Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mr. T the rapper

Well you asked for it here is Mr. T rapping. here
Note: it may not work, at the moment the site wont play any movies.

Just for no Reason at all...

I was bored and decided to look up what is on the real site, The movie sucked so of course I was interested.
Shield your eyes!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Well, it's time for me to go to work. I REALLY hate my job...

Ring Tones=Crap Tones

Ring tones are really getting annoying to me. Everyone has a music ring tone on their f’ing cell phones. I was sitting in the school library and everyone seemed to have their cell phones go off. They are so loud and annoying, from rock music to rap music. One nerd kept letting his phone go off. Can’t people just turn their phone on vibrate? Do we have to hear their crumby music selections?

Note: It's okay to have Lord of Rings and Star Wars Music for those phones

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Restroom's walls are art for farts

Who are the guys that write on the Restroom walls in restaurants, stores, and schools. I’ve always wanted to know what compels people to write the strangest things on walls. Moreover, not only words but complete drawings. The only people that are going to see their “art” is someone taking a dump or a pee. Not the best condition to review “art” I’d say.

Start a blog and post your bathroom words there...

Replace Mother Nature

What the hell is it with the cold weather, it's Spring? Please, Mother Nature, stop your cruel jokes on us mere mortals.
If you don’t stop, we'll call for a recount and put someone else in, Like Rumsfeld. On second thought, keep your job…

"Yes I know that my credibility was this big, but as the new chairman of Mother Nature, I will make sure there are pots of gold at the end of every rainbow, or skittles." Posted by Hello

"Trust me, I'll do a better job as Mother Nature, than I did on my old job. Look at my Fingers, that's Nature power there." Posted by Hello

"Warm Weather for all. Magic forces grant thy Spring time, or Global Warming." Posted by Hello

Site of the week1.1

Site of the week

Well I want to give ya a really cool site from a movie/videogame composer from Ky. He’s a nice guy and try out his site, please. He has written some really good scores.
Here it is
and here is the news section try this one 1st.
here is his profile

Sunday, April 24, 2005

F*** Yeah

Just like Ice Cube says, “Today was a good day”. Woke up about 6pm and got another Chem paper completed with three more to go. I got a call from Smack (Brian), and we went out to dinner at some strange restaurant. The food was fairly good. There was a dude there was playing music, and he played my all time favorite song, “All night long”.

After that, we went to see The Amityville Horror. It was an okay movie, overall, I liked the style of the film, but the ending sucked. I don’t think anything was solved at the end. Still it was okay. Give it a try…

Next week, The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

Friday, April 22, 2005


I am getting sick of hearing and watching those damn SUV ads, telling us how to drive of these gas gulpers. You want to know the safest way to drive a SUV, don’t drive one.

I was at a gas station pumping gas, when an older man in his forties starting complaining about the high prices of gases. I thought sucks to be you.

Here are the rules of a user SUV

1. Never buy one if you are single. What the hell are you going to do with all that space?

2. The single rule is thrown out, if you are a rapper. (Note: It must be pimped out.)

3. If you are a frontiersman, red neck, or hunter, by all mean, get one.

4. If you like to spend a lot of money on gas, please buy one.

"I dont know what happened. I was driving and this tree, sidewalk and brick wall pulled out in front of me, honest." Posted by Hello

"Uh, I parked it in the pool last night because I thought there wasnt any water in it. I guess I was wrong. Boy, was I drunk last night." Posted by Hello

SUVs are so good that you can drive them upside down. Posted by Hello

This one is the best. This person is not having a good day... Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Monday, April 18, 2005

dancing banana

Who is the dancing banana guy? Find out tomorrow…

Brannon Braga the %$&#

I swear Brannon Braga is an asshole. He just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t know why the hell his baby Star Trek Enterprise failed. His “Shatner EGO” will not let him see his own flaws. I really dislike this man. I feel he should have never been showrunner for Voyager and Enterprise. He’s a lazy writer (and I use that term loosely).

I was checking out and found this mess…

From Trekday, <<Enterprise co-creator Brannon Braga admitted that not all cast members were happy with the story for their series finale,>>

Uh, you can say that again. Pretty much all the cast hated the story he and Berman wrote. Some have been down right vocal about it. Saying things like, “this is why we were cancelled”.

<<"This turned out to be very controversial. Some of the Enterprise cast members were very hurt that we would put Next Generation cast members on Enterprise. I think it's a pretty special episode. We're sending a valentine to all of Star Trek." >>

There shouldn’t be any Next Generation Crew in the show at all dumb ass. You just don’t get it Brannon, and you never will. This is the show called Star Trek Enterprise, not TNG2. These actors poured their hearts into this show, even when you wrote crappy scripts for them, of course they are going to be pissed.

Of course, you think this is a pretty special episode, keep telling yourself that. What the hell is this “valentine” to all of trek? I know the plot points to the script, and I don’t see any valentine, moron.

<<"If you go on some of those fan sites, you'd think I was one of the worst war criminals," Braga told the paper. "And I make the mistake of reading this stuff every day. [...] They say that I killed Star Trek. That my work was so crappy that I got Enterprise cancelled. There's a small but vocal group of people who have been lambasting me ever since The Next Generation." >>

Uh, I hate to break it to you, but YOU ARE THE WORST WAR CRIMINAL of creative writing. You’re just lazy and got the best job a writer could have and you screwed it up.

You did kill Trek with UPN and Berman. You did run of the mill storytelling with Voyager and the show limped along for seven uncreative years. Uh, you should read the fan sites; they cared about this show more than your lazy azz.

This small vocal group has grown SINCE TNG. More and more people started to notice your crappy writing and “joined the club”.

Note: the reason I attack him so much is because, he was never a fan of the original star trek show, and yet he was the showrunner for a show set before the old show. Does this make since. During his three-year run of the show, he did everything in his power to distance the show from the old show, and make it more and more like his crappy sister show Voyager. As a writer, you have to respect what came before.

So long and thanks for all the Crap, Brannon Braga. I hope your new TV show gets cancelled, Fart knocker.

"Yeah, I'm cool, I'm cool. I just need to keep telling myself that, and it will come true... someday."  Posted by Hello

"Yeah, I know quality and I give my homeboy Brannon Braga my endorsement. Ya, feel me."
Posted by Hello

Really, this is the main reason I hate this Fart Knocker. He dated 7of9 for a few years. No wonder she had more lines than most of the crew. (really, Im not making this up. Everyone else became background players to her Character. ) Posted by Hello

Site of the week

If you like Sealab and Hunger Force, try this web cartoon out, it's very funny stuff. It is called College University. Please give it a try...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Its not Magic

Want to keep girls away from you like the plague, play Magic (the Card Game) in the Mall.

I was in the mall, and noticed that there were a bunch of nerds and geeks sitting around playing Magic the Gathering. I maybe a geek, but you really shouldn’t play Magic or any other Geek game in public. Women will avoid you like there is no tomorrow.

Me IS back!!!!!!!!

After going through a bunch of school work and completing a chapter, I am back!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

note to Smackdaggle

Yo, Smackdaggle, you better update your blog and keep blogging or Im going to "Smackdaggle" your candy ***.

Note: I'm just talking smack to the Smackdaddy. hope he isnt smoking Smack.
Note: I'm trying to think of more Smack jokes but can't...

Giving a shout out to my friend on da blog.

Here is my friend's new site, (hopefully, he doesnt stop using it)

Feel F'ed up today

Yesterday was just wonderful; I had a wonderful day all around. I was writing like crazy, everything seemed to be working for me creatively. You had to pull me away from the computer with a stick of TNT.

Now, Wednesday has come, and I feel like total crap. Plus, it’s really cold outside. Damn, Ky weather. I am sick of this crappy weather. Time for me to throw something against the wall.

I just hope Im not coming down with a cold... (in Spring?)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Me and Mariah go back since...

Hmm, Mariah Carey is at it again. Remember when she started acting nuts and started taking off her clothes on TRL. Well, it seems she now back to acting loopy again, at least a little bit. I was reading the news on IMDB and found out her thoughts on the harsh reception her crap movie Glitter received.

Here is what she said, "The problem was Glitter was about a diva moment. It was too close to my life. Another thing that people don't remember about Glitter is that it came out the week of 9/11. The movie became a pressure release for everyone dealing the intensity of the attacks. Glitter was the safe joke of the day."

Uh, No Mariah, it was pure crap and nothing else. There wasn’t any connection to 9/11. Just admit it was a bad movie, and move on. Hey, it worked for Ben Affleck on Gigli.

Note: This is in no way a bash against Mariah. I like her music and I think she is an attractive woman, just a little loopy.

Monday, April 11, 2005

ILM did the FX for this 1st ep. Looks good for a TV show doesnt it. Lucas and Star trek have a strange relationship. Posted by Hello

I dont know why I am posting this, just look.  Posted by Hello

For no reason at all here are some star trek Pictures. Posted by Hello

Dont mistake it for Foxfire...

FoxFire is not Firefox. FoxFire is a movie with the very sexy Angelina Jolie. Why am I talking about Foxfire then? Because the movie is pretty bad, no really bad. But, there is one bright spot in this crappy 1996 movie, watching Angelina getting naked.

But, Semaj, aren’t there like a 100 movies with her nude?

Of, course there is. However, this movie has something over all the rest of those movies, she gets nude, and then Hedy Burress gets in the act.

Out of Respect of any female readers that I have (if any), I will not post any pictures of that famous clip. Just go to google (yahoo jr) and type in “Foxfire, movies” under the image search. You may have to search a few pages to find them.
Here is the link, here.

Site of the week

Ever notice how SLOW Internet Explorer runs on your computer? Do you keep getting spyware and viruses? Well, that’s Microsoft for you. I have a solution to your problems my friend. Use FireFox.

If you don’t like Firefox, then use Netscape. Just stop being a slave to crappy MS products. It doesn’t hurt to download FireFox, trust me I’ve tried. It’s much faster than IE.
Here it is

Random thoughts Part 9

Random Thoughts

~ What would we ever do without Google? Wait, I know, still use Yahoo. I guess Yahoo is the “out” thing and Google is the “in” thing.

~ Finally, Deadwood is starting to get good again. There was a Character on the show this week that killed three women in like 10 mins. It was one of the most shocking things on the show in weeks.

~ Do people still play D&D since RPGs on videogames are now popular?

~ Man, I had a PSP in my hand Saturday. I want it, I want it a lot. With a widescreen, the picture is crystal clear. It’s about time someone took on Gameboy.

~ F*** Microsoft, their windows program still blows. I just hate the Blue Screen. And thank you for keeping your prices high. Microsoft is the Wal-Mart of software.

true LOVE


Okay, I’m in love, no really, I’m truly in love…with Pretzels. I was at the mall, when a woman with glasses was handing out samples to all of the passersby. Me being me, I took a sample, and bam! It hit me like Mike Tyson. The taste was so good. I knew I had to buy one. Therefore, I did. I brought one of the soft doughy Pretzels that had only a small bit of salt on it. It was so fresh, that I could almost taste butter.

That’s when I knew I was in love…with a Pretzel.

I love you dear Big Pretzel.

Baby ones.
Keep them away from Michael Jackson! Some day these little guys will grow up to be big Pretzels. Posted by Hello

"Yes, this is what nearly killed my hubby. We are calling congress to get this item banned. If we can move that fast on the Terri Schiavo bill, we can do this!" Posted by Hello

Wow, me want Pretzel! Me want now, or me smash! Posted by Hello

See if black and white Pretzels can "get along", Why can't we? Posted by Hello

That golden goodness handed down for the Gods for us to eat! Posted by Hello

Notice how everyone is looking down. Some one dropped a bunch of Pretzels on the ground. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Coming soon

Once I get this chapter finished in my book, I'll post the updated box office round up. And, much more.

Friday, April 08, 2005

round up Box office

Box Office Round Up

Part One

  1. Sin City 29 mil. (This movie deserved the all the money that comes in. We need to get back to making R-rated films. I am sick of these PG13 movies.)
  2. Beauty Shop 16 mil. (Now, I haven’t seen this movie, but I just hope it does better than that crap Guess Who. But looking at the overall box office numbers, I don’t think this movie will do well.)
  3. Guess Who 41 mil. (Should be named Guess Crap. I like Bernie Mac, but I loathe Ashton Kutcher more than the devil. When will they stop making Kutcher movies?)
  4. Robots 104 mil. (Uh, haven’t seen this movie. I will see it on DVD someday…)
  5. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous 31 mil. (Sandra Bullock sequel, and nope I won’t be caught dead in that movie. There are two reasons not to see this. Number one, Sandra made Speed 2 and Hope Floats. Number two; never see a movie with the title “Fabulous”.)


Note: I’m not a Sandra Bullock basher. I think she is a very attractive woman. She has a flawless face. She is her most sexy in Demolition Man. She just picks some bad movies.

What the Heck?!

Blogger is not letting me use Firefox on anything beside the front page. I dont like using IE. I guess I better tell them about it.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

James's Guide to the Galaxy

I dug up an old copy of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I think I’ll reread the 1st book to see how the movie compares (when it comes out). I still believe the movie will suck, but I could be pleasantly surprised. It could happen…

Side note: Somehow, Douglas Adams manages to keep the zany humor in all the books. I believe humor is the hardest thing to write. Somehow, Adams was able to do that. If you haven’t read his books, please give the Hitchhiker’s series a read.

Random thoughts Part 8

~ Man, I swear that people seemed to be driving slower than usual. I was driving behind some piece of crap car that was going 35 mph in a 45 mph zone. What the hell is wrong with people today?

~ I watched some of the old episodes of Aqua Team Hunger Force. This show is so funny that I can watch the episodes over and over again.

~ Again, the days in Kentucky have been great, simply beautiful.

~ Glenn Close is just great in the TV show the shield. I didn’t think she would be able to fit in, but she has.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Being Black

Being a black man, I always hear one phrase more than any other. “You don’t act black.” Every time I hear that phrase, I get upset. The worst part of it is it’s mostly black people that tell me this. Then, I usually shoot back a question, “What is being black?” That’s when they do not have an answer for me.

I find this frustrating. I am “not black” because I listen to other types of music besides hip-hop. Can black people like something different outside the cultural norms?

The other thing I hear is I do not talk black. How is a black person supposed to talk? Can I talk to someone without using slang? Word up, G.

These are things that make you go, hmmm.

I’ll have more on this later…

Monday, April 04, 2005

Site of the week

For all the info on your Tv shows this is the site for you. Kind of like Try it out!


Blogger is messing up my post, I am trying to test this out.

Site of the week

Want to know the lastest news on the new superman movie, here it is.

Its a SIN not to see SIN CITY

Sin City

I woke up on Saturday afternoon, waiting on my good friends to call. After the crappy Louisville Game, my friends called me and told me to meet them at Chili’s (I want my baby back, baby back). Well, the food was pretty bad, I didn’t get those world famous ribs. One thing is for sure; this is where I’m taking a date. The prices are cheap, and so am I.

Well the movie was great. I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though I’ve read only a few of Frank Miller’s comics (The Dark Knight Returns), I always enjoyed his style of writing and his dark humor. Some will not like this movie at all, but others will love it. I’ll try to have more on this movie later.


What a nice day it was outside! I took a walk in the park for about 1hr and 30 mins. It was wonderful to stroll in the woody trails and away from people. I was able to clear my head. I pretty much had a very good day. How was yours?

Friday, April 01, 2005

The fight of the year!

Gary Coleman vs. Emmanuel Lewis

The battle of the short Icons

Come on, I know you thought about it. I would pay major money to watch this fight. It’s funny that they both have had similar careers (or lack of one). They both were basically on the same type of show. So, who would win in a fistfight? Webster vs. Arnold!

Well, I can't really make fun of this picture, it speaks for itself. No wonder he's so bitter about his past. Posted by Hello

I don't know what's worst, that these two "actors" are in a photo together or the fact David Hasselhoff has had a better career than Coleman. But, Gary Coleman can say his career has faired better than KITT's. We miss you KITT! Posted by Hello

This little guy could be one mean fighter in the ring.  Posted by Hello

"Willis, why am I a poorly drawn cartoon? " Posted by Hello
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