality shows.

Project Greenlight

I watched the first two seasons of this show and this was one of the few reality shows I could bear to watch. It was on HBO the 1st two seasons and then switched to Bravo. Chris Moore says that the show is pretty much dead. Sad, one of the few shows that had good stuff.


Well, CHUD says that this show has been cancelled. I never really watched this show, so I can’t say too much about it. I do know that one of my favorite writers wrote for this show in the first season, Ron D. Moore.

Yes, that is Dominic Monaghan (Merry from the Lord of the Rings movies) in the back. I wonder if he thinks the White Wizard will show up in the forest as he did in the Two Towers. Notice he has the same expression as he did in that movie when they discovered Gandalf. Posted by Hello

"Looks like Cocaine is back on the menu boys!" Ben says.  Posted by Hello

"Would you look at that, we're being Cancelled, bummer." Posted by Hello

Miller Time (well not anymore...)

Dennis Miller is out of a job, again. Well, it looks like CNBC is doing the smart thing and is canning the crap-fest that was the Dennis Miller show. I guess his one-sided, and unfunny views weren’t enough to keep him on.

There was a time when Dennis Miller was a funny man. Back in his Saturday Night Live years, I always looked forward to seeing the weekend update with him as host. He took one of the longest running skits and made it his own brand of smart-ass comedy. What made him so funny was the fact that he made fun of the left and the right equally. He considered himself a center guy. Then, he left SNL, usually most former SNL stars bombed right out of the gate, but not Miller. He went to HBO and started another show. There, he fine tuned his wit and was able to become a bigger star. This was the height of his career.

Then it happened, after Sept, 11, Miller became a bore. Instead of making fun either side, he chose a side, the Far Right to be on. This was when he lost his edge. He became a dull TV personally that never made fun of Bush or any of the things he did. It was so sad watching him be so unfunny on CNBC, but at the same time, I couldn’t look away. Thus, another former SNL performer sucked.

Go to hell Miller. Don’t worry too much, I’m sure FOX news will give you a show, you’ll fit right in.

(Note: Yes he was bad on Monday Night Football, but he wasn’t as bad as Rush.)

Got to love promotions like this. Look at him, He seems so happy in this picture. Little does he know he is out of a job, thanks to that network.  Posted by Hello

Actually, this Miller Beer can is Funnier than Dennis Miller, and is less filling. Posted by Hello

For father's day, give him the lamest coffee mug of all, the MILLER MUG with Miller's sorry mug. Posted by Hello

"Maybe if I keep smiling, people will still think I'm funny. Yeah, that's it." Posted by Hello

Thought for Food

Sunday, I went to eat at TGI (Tommy Goes Iside) Fridays. TGI Fridays is a fairly good restaurant. I went there Sunday and ate some chicken and shrimp dish that I had no clue what it was called. Overall, it was pretty good food and at a low price. This is another place to take someone out on a date. (If you’re a cheapskate like me.)

(Note: I’m not sure what Fridays has to do with food, but I’ll let it pass.)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Site of the week

two of them
Here is a funny toon on Newgrounds that is about bathrooms, Enjoy
Here is a site I just love to look at all the time, very funny.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Word Up

I swear crazy people find a way to locate me. I decided to drop by one of the many Kroger stores near my house. I dropped off some movies and then parked my car in Kroger parking lot. I started to walk toward the store, when I noticed a big ASS truck (Pickup, Ford) sitting in the fire lane, engine on. The big ass pickup truck just sat there, so I decided to walk across in front of it, on the crosswalk. Well, the driver of truck decides to drive forward, nearly hitting me in the process. With a jerky stop, the driver barely missed me. And, how did I react? By simply pausing, I was surprise how mellow I was about. (As if I didn’t care.)

I simply ignored the truck then and continued to walk. From the passenger side a drunk middle aged dude yells out, “She wouldn’t let me drive because I’m drunk, but she nearly hit you, and she’s not drunk.”

Now, I’m not sure why he told me this, but I nodded and went on my way. And, some co-workers wonder why I don’t like being around people.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Random thoughts (for free)

~Here’s why Kentucky bites, there is a county in Ky where the seniors are allowed to drive their tractors into the high school parking lot. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for them or for myself for living here.

~I’ve been reading some web sites that have been making me laugh so much. I’ll try to post some links to them.

~I swear, no matter where I park the birds just love hitting my car. One time, I had just washed my car and waxed, and it looked good. Then, out of nowhere, drop of white poop rained down upon my beloved car, fresh too. I couldn’t believe it. I quickly looked up, and saw nothing in the tree. These birds must be using cloaking technology.

Blocking writer's Block

Writing another chapter in my novel, however I keeping thinking about writing this short story I’ve had on my mind. The story keeps coming up, and it deals with my love of Superheroes. I am thinking about putting some time aside for this short story, we'll see.

Last EPs of Trek...

Well, tonight is the series finale of Star Trek Enterprise. Here’s hoping the show is done fairly well. After this, there won’t be anymore ST shows for a while (thank Goodness). I’ll try to keep an open mind about the finale, even though it’s written by the worst writer on the show.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More John Williams info on SW Spoilers in link

This is the link to a overview of how the music in Star Wars Ep3 is used compared to the CD. Dont click on the link if you dont want to be spoiled, I warned you. There are two reviews as well.
(note: I've already read most of the story to the movie already)
Here it is right here

Random thoughts (WOOP!)

~Yesterday was a rather boring day for me; I washed my car, clearing away the large amounts of bird poop. And, I slept. Slacker!!!

~Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one?

~Looks like Rob Zombie is making another movie.

~I sometimes wish I had a magical ring that I could put on and disappear.

~Well Mother’s Day was fun. Today, I’m taking her out to see that Sean Penn movie.

~Speaking of bird poop, I remembered an episode of transformers where the autobots were stuck in the past, and they needed fuel. They ended up using Bird poop as fuel. No, I’m not making this up.

Parking: Leave your logic behind

A person I know drove into work, and waited for a parking place. One opened up and she quickly took it. She got out of the car and another car pulled up. The man started yelling at her for taking his spot. He even went as far as to threaten to slash her tires. Does this seem right? Why do people seem to get so bent out of shape over parking spots.

People become complete asses when somebody parks in “their” spot. Relax people; it’s only a slab of concrete with white lines. It means nothing to you, just park somewhere else. Can’t people walk a little further?

End of rant…

Woot VS Woop

I was bored today so I looked up the words Woot and Woop on Urban dictionary.

1. woop

almost like woot but cooler to the 2nd degree. A refreshing alternative to the overused gamer slang

omg guys I talked to a girl today, woop!

12. woot

an exclamation used by nerds and/or your mom.

woot, 1 r teh 1337z0r357 on teh intarweb!

14. woot

1:An abbreviation for the phrase:"We owned the other team"
2:A simple cry of joy

1:Woot, that was too easy.
2:I just got a new job, Woot!

Note: I find it funny that Woot is considered nerdy and Woop is considered cool. “Woop, there it is!”

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Okay, the Mr. T video is working again

Here is the "wonderful Mr. T video. here
Here is more info on this really bad (meaning bad) video here
Here is a new video of Mr.T here
Here is everything you want to know about the whole Mr.T video Be somebody or Be somebody'sfool. Here

Monday, May 09, 2005

Paris vs Odo

I was looking through an In Touch magazine and saw one of the numerous pictures of Paris Hilton. I looked into her featureless face and found something familiar about her. Then it dawn on me, she reminded me of a character named Odo from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. For your enjoyment (or displeasure) are some pictures...

Dont look at me like that, Paris. I bet you did good job in House of Wax. Yeah right... Posted by Hello

Just look at his face, just like Paris. Since she is shapeless, does that make her a Shapeshifter? Posted by Hello

House of wax, House of Hilton Posted by Hello
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