Friday, February 29, 2008

A few trailers

New Iron Man trailer

This trailer is even better than the first one. Holy crap, that was good. Okay, you have me.

The Love Guru trailer

As the TMB guy stated, you will notice that Jessica Alba is in the trailer very little. It does feel like the marketing guys are trying to push the Austin Powers angle instead, and avoiding the bad press Alba brings. Hey, I’m sure Alba will suck in it, but I did laugh at a few parts in the trailer. Just don’t make another one of these and we’ll be okay.

Step Brothers

I like this trailers a lot. While I don’t like some of Will Ferrell’s movies, I think this one looks funny as hell.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

On that Maxim thing...

On that Maxim thing, MC got around to mentioning this and did a very good post on it.

I’m too lazy to write about this incident, but MC pretty much sums up what I think about the situation. There seems to be a little bit hostility toward the Black Crowes coming from Maxim and the fact they didn’t apologize to the band. I'm no Crowes fan, but come on.

Keep in mind, Maxim was the mag that had that horrid reviewer Peter Hammond too. If it wasn’t for the half naked ladies in the magazine, I wouldn’t open it and I certainly don’t read it. It’s like a picture book for grown men, and some women.

Random Bits

Random Bits

~Mentally, I am feeling much better. The only thing I’m stressing about is that I’ve run out of ideas for story pitches in my news writing class. I’m dry out of story ideas.

~I have an extreme hatred for Jenny McCarthy. I still don't understand why she has a career after Dirty Love, and I probably will never understand it. Here's what I want you to do though, see if you can watch this “Dirty Love” clip all the way through. If think that was bad, try this clip of her acting high as a plane. Or how about this one where she farts into her phone to her mom! That's some great acting there isn't it?

~Here's an alternate segment of score that was unused in the Mulan movie. Music by Jerry Goldsmith. Here's what was used in the movie. Which version do you prefer?

~ Cracked does it again with 7 viral videos that are actually fake: I really like the one about the woman crashing through a window. I can't believe someone from Fox wanted the video to be real! The other one worth mentioning is the Leeroy Jenkins thing. I like that the real Leeroy still maintained it was real in a live interview. (Btw, the chick that interviews him is cute)

I'm not a cat person, but this cat is a James Fan

This freaking cat likes me…well he likes to bite and scratch me. Every time I go over this guy’s house, the cat greets me. He is nice to me for about five minutes and then attacks me. I do know he doesn’t hate me though, because I’ve seen him behave differently to people that he really hates. I just think he enjoys attacking me.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fanboys: The movie (What is going on here?)

I’ve heard all the shit going down about the Fanboys movie. You know, the movie that was supposed to be released last year. Well, things haven’t been going well for it development of late. And, all the ‘fanboys’ are feeling like this movie may very well became stinker now that the studio has put so much bull crap into the film.

Why are they so hell bent on making changes to a film that doesn’t have that much in production cost anyway? Even if the movie bombed in the theaters in its original form, it would make the cash back in the DVD sales.

This comic strip sums up what happened to this movie nicely.

What kills me is that some people have seen the original cut of the film before the studio demanded re-cuts.

They cut out the cancer storyline, which grounded the movie in a serious message, leaving the movie without compassion. So, now these characters go on this adventure for no other reason but for the hell of it. What the hell?

And, this link gives us more details about the changes and the person behind the changes.

If the movie stays in its current form, I will not see it in the theaters. But, I might see it on DVD.

Diablo Cody Naked…barely (Not safe at work)

Diablo Cody Naked…barely

On Film School Rejects, I saw a post about some photos of Diablo Cody being released on the Web.
And given my own connections to a certain female nude scandal, I figured I’d post the link to the site that has them up.

The photos themselves are not even close to being graphic like certain other photos involving a now famous cheerleader.

You can check them out here.

And, I’ve grown to like Diablo Cody more lately. And, I think there’s a cute face covered in all that dark makeup. Some of the photos are better than other ones. They’re uncensored when you click on them.

I think she’s has some talent that doesn’t involve sliding down a pole or taking one dollar bills from lonely male strangers in a densely smoked-up strip club. She knows how to write, and we’ll see if her second movie will live up to the hype. Until then, we can enjoy seeing her naked in these pictures.

Now, how did these pictures see the light of day?

Note: watch the different phases she goes through in each picture.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Wire: "Clarifications"

So long, Omar.

Yeah, this review on the latest episode of the Wire pretty much sums up how I felt about the episode. Since this is the last season, they’ve been wrapping up many of the long-running storylines left and right. Many characters have been killed off, while others have somehow survived. Some characters find themselves jobless.

Omar didn’t go out like most people wanted him to, but his death was shocking. It was even shocking who ended up killed him too.

Omar Little was a stickup man that only targeted drug dealers and mob folk. He was almost like a brutal Robin Hood. He went to war with the main drug dealer in the city and lost. But, indirectly his death has helped in the overall investigation.

Anyway, like last season, this season of the Wire has been great.

Gary Busey acts a fool!

Gary Busey is the man!

Comment: I like that Busey interrupts Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest has nothing interesting to say when he’s kissing the asses of the celebrities around him. How many softball questions can this guy ask in one evening?

Busey made the dull red carpet moment interesting. Of course, Gary has made an apology about the incident. Why? Hey, it could have been worst. Gary could have handcuffed himself to Seacrest.

I just wish someone would go up to Seacrest and punch him in the face. Never has someone done so little, but were paid so much.

Please, Gary, I’d like to see more of this on red carpets. Hell, let’s make it a reality show out of it.

Random Bits

I guess these two come from the dress school Steven Seagal.

Random Bits

~I watched about 10 minutes of Snakes on a Plane. I really can't say I could sit through the entire movie. Sure, it was intentionally bad, but the movie was really bad. The CGI snakes were the worst.

~Remember when the actual writer of Yesterday's Enterprise actually left a comment on my blog? It looks like Eric Stillwell has written a book on the “Making of Yesterday's Enterprise”. It was certainly one of those stories that probably would have never been told on the old show. I still get a kick out the guy leaving a comment on my review. I'll pick up the book sometime.

~I need to download that “I'm f'ing Matt Damon”. Now, it appears Kimmel is f'ing Ben Affleck! How did he get all these actors to join in on the joke? Look for the “we are the world” joke.

~Ever since getting over the Flu/cold, I haven't been myself lately. I simply don't have the drive to do anything any more. I wish I knew how to get it back.

~Jumper seems to be doing good overseas. And National Treasure has made about 213 million in overall sales. I'm guessing we'll be seeing sequels for both of these movies.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek to the next episode of Lost

I wonder why Desmond is acting all loopy?

It is good to see Kevin Durand (3:10 to Yuma and Smokin Aces) in this episode.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Witless Protection

Witless Protection

This movie came out of nowhere. I knew nothing about it until I saw an ad on TV. And my first thought was this, “Larry made another movie?”

Someone needs to stop Larry the Cable Guy. Of course, his new movie has 00% on rotten tomatoes. Way to go, Larry! Anyway, the real reason to really hate this movie is that Jenny McCarthy is in the movie. Yeah, ‘Dirty Love’ McCarthy. She is one of the worst actress/comedians I’ve ever witnesses (witless).

Yet, I also have to ask this: Why is Yaphet Kotto is the damn film? Did he really need the cash? This guy was in ‘Alien’ and ‘Homicide: Life on the Streets’.

You can check out the trailer too.

So how much did Witless make? $2,190,000. It didn’t even break into the top ten.

Congratulations, Larry. Not even your fan base went to see this movie.

Please, let's stop these two from making anymore movies.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Superhero movies

Cracked Magazine has “Five upcoming comic book movies that must be stopped

I’m a comic book movie geek, so I think they have a very convincing argument here for stopping these five projects. Some of these characters are just lame, really lame.

Sub-Mariner: I’m sorry, but Aquaman is still a better character. A guy wearing green underwear and nothing else doesn’t seem strange to anyone? Ditch the underwear for some cool digs.

Shazam! (Captain Marvel): DC simply can’t get any secondary character movies off the ground. They don’t know what they want to do, because the pre-production of the Justice League movie was a total mess. I think there is room for a Captain Marvel in today’s audience, if done correctly. I don’t think they should get an emo kid to play the child version, but don’t make him white bread either. Bruce Timm series and the Kingdom Come comics did a great job of portraying the character in a different light. In many ways, he’s become the anti-Superman.

Luke Cage: Uh, I don’t think this one is going anywhere. Singleton seems to be focused on The A-Team movie these days. I never liked this character and think they’d have to do some major revamps to sell it to a modern audience. Please don’t have him slap women and say, “Damn right.”

Thor: Lose the wings, and make the movie a direct version from the Ultimate Thor character. He’s far more compelling than the normal Thor. The Ultimate Thor looks like blonde biker with extreme liberal values. That’s far more interesting to me, but studios don’t have guts for it.

The Green Lantern: While I’ve been a fan of these series of book since Hal Jordan went evil back in the 90s, I simply can’t see this being a movie that could be made today. I just can’t. They would have to keep the focus on Earth to keep cost down. I’d be open to seeing it.

It just looks a like a biker that drinks beer and beat people up.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Man with One Red Shoe

The Man with One Red Shoe

Okay, I fondly remember watching this on HBO back in the day. Stan Dragoti, who has only gone on directed six other movies, directed this 1985 comedy. After watching this movie and Necessary Roughness, you can see why he hasn’t worked since.

When I was a little child, I couldn’t see the bad joke set-ups and the poor edits. Now that I’m all grown-up, I can see this movie for what it is, a mess. But, it is not a total mess. Being a ‘cold war’ movie, it hasn’t aged well.

Now, that’s not to say the movie doesn’t have some good points to it. Tom Hanks is great as the nobody that these spies pick to make a major case out of a scandal. Hanks’ character is playful and foolish enough not to notice all the spies trying to capture or bugged him. Hanks isn’t the only one worth seeing either.

The movie is comprised of a good cast. Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Carrie Fisher, James Belushi, Edward Herrmann, and David Ogden Stiers all play good roles in the movie. You could never get a more seasoned cast in a comedy film today. It just wouldn’t happen.

However, the script is a little unstable. Sometimes scenes go nowhere and jokes fall little flat, but I like the central concept about this random guy being swept into this spy war. Don’t expect much from the rushed ending too. So, it certainly isn’t as good as Big, but it isn’t one of Hanks worst movies by a long shot.

Grade: C+

Best line in the movie that keeps me laughing today: "ARDIE BETGO INDYO CEFAR OGGEL." What the hell is this?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pat O' Brien

Pat O' Brien being horny

Comment: Yeah, that's a way to a woman's heart.

He pretty much agrees to do everything in the sex book.

I can't stand this guy at all. He's like the worst of the worst. But, it's good to know he's a super freak that leaves creepy voice messages on a woman's voice main. Real smooth, Pat.

A few thoughts

Once again, The Samurai Frog wrote another impressive post about being an outsider. I figured I'd my three cents.

It's always funny to look back at your life and notice the twists and turns that happen on the way, and how it all led you to this point in life. You don't have that foresight growing up that you do now.

I knew I was different growing up. I didn't hang with the rest of the kids. Something inside me keep me from being normal. As I grew older, I became more cynical about life at a young age. I simply didn't have the social skills to relate to the other kids, and found myself playing alone. No kid should never have that feeling in their childhood. (Which is where my imagination kicked into high gear.)

In high school, I found myself not wanting to be around other people. I simply didn't want anyone close to me. My forced solicitude became my comfort zone. My attitude got really bad, to the point that all I wanted was to get out of high school at all cost. And, if it wasn't for concert and marching band, I'd have probably dropped out of school. Music gave me the focus I needed to 'stay the course'.

Somehow, Music kept the anger in check. I became a better person because I knew I was capable of doing doing something special. (Turning a Negative into a positive)

Part of me wonders if I could have ended up like those outcast kids that brought guns to school to settle the score. Or like that guy that I knew that shot an unarmed man in a parking lot one night. Growing up, Ray ended being an outcast himself and felt like people picked on him because he was different. This consumed him. This led him to become an angry man that would eventually lead him to killing a father and working man in cold blood.

Yet, we are seeing a growing number of these angry loners going to public places and shooting the place up. I think the issue goes beyond gun control and violence in the media. But, what is the basis for all the shoot-outs? Why do these young men with bad hair and skin feel the need to force their pain onto others?

Trust me, we haven't seen the end of this, not by a long shot.

I wish I had an answer.

Format DVD War: There will be blood...

As I stated before, the formats wars are pretty much over. Toshiba threw in the towel today officially. Rumor has it that they wanted to stop production over the next few months but the Wal-mart and Best Buy announcements pretty much forced them to accurate their decision.

((Critically, only two of the major Hollywood studios — Universal plus Paramount and its DreamWorks division — have been releasing exclusively in HD DVD. Both studios are doomed in the high-def business if they do not capitulate and quickly switch. Both are expected to do so, although both studios refused to comment to Sun Media this week.))

Well, there is good news and bad news. Paramount has already had experience in making Blue Ray discs. They had several Blue Ray discs in the works when their exclusive deal with HD DVD came about. Expect Transformers to see the Blu-Ray light real soon. Bad news; Universal put all their eggs in the HD DVD basket, going as far as putting their own money in support of HD DVD.

Yet, Universal is the one of two supported HD DVD studios to announce they’re switching to the Blue Ray Format. It only took them a matter of hours to make this statement.

((“The path for widespread adoption of the next-generation platform has finally become clear," Craig Kornblau, President, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures Digital Platforms, said in a statement.

"The emergence of a single, high-definition format is cause for consumers, as well as the entire entertainment industry, to celebrate. While Universal values the close partnership we have shared with Toshiba, it is time to turn our focus to releasing new and catalog titles on Blu-ray," he said.))

Here's the Timeline for the whole Blu-ray/HD DVD thing: It is a very interesting read if I say so myself.

BTW, there will be no refunds from Toshiba.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Bits (Sicko)

Random Bits

~Man, HBO is playing the heck out of the movie Epic Movie. The movie just keeps getting worst after every viewing. Why do they continue to makes these pieces of crap?

~I’m still very sick, but I’ve gotten better. I’m not up to 100% yet, about 40%

~It looks like Doc Brown will reprise his role in a Music Video. I'm really looking forward to this one. It reminds me of that “Sweep the Leg” music video.

~Does Denise Richards need her own reality show? However, we do have more than enough useless reality shows starring non-celebrities.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ah, crap. I feel like total crap today. I’ve contracted a cold. My joints hurt, and I have a cough. I have to focus and get a rewrite done on my profile piece.
I hate colds and I hate this damn weather...(even though it is in the early 50s now)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The People vs. George Lucas

The People Vs. George Lucas

Yep, this appears real. Some fanboys are going to make a documentary about their complaints about the franchise. I really do like the idea, because someone needs to tell Lucas he has some problems with his writing style.

Here's the site: I will certainly watch it, but something tells me that Lucas will do everything in his power to shut down this project. He doesn't take criticisms very well.

The focus will be on the new trilogy and the Special Editions (I still support the SE movies)

I just hope they keep it balanced and not have it turn into a fanboy rant. All we need is a bunch of Harry Knowles bitching. However, I’d love hear how the fans would have made the films better, not just a bitching session.

Let it be known, I think he did a few things right with the new trilogy, actually some things were better directed and written than most of “Return of the Jedi”. But, Locus didn’t need to direct the newer films. He just doesn’t have the chops for it anymore. He should have let some younger directors get a shot at making the films. Plus, there have been a few more re-writes by different writers on the script.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Stronger “Stronger” performance (Kanye West)

Coming off the the Kanye West vibe from the earlier post, here is that impressive live “Stronger” performance.

I just love the light glasses and the glowing suit. You also get a kick-ass appearance by Daft Punk, they were the original people that created the song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. I love that people think Kanye West stole their song when they actually show up in the damn music video!

I like this version better than the single version, because it incorporates more of Daft Punks' style than the single version.

Flashing Lights

Kanye West's “Flashing Lights” video

I have to agree with the poster of the video, I love this Music video. But, I also like the song too. It has a very 90s feel to it. Plus, you can't go wrong with a fine ass woman taking her outfit off and burning it, then walking around half-naked. She has a nice body on her. Whatever is going to happen after the video ends is going to be really bad for both of them. (though what she does in the video is also bad).

I've pretty much liked every song Kanye has released this year. Despite his ego, he can certainly back it up with his music.

HD DVD dropped? Format war over? What was it all for?

Cool pic

Well, the HD DVD format war is pretty much over. After the Netflix and Walmart announcements, Blue Ray will end up being the single format.

Many of these problems came about because both camps refused to work together and make one format. Think of all the money both format camps have wasted on advertising and development. By working together, they both could have saved money. And shared the development cost.

Then there is Microsoft abandoning Toshiba, leaving them to talk up the benefits of HD DVD. I’m still surprised that no one is talking about MS leaving Toshiba behind in the trenches. It is an interesting way of spinning loss by making it seem like Toshiba is the only one loosing in this war. I still believe MS would have made a difference if they stayed with the HD DVD camp and pumped more money into it. However, MS still is dealing with all those defective XBOXs that they have to pay for and trying to buy Yahoo. I just think it is a shitty move by Bill and the Gang.

I know some people say by HD DVD losing the war, they lose a choice in deciding what to buy. They want options. But, I say that by having a single format, they can now focus on making the discs better and improving the visuals. The competition should be between movie studios and not the formats. Anyone remember Laser-Discs vs. DVDs? You can’t have similar formats when there’s tons of cash to gain in working together.

Here is further reading on the subject.

Random News

Random News things...

~Bai Ling shoplifts: She stole $16 worth of stuff from a store in a LA Gift Shop.

Here's the part that gets me, ((The employee detained Ling under a citizen's arrest until airport cops arrived on the scene.)) Really? You make a citizens arrest over $16? Yeah, way to go employee of the year. You just detained a drugged up has-never in you store.

Unfortunately, I'm sure this will help her crappy career somehow.

~Man Arrested for playing his MP3 player: Uh, really? You thought it was a gun? Now, if he was listening to Britney Spears, then he should have been arrested.

~They have the ID of the man behind the shooting: The Samurai Frog and Becca live in Dekalb, Illinois where that horrible shooting happened. There will be more info to come out about this guy. I’m sure we’ll see Internet proof and background and other things. How did he get three guns anyway? Expect there to be blame on TV and Videogames in the coming days...

I should write more about this issue.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I’ve loved watching this season of Lost so far, but something been bothering me for a while.

Where the hell is the damn Smoke Monster? We did get a mention this season. And, I did enjoy that Locke asked Ben about the Smoke Monster.

I want to see people running away from streams of black smoke, music pumping.

You know, I’d love to see the Smoke Monster show up on other TV shows.

How would Jay Leno interview the Smoke Monster? Would it take the shape of Johnny Carson?

Up in smoke...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Justice League: The New Frontier (early review)

A review of the new animated Justice League movie is up

I’ll give this movie a chance, because I enjoyed the Superman Doomsday animated film so much. The film is going for a completely different look all together. (1950s)

Now, if they really wanted to mix it up and be bold. Have the Justice League unlimited crossover with the Justice League: The New Frontier universe.

(Release date on DVD/Blue Ray February 26th, 2008)

Here’s the trailer

Random Bits

Xenu threw them in here...

Random Bits

~I’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks. Why? Well, I’ve been doing a profile interview with a Romance Novelist, who I won’t mention here. She’s been one of the best interviews I’ve ever had. I focused the interview on her writing style and how she came up with her stories. I could really see myself doing this for a living. I’d love to interview famous people with talent like the romance novelist I’ve interviewed. She was really nice and a joy to hear.

~Gary Coleman got married?: Uh, she is 22-years-old and he’s 40. However, he looks like a grumpy 15 year-old. Was Webster his best man? Does she get insurance coverage from his security job insurance package? I was hoping he’d marry Mary Carey. His new wife is 22; I bet she’s never heard of Different Strokes or The Kid with the Broken Halo.

~I’ve learned a new word today: Glomp! What does it mean? Read it for yourself. I’ve seen it done in many Anime shows, but it certainly has made its way into North American cartoons now. BTW, If ANY cute or hot lady would like to Glomp me, I’d be down with that. If you’re wearing one of those Japanese school outfits, that’s even better. (I know that by saying schoolgirl outfit, I’ve narrowed it down to strippers and Adult movie stars.)

~Today, I’ll learn something new: How to Survive a Volcanic Eruption! Yep, we don’t get too many volcanoes around KY, but you never know. One day, I could be driving down the highway and boom; a volcano pops open right in front of me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nottie follow up

MC mentioned this in the comment section and here is the video review

Yeah, they bash this movie hard, but it deserves. Best line: She looks like a pornstar after a really long weekend.

I'm sure some of Paris' fans will write in and complain about their remarks, especially the Pornstar one.

Make sure to read MC’s post too. He has a better video link than the one I had.

I'm still waiting for A Night in Paris II: This time it's Multiple

Btw, she has another movie coming out too. Repo! The Genetic Opera: (25 April 2008)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Shaka, when the walls fell (More fallout from the Jeff Gerstmann firing)

Shaka, when the walls fell (More fallout from the Jeff Gerstmann firing)

Ryan Davis is another editor that left Gamespot.

((The final entry in Davis' blog at GameSpot, written after Gerstmann's departure, reads in part: "Jeff's gone, and I'm not afraid to say that it absolutely breaks my heart... this marks the end of an era for both GameSpot and myself, a fact that doesn't seem to be getting any less upsetting for me." ))

I hate that these reviewers have lost their jobs, but I think this makes sure people are reminded of the true injustice here. It isn't the firing of Gerstmann, but that marketing has control over the journalist side of video gaming reviews. If a company doesn't like a review, that writer of that review could very well lose his job, or worst see his work re-edited by the people in marketing. This is a very dangerous time for writers now.

For a better view of the growing bad press and the bigger picture, read this opinion piece. He sums up everything that's happened so far. Also from the link above (11 out of 10 video)

What does Gerstmann think of all this?

Captain Dathon: Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

Shaka, when the walls fell.

The Heartbreak Kid

The Heartbreak Kid

Did we time warp back into the mid 90s?

Ben Stiller stars as Eddie Cantrow, a guy that owns a sporting good store. He falls in love with a woman in a matter of weeks and decides to marry her. They travel to Mexico for their honeymoon. But, Eddie begins to realize that his new wife is more of a train wreck than even Mrs. Britney Spears. Later, he falls in love with another woman.

The Farrelly brothers directed this misguided ‘comedy’ and it shows. There are tons of nudity and dirty joke, but not much else. I will give them credit for letting the film be raunchy without dropping it to a weak PG-13. You will see more than you ever wanted of Malin Akerman’s naked body. (There’s even a shot of her peeing on someone with a close up shot of her va-jay-jay. I kid you not. I didn’t laugh or feel disgusted. I felt indifferent.)

But, the movie is flawed, greatly flawed. The Farrelly brothers and Stiller made There's Something About Mary together, which is a better film than this movie. In that movie, we cared about Stiller’s character, but here his character is a bit too shallow. You’ll have a hard time caring for his plight. His wife is a bit annoying, but he should have noticed it during his early dates with her. You can only hide crazy for so long.

There are a few scenes that are funny, but the main story just doesn’t have the spark that ‘About Mary’ has.

Many scenes go on too long, while other scenes are just pointless. The script needed another rewrite before going to the set. Story is flap. I’m surprised no one caught that. (BTW, the woman having sex with a donkey was played out after 40-year-old virgin and Clerks II.)

For a small role, Carlos Mencia is all right in the movie. When he’s not stealing jokes, he can be a funny guy. Stiller is playing the same character that he plays in every movie, but that’s not a bad thing. However, he’s far more interesting in “A night in the Museum”.

Overall, I can’t hate the movie, but I’m not in love with it either. It kept my attention, but the story needed some reworking. This movie would have been a huge hit back in the 90s, but now there are far better raunchy comedies out there.

Grade: C

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~For some reason my CD/MP3 player stopped working. I guess it could have been the big storm that caused it to stop working. Anyway, I ended up getting a Philips digital audio player (2 GB). Man, I am loving this little bad boy. My only problem with it is that some mp3 don't have titles and the player won't recognize them, so I have to add a name to them. A lot of the CBS podcast are like that.

~Danny Bonaduce is a life coach? Are these cartoons suppose to be funny?

~Remember that big storm that killed over 50 people? Yours truly got trapped in my car for 30 minutes waiting for the storm to the UPS parking lot. The car shook as the rain came down sideways. I called my work office only to discover that the entire area was in storm shelters. When all this was happening, I thought to myself, “Great, I'm going to end up dying in a freaking parking lot. My work's parking lot.”

~I agree that the David Shuster comment was bad, but was it enough to warrant an apology? Hasn't FOX News said far worst comments? I think he was trying to be hip by using 'pimped', but came across looking like Don Imus. Did MSNBC need to suspend him? I guess the problem is the fact it is the daughter of the Senator Clinton. Yeah, Shuster is a douche bag and someone needs to remove the stick from his ass. He just seems like such a bore. I have a question for Shuster; why is this even an issue that Hilliary Clinton's daughter is working for her team? It just seems unimportant.

~James the Nintendo Nerd reviews the new Rambo: I'm still waiting for the DVD. I heard the 1st half is boring.

~Day Time advertising is bad. How many power and cream ads can a cable channel shove into a break?

~I went on a winter walk around Louisville this Saturday, while it was warm. Man, I really miss doing this every weekend. There's something about walking alone for hours throughout half the city. I hope the weather gets warm again, because it is a way to free your mind.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lost sneak peeks

Here are a few sneak peeks of the third episode

This season so far has kicked ass. The second episode was just freaking great.

My first theory was that these new people were DHARMA, but they might be another group altogether.

Plus, we also know that the Writer's Strike is over, so we'll probably get a full 16 ep season.

Nottie Hilton

The Hottie and the Nottie

Reading through TMZ, I came across a post about Paris Hilton and her movie. I vaguely remembered that she mentioned the movie in her awkward interview with David Letterman last year. TMZ says that the movie will end up being a box office bomb, and it looks like her sex tape will end up making more money than her new movie. She probably 'acts' better in her sex tape too...

But, it makes you wonder why they even bothered to release it in the theaters anyway. Jessica Simpson could not get her movie out of the direct-to-video hell, yet Hilton gets a pass.

Does she not know that the reviewers are out for blood?

So, is the movie bad? Well, check the trailer out for yourself. And, I think Blonde Ambition had a better trailer. I'm still trying to figure how anyone at the studio can think this movie is going to make money. Then again, the Chipmunks and Meet the Spartans were box office hits.

And if you need more proof, check out Rotten Tomatoes' score of the film so far.

Paris, stop making movies (both kinds), or we'll put you in jail again.

Friday, February 08, 2008

random text message

Fun with text messages

A few nights ago, I received this random text message:

Hi boo whats up wit cha this Holland

Now, what the hell does this mean?

Is he from Holland?

I figured he’s talking to a lady friend. Booty Call perhaps?

Where is the area code 150 located?

I sometimes get these random text messages and they are always enjoyable.

Superman 64

Superman 64

This has to be one of the worst games ever created. I’ve never had the privilege of playing this piece of crap. Check out the poor animation. And it is considered the worst game ever.

Here's the story behind the mess of the game from Wiki;

((Lex Luthor has created a virtual version of Metropolis and has succeeded in trapping Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Professor Emil Hamilton within it. Superman must enter the virtual world to fly through countless hoops, save his friends, and stop Lex Luthor. Other villains Superman must contend with include Parasite and Brainiac.))

Btw, this game is set in the Bruce Timm universe. I wonder what the producers of the show think of this game. I think the studio forced them to use Bruce Timm’s designs and market the game as such. Remember, this is the same studio that green-lit Catwoman and Batman & Robin.

I’m sorry but it looks like this is an early demo than an actual videogame release. I love that you can run through walls into areas of pure blackness. We all now that the N64 could handle better graphics than this mess. Why didn’t anyone step up and stop the development of this game? Nintendo is known for hindering the development of games from third party developers. Why not here where it counts?

And why does Superman need to fly through rings?

So how bad is this game? Read this review of it.

I’m pretty sure Superman is pissed about this game. Think of this game as the Star Wars Holiday Special of games.

That's what I want; a big freaking door with the word 'Locked' above it.


Gentlemen, behold the I-clicker.

The school is forcing people to start buying this little toy. It cost nearly 40 bucks. But what does it do? It clicks. It’s like a remote control. You use it to take role and on quizzes. You just do it on a large screen instead of a bubble sheet. Plus, once you send in your ID number whatever answer you have goes into your grades.

I'd like to see this bad boy do things like open locked doors and collect energy on a Navel Ship...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Deconstructing Jerry Goldsmith’s Main Title/ Klingon Battle music For Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Deconstructing Jerry Goldsmith’s Main Title/ Klingon Battle music For Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Before the director’s cut of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, it was an incomplete film. Jerry Goldsmith ended up being the true hero during the troubled post-production. Robert Wise had to fire an entire FX company and replace it with another team, so he didn’t have time to add many sound effects to the movie. Goldsmith came in and ended up doing many of the sound effects within his musical score.

One such example was the V’ger theme, heard during after the TMP fanfare. Using Craig Hundley’s Blaster Beam was a brilliant way of conveying the alien nature of V’ger.

His Klingon theme here, heard for the first time, would make appearances in STV, First Contact, and Insurrection. Ron Jones, who is also a Family Guy composer now, would have his Klingon theme closely influenced by Goldsmith’s theme. I liked how Goldsmith used tribal and rhythmic tones to convey the Klingons. Plus, it was a complete contrast to the bright Trumpet/ French Horn heavy Star Fleet/ Enterprise themes.

Goldsmith also used two different themes, The Klingon theme and the dark V’ger theme, to conflict with each other. It truly feels like the two themes are fighting it out just like the scene.

What makes ST: TMP special is that the movie is more of a musical than any other Trek Film. There are scenes that go on for 5-6 minutes at a time with only the music and FX being used. Goldsmith’s score ended having more screen time than many of the actors, I’m not making this up. Goldsmith himself found this refreshing because he could write complete pieces of music.

Of course, James Horner would take the music in a more action-centered direction, not that’s a bad thing. (Horner would use The V’ger blaster beam in both his scores)

Anyway, please click on the link above and listen to a section of one of the best scores of the 20th century. I still love that Fanfare.

(Side note: Here’s a guy reproducing the Blaster Beam sound with his keyboard. The original instrument took up almost an entire room, but now the same sound can be reproduced on a tiny computer.)

A giant cloud...
I believe this was enhanced for the Director's cut.

Small is Tall

Small is Tall in the world of Starbucks.

Yeah, I’ve already ranted about the confusion between the various sizes of coffees at Starbucks, but this lady does do an entertaining job expressing my confusing.

I also like the expression of the worker that is explaining the rules behind the size difference.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dear Xenu, I want my Saavik back Part 2

Growing up, Alley was a Methodist. At some point in her adult life Xenu beamed her up to the mother ship. However, I’m not certain exactly when she became a Scientologist. I just know the result is a mess. She ballooned up to 200-230 lbs and I am certain a lot of that didn’t have to do with her just eating a lot.

Something tells me she got involved with the cult around her Look Who's Talking days. Remember, her fellow co-star was John Travolta. Then again, doing a movie about talking babies could drive any person mad.

I’m guessing Mr. Travolta introduced her or at least help her reach a higher level in the cult.

Why is her hair always a mess? How does it look like she just jumped out of a window? And, she has that crazy look on her face. While I am always the one that says I like a lady with a bit of junk-in-the-trunk, this is a bit much. It’s like getting a U-haul truck that is three times over the size of the one you needed for the job.

Anyway, what has she done worthwhile in the acting department?

Did the warlords of Xenu help her in her weight loss?
Or was it the talking animals in Look who's Talking Now?
The Shatner is putting in some work!
This scene was filmed and edited two different ways. The theater version only plays the interaction between the two as somewhat playful and a little stiff. The ABC broadcast version is a bit more flirtatious. Nick Myers went with the less steamy version in his director's cut.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dear Xenu, I want my Saavik back Part I

Xenu, I want my Saavik back Part I

Because of MC’s Masterful post on Scientology, I thought about something, no someone, Xenu has taken away from me. It is Kirstie Alley.

Back in 1982, this young actress found her very first role Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. She played Lt. Saavik a young and up and coming officer. She was hot with some of the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen. She brought sexy back…to Vulcan. I found myself, a young man, attracted to this stunning woman with pointy ears. While I was a little disappointed that she turned down reprising her role in Star Trek III, I still liked her as an actress.

Much later in her career, she did something most actresses couldn’t do, she was able to integrate herself into a hit show and make it a better show in the process. "Cheers" became a bigger hit with Alley in the cast. The chemistry ended up being a better fit between Ted Danson and Alley. She was an amazing actress.

However, things would change in her personally and her body…

Random Thoughts

Bret Michaels has more makeup on than all these ladies around him and probably more facelifts too…

Random Thoughts

~I thought some of the ads from the Most Distasteful Super Bowl ads were pretty strange. I generally avoid the Super Bowl. I didn't watch it this year either, but I still like those Snickers ads from last year. BTW, the Bud Lite one was just stupid. The Sales Genie ads are just plain racist.

~Yes, there is a Venom movie in the early stages. I have to wonder if this movie is necessary. Venom stunk up Spider-man III. But, as long as they can keep the people responsible for Spider-man III away from this movie, there might be a chance this movie could end up being good. Should it be a re-boot? Nope, but it shouldn’t beholden to what happened in the Spiderman movie either.

Venom at times thinks of himself as a hero. It would be a nice turn of events.

And, keep Topher Grace away from the movie.

~Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour: Number 1 at the box office. What are kids thinking today? With 31 million, that means this movie saw green around the 5 million mark. I just don’t get it, I just don’t. Billy Ray Cyrus is having a comeback through his daughter’s fame. WTF?

~ Speaking of strange comebacks, Bret Michaels has found himself with fame again in his Rock of Love show. His show has been doing freaking great ratings numbers. But you have to wonder if many of these younger ladies even know where he came from. Remember, Poison was formed in the mid-80s; most of these girls were too small to it.

Btw, when was it okay for men to wear eye shadow and be straight? Bret seems to like to cake on the makeup.

Monday, February 04, 2008

3:10 to Yuma

3:10 to Yuma

This remake is full of action and good writing. What more do you want out of an action movie?

In order to save his ranch and house, Christian Bale’s character embarks on a mission to take outlaw Russell Crowe’s character (Ben Wade) to a prison train for cash. He has to wait until 3:10 for that train to arrive, but Wade’s gang has other plans.

This movie came out of nowhere, and it received a lot of critical praise. There’s a reason why; this movie kicks ass. Based on a short story and 1957 film, Yuma is both subtle and loud at the same time. The writing is good, but the acting from all the stars is the why this movie is so enjoyable.

I’ve attacked Crowe for many of his attitude antics over the years, but there is no denying that he can act. Crowe plays Wade so intensely that he almost steals every scene from Christian Bale. You will see both sides of Wade in the movie. He is a cold-blooded killer, but there are a few things honorable about him too. Just watch. (He’ll never be mistaken for a good guy.)

Bale, on the other hand, has to play his role in a more understated technique. He’s not the animal killer like Crowe. He’s a family man trying to save his home and he’ll do whatever it takes to do it. Bale proves that he is excellent at his craft. The man knows he can never outshine Crowe, but plays his part well anyway.

The shootouts are intense and violent. Luckily, the direct keeps the camera still enough so that we can keep up with the action on screen.

I enjoyed Yuma a great, and it is all because Russell Crowe plays such a damn compelling character. This is certainly Crowe nearly at his best with some assistance from Bale.

Like any other Western, if you don’t the genre, don’t watch this film.

Grade: A-

Are you not entertained?
Maximus goes to jail.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Random Bits

Random Bits

~Make sure to head over to MC's site for an compelling take on Scientology: This guy pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject. I wish I had time to write up more on the subject, but I can't at the moment. I’ll just say this: Scientology is far more dangerous than people think.

~Do you think Gary Coleman knew in the past that he’d end up becoming a security guard and a washed up actor in the future. I mean he thought of himself as the best thing since sliced shit on Diff'rent Strokes. He was such a jerk on that show that Dixie Carter left the show.

~Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas was on HBO today. What was Gilbert Gottfried thinking after he finished this movie? “First I went from being that damn bird Iago on Aladdin, to a talking smoke detector, to this mess.”

~The Angry Nintendo Nerd has released a video about the confusing chronological order of the Zelda series. Trust me, I’ve tried to make sense of the order, and I can get the correct order from hardcore fans of the series. At least the Final Fantasy series reboots every time.

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