Monday, April 27, 2009

James Update

James Update

-Things aren’t going too well right now and they’re going to get worst. So, don’t expect too many updates for a while.

-I’m usually someone that doesn’t let things get to me too much, but I got some bad news that’s just been messing with me all day and probably the rest of the week.

-I might update tomorrow, but who knows…

Creek Jump Failure

Creek Jump Failure…

Of course it was the chubbier kid that ‘collapsed’ into the creek.

I guess he was up S-creek without a paddle? Sorry.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Black Dynamite update

Black Dynamite (he meets someone famous)

I think I’m going to love this movie…

Black Dynamite sets ‘Barry’ straight

Comment: While people will laugh about the ending to this scene, when we find out who Barry really is, but I got a kick out of Dynamite knocking down the price from $1.00 to 50 cents.

Make sure to check out the new clip with a tribute to Bruce Lee.

My question is why did he kill one of his own sparring partners?

Anyway, I got this e-mail from the marketing people about the movie. And I’ll post it here. I would like to talk the marketing people that put me on their mailing list btw.

((BLACK DYNAMITE will be screening at the following times during the 2009 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL:

Premiere – Friday, April 24th at 9:15pm - AMC Village 7, Theater 1

Public Screening 2 – Monday, April 27th at 5:00pm - AMC Village 7, Theater 6

Public Screening 3 – Thursday, April 30th at 11:00pm - School of Visual Arts, Theater 1


When “The Man” murders his brother, pumps heroin into local orphanages, and floods the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor, BLACK DYNAMITE is the one hero willing to fight all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House. Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight) stars as BLACK DYNAMITE, a gun-toting, nunchuck-wielding, ladies man and soul brother. Written and directed by Scott Sanders (Thick as Thieves), BLACK DYNAMITE also stars Tommy Davidson, Nicole Sullivan, Bokeem Woodbine, Arsenio Hall and John Salley.

BLACK DYNAMITE opens in theaters on September 4, 2009.))


Here’s hopping the movie is as fun as the Grindhouse experience was.

Good news is the early reviews have been positive. I'll still have a wait and see attitude

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bruno Poster

Uh, behold the Bruno poster.

I don't have much else to say about the poster other than it is very 'fabulous'.

poop in a backpack

Warning: This post is going to stink

A teacher sends a five-year-old student home with a bag of poop: It sounds like an opening to a joke doesn’t it?

At least the teacher didn't light the bag on fire and send the kid on his way. But still

((Jason says his son's kindergarten teacher had bagged up a piece of human feces and stuck it in his son's backpack. His wife found the stinky mess.))

What teacher would do this and not expect something to happen? Where is the logic?

(("She found a clear plastic bag with a piece of fecal matter wrapped up in a brown paper towel with the note on it," he said.

The note read, "This little turd was on the floor in my room."))

I wonder if the teacher asked the kid if he wanted paper or plastic. Come on, did you have to leave the note on the bag? The turd is pretty self-explanatory. But, I wouldn’t want a damn 5-year-old taking poops on my floor. That just takes all the steam out of teaching.

What lesson does that teach a damn boy? If you have an accident, scoop it up and throw it in your backpack.

I can’t believe this actually happened. I smell a lawsuit and something else.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What the heck?

About that U of L stabbing… (From Courier-Journal and Wave 3)
U of L is kind of getting some negative attention of late.

I don’t want to get too much into it, but I do want to make some comments about. Something needs to be said about the safety of students here on campus. There have been some crimes here from time to time. Have I had any problems? Nope.

((The fight outside a U of L dormitory ended in a stabbing that sent Sean Osborne to University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
Montequa Jackson, 18, a freshman from Lexington, was arrested and charged with first-degree assault in the early-morning incident.))

Jermaine Stafford took his girlfriend to her dorm and started walking to his dorm. At a certain point, four white men surrounded him and started throwing out racial remarks.

From Wave 3

((Stafford says he was surrounded by four men in the parking lot and several others were around, hanging out in a nearby fraternity house. "There were some ugly things said. I don't want to get into too much detail about that."))

It would seem they attacked Jermaine and ganged up on him. That was when Montequa Jackson came in and stabbed Sean Osborne five times.

(Side note: Now, I don’t support violence, but damn that is an amazing woman. She comes out and defends her man. Most girlfriends would have just stood there and cried and yelled. Not, Montequa.)

By the way, Osborne was a non-student.

Now, it gets a little stranger from this point on

((Jackson is charged with first-degree assault.))

Something tells me her charges will be dismissed in the form of defense. I could be wrong. She was trying to protect her boyfriend, even though it involved stabbing.

((The police also arrested 21-year-old Michael Collins on charges of second-degree robbery and receiving stolen property.
Sean Osborne, 23, faces robbery and fourth-degree assault charges.))

So, did they steal something from Jermaine Stafford after beating him up? Was this actually a robbery? Police won’t say much else.

While Mrs. Jackson should have stabbed the dude, I have to give her credit for trying to save her boyfriend’s life.

Did they really attack the man because he was black? Probably so. There was probably some alcohol involved too with the four men.

I do feel we’re not getting the whole picture here either.

Perez Dispenser

Perez Hilton? Why was he even asking questions at the USA pageant?

Over at MC blog, he made a good point about the USA pageant and I question as to the reason why Perez Hilton was even there and asking questions to the young ladies. Why was he even there?

We both didn't know why. It will probably remain a mystery forever like “What is the Smoke?” or “What exactly was Starbuck when she returned?”

Well, MSN has written up a great post about Perez Hilton that ask that same question.

Think about it this way; that's like me, another stupid blogger, being a judge in a writing contest. I am not an expert and I have no business doing that.

Here's the best opening lines from MSN writer Helen Popkin

((So wait … how is it Perez Hilton, the gossip blogger who built a career by drawing male genitalia and cartoon cocaine on celebrity photos, is now the media’s official spokesperson on one of the most important civil rights issues in America? ))

It says a lot about the state of civil rights. If I were a member of the gay rights community I'd be asking the same thing. On one hand, you're attacking the Simpsons for using the term “gay”, but then clam up when the most annoying stereotype of a gay person asks the most important questions.

Listen, on a basic level, I enjoy Mr. Hilton's work, when he's not drawing cocks on people's mouths. There are times when he does dig a bit deeper into stories and cuts through the bullshit. But, this was the same guy that went on a crusade to out many in the closet folk.

From the MSN post,

((Funny you should ask. It’s good you did because nobody seems to be mentioning that way back a long, long time ago (around 2005), gay rights advocates were not enamored with the openly gay Perez Hilton, who used his increasingly popular Internet platform to “out” celebrities he believed to be gay and in the closet. ))

Yep, that's how I feel about it.

This is coming from me, a straight guy, that fully supports gay marriage. But, is having the guy that draws cocks on people really the guy to bring up this? Did anyone think they'd get a good answer from someone in the USA pageant?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

yo, Joe

GI Joe: The Revenge of Cobra

Man, this brings back some fond memories.

This is the season miniseries in the GI Joe Series. This series happens right before the actual series.






-Cobra Commander isn’t as goofy or Starscream-like in this miniseries.

-One of my favorite villains Zartan makes his appearance here with his gang the Dreadnoks.

-I was never able to get Zartan’s action figure. But, everyone else had him.

-Watching Cobra Commander riding bitch to Zartan is priceless.

-This is the appearance of the Weather Dominator. People have claimed the US has one of these in real life. I seriously doubt it.

Watch rest of the miniseries here

Woman Kills Herself through Road Rage Serena Sutton-Smith)

Woman Kills herself in Road Rage

Now, this one is strange but deadly story so read carefully…

((It was the ultimate expression of road rage. A furious woman driver died after ramming another vehicle and spinning her wheels so fast that her own car burst into flames.))

Her anger was so crazy that she ended up killing herself in her own car.

Here’s where it gets crazy…

((She spun the wheels so fast that her tyres disintegrated and the metal rims sent a shower of sparks into the engine, igniting the brake fluid and setting the car on fire.
Appalled onlookers urged her to get out of the car as the flames licked around her but she told them to “F*** off”, an inquest in Gloucester was told. ))

Her car was in flames and she stayed in the burning car still spinning the wheels. She had ample time to get out but stayed inside the burning car until she was cooked alive. Now, granted she was bipolar, but still, the smell of your burning flesh should motivate you to get out of the damn car.

This is whole different kind of rage.

I have no picture of Serena Sutton-Smith or know that much of her past other than the bipolar thing.

((Alan Crickmore, the Gloucestershire coroner, said that her mental condition meant that she failed to appreciate the danger she was in.))

I know very little about bipolar disorders, other than one chick told me she was bisexual and bipolar, so does this tend to happen?

I know she was a larger build woman, but I would have done everything I could to get her out of the car. (Even knocking her out…despite that I’m against abuse, but in this case…)

Usually road rage means you cause harm to others, not killing yourself in the process. I feel for her family, but still that is just strange.

Side note: Can’t you do this sort of thing in GTA games too?

I’m guessing this is a picture of the burning car.

Here’s a ‘Tribute’ to her. What do you say at the Wake?


Now, where is that milk coming from? A flying cow?

Milk does the body good?

I hope that’s milk

Check out SF’s post of nearly topless Russian models selling Milk. I’m no fan of milk, because I think it taste terrible and it makes me sick, but I’d certain try some if it came with some tall female Russian models.

Are you glad the Commies lost? We get ads like this…

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Train watching memories and other stuff

From a train engineer’s point of view (And my train watching memories)

In this video, you will see a train go from CSX’s yard in Cincinnati to Louisville. I’m guessing he’s leaving Queensgate Yard for Osborn Yard in Louisville near U of L and the Airport. I’ve never seen portions of the line. But you can see the train bridge near the crossing between Cincinnati and KY on the Ohio River.

What makes this video interesting is that I’ve lived in the Eastern area of Louisville my whole life and I lived near the Cincinnati/Louisville Shortline and can hear the train horns. (It can be a very congested line at times, but that was when Ford was still doing all right.) I remember riding my bike to this line and watching the trains go by. This was when the line was still L&N and the Seaboard System.

The line that the engineer rides in the video passes by my Elementary School. (Bowen Elementary School) As a child, I remember playing in the fields during our outside break and I watched the trains pass (Google maps (go to street view). This was probably around the time I truly fell in love with watching trains.

I also remember going over to my grand parents’ house in J-Town. My grandfather would take me to the Southern Train Line (Now called Norfolk Southern) and watch those trains. But nothing compared to watching the L&N trains near my house

Side Note: On this line he rides, there is a Lexington, KY junction that is currently owned by R J Corman. RJ Corman trains are allowed to use sections of CSX’s Cincinnati/Louisville line. The Lexington line that the RJ Corman train company owns used to be owned by L&N (and CSX) for coal runs. It is called Central Kentucky Line Old Road Subdivision, ‘Old Road’ for short.

Here’s the famous RJ Corman Steam Engine from China. Last year, this train traveled from the riverfront to the Cincinnati/Louisville Sub to the Old Road to Lexington.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (follow up post)

Michael Jackson’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (follow up post)

I hate drive-thru hate comments. And this one really pissed me off…

Anonymous said...

Can we not get the name of the person who claimed this, or the interview?
I hate half-baked research.

He left this comment in my popular MJ/Sonic 3 post. I guess he didn’t even bother watching the video, because Qjimbo did a great job researching this stuff (Which has led to other people finding other similarities)

Our Anon commenter even ignored the direct similarities to Michael Jackson’s - Stranger In Moscow song and the End Titles. If the songs are so similar, wouldn’t MJ have sued Sega? (Or the other way around)

And the fact MJ’s relationship with Sega never really ended even after the Sonic 3 incident, because he showed up in two Sega games as himself in character model and voice this further proves my point. You can check out his very extended appearance in Space Channel 5 here.

(My guess is they paid him for the music, and they both agreed to remove his name from the game.)

Qjimbo even has a site up that has full coverage into the whole thing. He even compares tracks side by side.

You can check out the remix to Stranger in Moscow with the Sonic Music.

Further reading…

Taken from IMDB, (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)

((SEGA originally hired Michael Jackson as composer for the music on the game but later dropped him over the infamous allegations of child molestation. However, his song writing team carried on without him and it is believed that part of what he had written remained in the game. There are notable similarities between the music recorded for Sonic 3 and music from Jackson's previous recorded tracks from the Dangerous album, and a track from the later released HIStory album (which was composed during the time of the game). For example, there is a sample in the Carnival Night Zone's music that is taken directly from the song "JAM" and the credits theme parallels Michael Jackson's later song, "Stranger in Moscow".))

Let’s not forget some of MJ’s people worked on Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles, such as…

Doug Grigsby III: He would later work on MJ’s Ghost video

Bobby Brooks

Brad Buxer: This guy has worked with Jackson all through the 90s.

Why would MJ’s sound team be credited in Sonic 3 if there weren’t music left over from MJ’s composing?

Now, how is that for research, dumb ass?

Hogan Knows Worst

The Hogan Family is a happy family…

Hulk understands Nordburg (OJ)

So, Hulk Hogan made an off color remark about understanding what OJ went through. (No mention of potatoes without gravy)

((“You live half a mile from the 20,000-square-foot home you can’t go to any more, you see a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade, and you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed, with your wife. I totally understand OJ. I get it.”))

Yeah, that was totally a stupid thing to say.

So, killing your wife in cold blood is acceptable? Man, I can’t believe I looked up to this guy when I was a kid. I’d watch him wrestle and wake up to watch his cartoon show. He was a hero to many kids back in the day. Now, we see him for who he really is, a selfish D-bag.

(Though, he was the bomb in Rock III, yo.)

Keep in mind that this whole family is flawed to begin with.

But I blame the Reality Show Curse.

-The old couple is getting divorced.

-Hogan’s son nearly killed someone and his sons out there on race tracks acting like nothing happened.

-Hogan’s wife is banging the 19 year old pool guy. And he’s banging a lady that is his daughter’s age.

But his biggest felony is making Mr. Nanny, No Holds Barred and Thunder in Paradise (The movie series and the TV series), screw the OJ comment.

He should apologize for that too.

More Fun with Terms

More Fun with Terms (Thanks to Urban Dictionary)

Facebook Foreplay : ((Writing increasingly sexy messages back and forth using facebook, or a similar social networking site, as a medium.))

Comment: Sadly, I’ve never attempted this sort of thing. Is there a form of Facebook Intercourse too? What kind of birth control do you use on a Facebook? Can a Facebooker makeout with a Myspacer? What kind of baby would it have, a MyFace?


Police Chase : ((Occurs when motorists are afraid to pass a police car while driving on a highway due to a fear of being caught for speeding. Similar to a parade maker, the result is a traffic jam.))

Comment: This has happened a lot in my many travels. You get on the highway and a cop comes driving up and everyone slows down and follows behind the cop, almost matching his speed. There are a few brave souls that will pass him, but I’m not one of them.


niteflix : ((Dreams so complex in plot and rich in production value that they seem like feature length films.))

Comment: I used to have dreams just like this, but now I tend to forget them.


bad economy : ((An all-purpose excuse that people use during a recession to justify doing things that are below their usual standard. Often these things in reality have little or nothing to do with the economic circumstances.))

Comment: I’m starting to hate this excuse for everything. People seem to use this excuse all the time and at this point even stupid ads are mentioning it. Recession seems to be the new trendy word and I wonder if we could use another word for it instead.
“Hey, I broke my nose because of the recession.”

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ashton Kutcher pwns CNN on Twitter (Okay...)

Ashton Kutcher pwns CNN on Twitter (As if anyone cares)

Kutcher: The Britney Spears of acting…

I’ve always hated Mr. Kutcher and never found him funny or entertaining. Now, I have another reason to hate him.

((Ashton Kutcher, the baby-faced star of Punk'd, That 70s Show and a host of barely passable feature films, beat the stodgy 24-hour cable news network to be the first with 1 million Twitter followers.))

So, he’s become famous for having more Twitter followers than CNN. Why is that important to him or us?

When news organizations report on your tweets instead of the actual acting career, it should say something about the state of your career. (Oh, I am still mad at him for banging MILF Demi Moore too.)

We can also thank him for these wonder reality shows stinking up the airwaves too.

"Beauty and the Geek": Thank you, for reminding geeks that they can’t get laid for nothing.

"The Real Wedding Crashers": The movie was enough.

"Punk'd": From 2003-2007 really?

On second thought, I’d probably be happy if he simply stayed with the Tweets instead of working again.

My Top Ten Movie Scores (Part 1 of 2)

My Top Ten Movie Scores (Part 1 of 2)

Many everyday movie watchers often ignore music in films or the music merely becomes background to what is happening on screen. However, if people took the time to listen to the score alone, they might discover more to it than filler music. Scores enhance, or improve upon, what the writer/director/actor are trying to convey on screen. We get the intended feeling of a movie through its music.

MC asked me to compile the top ten best movie scores according to me. So, let’s get this party started.

10. Jaw 2 (John Williams): While the movie isn’t as good the first Jaws, but the score is better than the first movie. John Williams’s score here is well crafted as he takes his central themes from the first one and adds a little bit more flare to this follow up.

9. Batman (Danny Elfman): When Batman came out back in 1989, I believe people took notice of the amazing score that Elfman wrote. It is still his strongest score, with the exception of Spider-Man II, to date. The score is dark and yet heroic at the same time. There are so many fun tracks to listen to, and I would be hard pressed to pick one favorite. Elfman is at the top of his game here. (I actually played this score in my High School band. It was fun.) A truly epic score…

8. Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan (James Horner): Following the masterful Jerry Goldsmith isn’t an easy thing to live with, but Horner came through with a memorable action/Sci-fi score. You truly get the feeling of sailing ship (Interesting enough Goldsmith originally has a similar sailing ship feel before Wise rejected that version of his score.)

Here's one of my Favorite tracks: Battle in the Mutara Nebula

7. Rambo III (Jerry Goldsmith): The other two Rambo scores are fairly entertaining, but I found myself moved by this often-overlooked Score. His theme for Afghanistan is something you have to hear as he twists the theme into different things such as an action piece or a touching ballad.

6. X2 (John Ottman): I was surprised as anyone that this score turned out as good as it was. Ottman has some great themes introduced here, but yet it felt like they were there during the first movie. (Ottman didn’t write music for the first movie, Michael Kamen did that one.) His best work is the Jean Grey theme, which you can hear in the video below.

Find out what are going to be my top five in Part II. I’ll have that one complete in a few days.

Back to the Future III (Main Title)

Back to the Future III (Main Title)

While I think BTTF 3 is the weakest of the bunch, the score by Alan Silvestri is a nice little treat. Instead of opening on the bombastic theme from the first two movies, he decided to bring an entirely new theme. (1:17 mark) I call this theme the Clara and Doc love theme. It starts when Marty takes the knocked out Doc Brown home in the rain. (But he brings back the muted trumpet at he beginning)

The flute solo is very nice to listen to. While the first two scores were very action-centered, Silvestri made his last BTTF score a bit slower and character based. It’s not as heart pumping as his Predator score, but it is a nice little score to listen to throughout.

Here are a few tracks mashed together, so you can get a better feel for the score.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

The Planets Gustav Holst (Jupiter)

I was in the University planetarium and heard really bad keyboard versions of the Holst music for The Planets. (Kate Mulgrew did the voiceover for the production, she was good, but I would have preferred Patrick Stewart or Avery Brooks instead.)

I asked my teacher, “Why didn’t you use the real Holst music for the production.”

He laughed and said, “Because it would have cost too much to get the rights.”

Anyway, I figured I post the Jupiter track from youtube. It’s been used in hundreds of commercials. It has motivated many composers in space music to copy his style (John Williams, James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith).

The middle portion of the Jupiter piece is pretty much the heart and soul of this song. It is very majestic with some strong brass movements.


Side Note: Here is another composer filling out Holst’s own suite with a very John Williams style song. It is called "Pluto, the Renewer", composed by Colin Matthews. It was produced in 2000. I really like it because it seems to have a modern sense to it with connections to Williams’ modern work and some Goldsmith thrown in.

Check it out and tell me what you think

Final Fantasy 13 Demo

Final Fantasy 13 Demo

Wow, that was amazing. The in-game engine is pretty nice to look at. While I like the chick that wears the short-shorts, the black dude in the army jacket (and pocket Chocobo) is bit annoying, unless they get some famous for the voice actor for the guy.

It looks like it is a mixture of Active Time Battle (FFVII and FFX2) and some online fighting methods too (FFXII and FFXI)

It seems to following the design of Halo and other first person shooters. The world seems very futuristic too. Actually, it seems extremely similar to FF The Spirits Within (The movie)

It should remind people of FF7 when the game started with a train ride and attack on a base like in this demo.

Here’s the trailer

Here a bit of info on the other FFXIII game, (Final Fantasy Versus XIII) which is sort of unrelated on to FFXIII

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Evolution of Dragonball Evolution

Dragonball Evolution (Check out the trailer)

The smell of Street Fighter all over again.

Wow, the reviews have not been kind. I always felt they should have never even tried to make a film.
Remember when there was word that FOX was considering moving this movie to the direct to video status? Perhaps, they should have scrapped the release all together. has a rating of 15%. That’s right 15%. I have to wonder what the positive reviewers feel about it.

Here are a few remarks from reviewers

Chris Hewitt (St. Paul): ((Chintzy effects, badly overdubbed dialogue, an idiotic script and a cave set that looks exactly like the "caves" on log-flume rides.))

Jason Di Rosso: ((Uninspired and cliché-ridden.))

Matt Mueller: ((Tearing through its mystical, who-gives-a-toss storyline like a pissed bat bouncing off cave walls, Dragonball’s cocktail of cheap effects, eye-rolling cliches and dismal direlogue will have fans of the series condemning it as a beyond-lame failure.))

There is an amusing positive review…

Andrew L. Urban: ((Action packed and well paced, the film delivers exactly what it promises in terms of its style and quality effects and should appeal to the 15 to 24 crowd))

I willing to say the only reason to see this movie is for these two women Emmy Rossum and Jamie Chung.

Side note: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li received 4% compared to Dragonball’s 15%.

To add insult to injury, the movie only made 4.76 million dollars. I do believe this movie will probably do well overseas though. (Update: Foreign Box Office is 25 million. WTF? )

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~Top 11 Dumbest Superman Moments from the Nostalgia Critic: I pretty much agree with all his moments. Most of the goofy stuff you see in Superman II comes from the director Richard Lester and Salkind family are to blame. They re-shot many shots and made them comedic moments.

But, the turning around the Earth is really Richard Donner thing. Donner loved it so much he placed it back into his director's cut of Superman II.

There is one moment left out. The plastic Superman Logo that Superman uses against one of the three bad guys.

BTW, The throwing of the 'S' emblem isn't in the Richard Donner cut of Superman II.

~Listen to Jamie Foxx bash Miley Cyrus: I not sure it's even a bashing because the damn DJs talk over Jamie Foxx and make some unfunny jokes. What happened to letting the man speak? Now, there are reports that Billy Ray Cyrus is upset with Jamie. Was he upset when his daughter made that racist photo about Asians? Was he upset when she had those racy photos leaked?

~Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is done? : I guess Skynet has finally won the battle with the help of the FOX network. Fox loves green-lighting dramas and then canceling them and filling their schedules with shitty reality shows. It looks like Joss Whedon's Dollhouse is heading for the big hamper in the sky too. I still don't know why Joss felt the need to work with FOX again after the way they screwed him with Firefly.

Well, two shows with strong female characters are leaving the airways and being replaced with more FOX crap. I literally mean an entire reality show devoted to foxes taking craps.

~I think I am going to throw up. Words can't even express the disgust I feel at looking at these cos-play pictures. Not everyone can dress up in costumes.

~Billy Bob T-shirts: Well, it was only a matter of time before someone cashed in on the Billy Bob Thornton gravy thing. I would get one, but not for nearly 20 bucks a shirt. That's asking a lot. Now, if it came with that Busted Tee Model (female), I'd pay for it.

~What does God need with a Starship?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

James Update

James Update

-Well, I’ve completed my presentation and just finished a three-page report on cell phones.

-I finished up a homework assignment as well.

-Now, I have an oral examine coming up and a 10-15-page paper.

-Somehow, my BSG review is rank on the second search page of Google, not that I'm complaining...

Busy, busy, busy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton Again

Even more fun with the Billy Bob Thornton another parody

Here’s the booing incident during the concert after the interview.

I hope Mr. Thornton feels better from his "flu", because I’m sure everyone wants to see Mr. Woodcock II.

Billy Bob Thornton is really an A-hole? "I don't know."

"I can't sing, I can't dance."

Billy Bob Thornton acts like an ass and insults an entire country while he's at it.

Well, it is probably one of the most awkward interviews I've ever seen.

((The actor apparently took issue that host Jian Ghomeshi kicked off the interview with references to Thornton's career as a Hollywood actor, director and screenwriter.

For much of the ensuing chat, Thornton refused to answer any of Ghomeshi's questions directly, mumbling: "I don't know what you're talking about."

He later said Ghomeshi's producers had been instructed ahead of time not to talk about his film career at all. ))

Billy Bob just asks like little child and refused to answers questions and when he did they were random things. (He mentioned a monster collection.)

So, he didn't want people asking him about his acting and writing career. Big deal, Billy Bob, you've had an actor first and you wouldn't be interviewed because of your music alone.

Stop, acting like a complete dick.

Then, he proceeds to insult the entire country of Canada...while he's touring there.

Now, the funniest part of the is story is Billy's band The Boxmasters has canceled the rest of their Canadian dates.

((But a note posted on Nelson's website Friday said the Boxmasters were cancelling the remainder of their Canadian swing, including gigs in Montreal and London, Ont., "due to one band member and several of the crew having the flu." ))

I guess this 'flu' is the asshole flu, and the member that is sick is Billy Bob.

Perhaps, the Canadian audiences wanted to see a real performer like Willie Nelson, instead of an one note actor's hobby band. (Remember, Dog Star?). (I like Billy Bob's performances as an actor, but they're the same characters over and over again. He plays an asshole all the time and I guess in real life too)

-Here's a spoof video with Billy Bob and Joaquin Phoenix.

-Here is Billy Bob trying to sing.

-Maybe he's just pissed he's not banging Angelina Jolie anymore.

-The radio host was awfully nice. I would have told Billy Bob to go F' himself after the second “I don't know”.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shake your Boom Boom

Boom Boom Meccha Maccho (With crazy annotations)

Boy, my eyeballs hurt. Everything is bubble-ish and bright. Holy crap this is bad, but I can’t look away. The Annotations make this strange video funny.

You’ll probably see this Para-Para trend catch on here in the states soon enough.


Side note: The Urban Dictionary states

((1. (noun/verb) A Japanese style of dance that follows set choreography and is mainly done with the hands and arms.
(Also, the Japanese onomatopoeia for "dance".) ))

It is also done with really fast dance music that kills the eardrums.

Random Thoughts

I said it before, I actually recognize someone in one of the Google Street Views.
Random Thoughts

~Google Street View gone horribly wrong: I got a huge kick out of this one. What happens when a Google Street View car goes under a bridge? It is not good for the camera, but it is pretty damn funny.

~Wonderful, some the Somali Pirates have Internet videos. Now, everyone is going viral.

BTW, those loser pirates that got owned by the America crew want 2 million for the captured captain. And, let’s not call this a ransom but a damn bailout.

~Was the new Wolverine movie leaked on purpose?: Given that it is FOX, I wouldn't put it past them. The writer in the article brings up some good points. And keep in mind there was a lot of bad early buzz floating round the Internet about this movie. However, given that many FX companies receive early versions of the film in order to work on it, someone could have easily leaked it.

~Kevin Smith vs. Leila: A lesbian tries to confront Smith about his female character in Chasing Amy. This Leila woman is ready to attack him with guns loaded, but he brings her down to size by belittling himself and his movies, thus making her point moot. Somehow, Kevin Smith has both the Gay and Religious communities after him most of the time. Smith has always been good at this. Poor, Leila...

~The Angry Videogame Nerd takes on Metal Gear: This is the American version with the poor translation. “I feel asleep”. The NES version is very flawed from what I've heard.

~Final Fantasy XI Retrospective: Man, I really loved this game. Take a look. I spent a lot of time with this game and made a lot of friends, but I didn't do much else but play this videogame.

Here's the intro to the game when you start it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The DHARMA Orientation Films

Lost: The DHARMA Orientation Films (Revisited)

Anyone that’s my age will remember watching films like this in school, before VCR tapes became popular, and you would hear the projector over the sound a lot of the time. There would be scratches and missing frames. The LOST creators captured that with these orientation films.

I thought it would be fun to revisit these videos again

The Swan Film

-Watch Dr. Marvin Candle’s reaction when he talks about the ‘incident’. This strongly hints at the fact he was probably there and lost his arm in the process.

-Yes, the music is a version of the score that is used in the show.

The Pearl Film

-On the upper left side of the screen (1:13 mark), you can see some people working in the Swan Station on the screen. In the screen, it zooms in on the men.

Psychology film

Not sure what this is, but it was used in the Lost Experience game.

Orchid video

This is my favorite one, and we got to see an early glimpse of it in a promotional video earlier on.

Here the famous outtake version. I love Marvin’s reaction to the number 15 bunny.

The Comic Con video

Pierre Chang holds his hand and arm indicating that Daniel Faraday told him about the accident/incident that took away Chang’s arm.

My question is what does this (Please, please! You have to stop what's about to happen, you can't let us…) mean?

Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of these videos.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Who weeps for Glenn Beck?

Who weeps for Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck is a wuss? Is he the male version of Nancy Grace?

I just love this fake crying. Hell, somehow this cry baby is getting great ratings. Someone tell this guy to STFU and stop the crying.

At a certain point, did Beck simply said, “F’ it, I’m on FOX News now so anything goes.” ?

I’m just saying…

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

James Update

James Update

-First off I'd like to thank the spammer from Taiwan that came in and spammed my blog about 29 post from 2005 to current. It wasn't every post but it was enough to keep me going for a while to remove most of them. It did give me a chance to read some old post, especially in the old days of 2005. Boy, I was a different blogger back them. (You could make fun of people and things without coming back to haunt you)

-I still am busy with homework and just added some more to my plate.

-I'm planning to write my top-ten movie scores something in this week or coming up week. (MC asked me too).

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