Thursday, June 30, 2011

What happens during a Midnight screening of Mr. Popper's Penguins?

What happens during a Midnight screening of Mr. Popper's Penguins?
I've heard of couples messing around in the theater, but this story goes beyond that. And, to have it happen in Mr. Popper's Penguins? Jim Carrey doesn't seem like the type of guy to get the blood flowing. Then, again it is cheaper than buying a room in a motel. Still, would you want to be the guys cleaning up after the movie?

MySpace Sold...with a coupon.

MySpace, I feel bad for you...

Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by
MySpace is like those old westerns where they show the old ghost town with the tumbleweed blowing in the wind. I remember when everyone used MySpace. I hated the autoplay music boxes and the glitter that would lock up your browser. I think the site game to much freedom to people to make up their own pages.
Near its peak, Rupert Murdoch and his FOX Company bought MySpace for 580 million dollars.  That was when the huge slide began and the site wasn’t the “it” thing anymore.  When your grandfather (Murdoch) takes interest, it no longer is cool anymore. 
So, I was surprised to see that FOX finally got rid of their losing horse.  They sold it for 35 Million dollars.  Yes, you heard that right.
That’s a huge drop.  It was like FOX (News Corp) didn’t even bother to keep it afloat and just let the site degrade. 
Now, this is best part about the story.
From The Guardian, ((Justin Timberlake is to take a "major role" in the new direction of Myspace after he emerged as one of those behind a $35m deal for the ailing social network. ))
That's correct, the guy from the Shrek movie and Southland Tales is one of the people owning a piece of MySpace. The same guy from N Sync is bringing MySpace Back, so what comes around goes back around. (pun intended). That's nucking futs. The guy from the movie The Social Network is now an owner of another social network.
Some said it right from BBC with this comment by Greg Tyler. ((People often complain that you can't customise the look of your Facebook profile like you could on MySpace. But, looking back on it, I can't imagine anyone sticking around on Facebook if each profile was covered in badly matched colours and tacky pictures. That customisation ability must have cost them a lot of more serious customers. ))
Will JT save MySpace?
Better question: Where does this leave “Tom”?  

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VR Troopers: Rap Doggy Rap

VR Troopers: Rap Doggy Rap
Yes, this was actually in an episode of VR Troopers. I have no idea why this popped into my head today, but I looked on YouTube to find it. To my surprise, it was there!
Why is the dog rapping anyway?
Side note: Here is an interview with Jason David Frank (Green Ranger)
The man is huge, not in a fat way.   

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol trailer

Okay, this new MI movie looks pretty good. I'm in. Brad Bird is directing and JJ Abrams wrote the story with a producer credit as well. So, it will be more like the third movie than the second one. Heck, they're even bringing back Simon Pegg from the third movie.
My only problem with the movie is this: Where are the characters from the last movie or from the other movies?
Where is the lovely Maggie Q?
Where is Ving Rhames? He's the only other character besides Cruise to be in last three movies.
What about Laurence Fishburne? Did his character join CSI? Or is his character dealing with a a troubled daughter that chose a poor career path?
So, is Ethan Hunt still married in this one?
Josh Holloway is signed on for this movie.
Michael Giacchino is doing the musical score. I thought he did a great job with the third movie's score. I just hope he doesn't add that piano riff from Lost again.

Hat tip to Filmonic    

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CM Punk diss on WWE

This rant against WWE is brilliant. It pretty sums up the problems with WWE currently. CM Punk disses Hulk Hogan and The Rock in the same rant. This is also shades of the Brett Hart screw job that happened years ago. Insiders say Vince approved everything he said during the rant above.
“He's a millionaire who should be a billionaire.”
“And, the rest of his stupid family.”
I also like that he's wearing a Stone Cold shirt. I read that Stone Cold and he had a twitter battle (sigh).
I am not a big fan of Vince, but he knows how to promote his events. This thing seems to be a throwback to the good old (olde?) days of the Attitude Era. I'm sure CM Punk actually feels this way on the state of WWE, and Vince just let him go out there and diss the entire company.
The kicker is WWE took the staged drama a step further by staging a suspension and removing his name from their web site profile page. Now, there's even more.
From Cageside Seats, ((UPDATE:  As of Tuesday, June 28, WWE and CM Punk have reached an agreement that Punk will fulfill his non-televised live event obligations for the remainder of his contract, through July 17.  Furthermore, both sides have mutually agreed not to disparage one another. ))

The Punisher vs. Eminem...comic

The Punisher vs. Eminem
Everyone remembers The Punisher crossover with Archie, but a more recent comic crossover involved the Punisher crossing paths with the Rapper Eminem.  I posted about this comic years ago.  But it came up again on Linkara’s review. 
It just seems odd to have a crossover with Eminem.  The worst part about the story is that the Punisher mows down Eminem’s crew and then Slim Shady teams up with him afterwards.  Then, there is the twist that the Parents Council was involved in the contract hit on Eminem.  Really?
Why not send the Punisher after Ja-Rule? 
I’m sure some people actually liked the crossover.  Marvel wanted to open up their universe to new readers, but this seems a little strange.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nerd vs Creepy Nerd

Nerd vs Creepy Nerd
In the library café, there is a black nerd with in a scarf (in the summer?) and horn-rimmed glasses in a heated argument with a redheaded nerd.  They are taking about politics, and it is rather amusing hearing the black nerd calling him a fringe character.  In addition, the Black Nerd ™ is saying some rather racist things about Arabs.  
Did I mention that the black nerd has a squeaky voice?  
The redhead is rather amused by the guy’s stances. 
“I can put you in a box.”
“You can’t put me in a box.”
“You seem to be shameful of your political views.”
“You’re a radical.”
“On what planet do you send most of your?” Black Nerd asked.
“Earth,” the Redhead countered. 
Sadly, the Black Nerd will probably never see a woman naked or let alone get to first base because he is so out there.  This guy is literally Steve Urkel in college.  At one point in my life, I would have easily become this guy.  But, I kept my nerd powers in check.  I still have to keep myself in check and not become one of those nerds/geeks that corrects everybody.  Whenever I heard someone not getting the facts right about a movie or TV show, I keep myself from jumping in and correcting them. 

Peter Falk RIP (Columbo)

Peter Falk RIP (Columbo)
Just one more thing… TV legend Peter Falk passed away on June 23. Like watching the Matlock series, I would spend hours watching reruns of Columbo with my mother on TV. I always enjoyed Falk’s portrayal of the disheveled Detective Columbo. (Note: Falk was so much like Columbo that the clothes were his own.)
I admired the way Columbo used his brains over force to figure out stuff. While he played himself as a simple blue collar guy, Columbo was actually very similar to Sherlock in the way he figures out cases. He used the shambling and confused act as a ruse.
Falk was a character actor throughout his career. He did a lot of strange roles in his lifetime, such as Corky Remano and Made with Jon Favreau.
Anyway, he will be missed. RIP Columbo.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Transformers The Movie Trailer (Not the Michael Bay movie)

Transformers The Movie Trailer (Not the Michael Bay movie)
Oh, man does this bring back fond memories of my childhood.  I remember seeing this trailer being blown away with the futuristic look, the rock music and the kickass animation.  This is how you make a trailer.  Now, that I am older, I can also see that the trailer also played as a preview for the upcoming toy line for the movie.  (I remember getting Hot Rod as a toy)
-I remember seeing the DEG logo and saying, “I don’t remember these guys making the TV show”.
- Victor Caroli is the narrator for the trailer and the actual movie too.  He blew me away with the lines (It is the year 2005. The treacherous Decepticons have conquered the Autobot's home planet of Cybertron. But, from secret staging grounds on two of Cybertron's moons the valiant Autobots plan to take back their homeland.)  The cartoon continuity jumped ahead 20 years.  Plus, we came to find out the Autobots lost their homeland during that time.  Meaning, almost everything from the first two seasons for the Autobots was for a losing cause. 
-The first name they mention is Judd Nelson.  This was clearly to get the teen crowd interested in seeing the movie.  Wasn’t he part of the “Brat Pack”?
-Lenard Nimoy:  I remember getting hyped about this because it combined Star Trek to my other favorite show TF. 
-I also loved the shiny scenes with Optimus Prime kicking all of the Decepticon’s asses.
-They do sneak in on character death into the trailer.  They show Prowl die.

Final Fantasy VII rap music? Actually, it is very good. (Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy VII rap music?  Actually, it is very good. 
Black Materia seems to be a collection of rappers that enjoy videogames.  And, they focused this album on FFVII.  I am surprised how much this actually works.  Listening to the groups other songs, I have to say I like their flow
From Random and Lost Perception site, ((In a stunning move, hip hopper and educator Random, aka Mega Ran and Lost Perception present BLACK MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII, a Hip-Hop album using tunes from Square’s hit game.))
Mako Reactor
If you listen to lyrics, they pretty much rap the first half of the game.  What is surprising is that the writing of the lyrics are very good and I like the remix of the Mako song.
More after the break…

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hostage Taker Updates his Facebook Page During Standoff with Police.

Yes, you heard that correctly. The police came to his hotel room with a plan of arresting him on a warrant. There was a woman in the room and he took her hostage, so there was a standoff. Valdez has a pretty extensive criminal record, so it is no surprise that he would react the way he did. The kicker of the story is that he started to update his Facebook during his standoff with police.
From CNN, ((Jason Valdez, 36, issued six status updates, added 15 friends and responded to numerous comments posted by worried family and friends while police were engaged in a siege at an Ogden motel Saturday morning. Police say the person in the standoff and the person making those updates was Valdez. ))
Well, at least he wasn't using Twitter. Having a hostage taker send out Tweets seems strange. But, he didn't stop there. He actually took pictures with his “hostage” and uploaded them to FB. 

Way to keep it Internet 2.0. At least, there were no Duckfaces in the pictures.
Look, I leave strange updates on my FB too, but not during a criminal activity. This is certainly a new high (or low) for social media.
The hostage “Veronica” interestingly enough still has her FB page open. The funniest thing about her FB page is Valdez posted on her wall when he had her under his keep! Couldn't he have told her that in the damn room they were in together? Here is the post.
((Sorry I got u in this shit wit me but u got a big heart and am so glad I met u ))
Call me mean, but that doesn't make up for taking her hostage. Make sure to read the comments before the FB page is taken down. They are rather amusing.
Sadly, Jason shot himself when the cops came in, but he seems to be alive and recovering. Does that mean we can see updates from prison?

7-11 Hit and Run

7-11 Hit and Run
Basically, this guy was working at 7-11 changing the trash bag when some drunken nut-job comes charging through the parking lot and hits him.  I’d want extra pay for that.  And, the worst part of the story is that a passenger simply walks out of the car and ignores the accident.  The woman that walked away works in the medical field! 
Tyhese Pitts, the woman seen not giving an F', works in a hospital. Her Facebook page says that she studied at CHI Institute. She claims she was in shock when it happened. However, shocked people don't causally walk away and ignore the accident. The police caught up with her and she is not going to be charged, because she gave them the name of the driver that hit the employee.
Willaisha Rankins is the woman that crashed into the employee. Just as I am writing this, is reporting that she turned herself into police today. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Donna Summer’s Demo version of Bad Girls (Toot-Toot-Hey-Beep-Beep)

Donna Summer’s Demo version of Bad Girls (Toot-Toot-Hey-Beep-Beep)
Wow, this version of the song is completely different from the one released.  In the YouTube notes, they say that the producers were going to give this song to Cher.  Cher would have never brought the soul that Summer had with the song.  The song is much slower than the released version.  I personally think they should have released both versions at the same time. 
Here’s the version that people remember and compare the differences
They don’t make music like this anymore. 

Forget Me Nots (Patrice Rushen)

Forget Me Nots (Patrice Rushen)
Do you remember this song?  It was a hit R&B song from 1982.  I fondly remember listening to this song on the radio, as my mother would drive us around.  The song has a sweet bass line and some nice vocals from Patrice Rushen. 
I always loved the claps in the track too. 
Younger people might remember the track being used in the Will Smith song MIB. 
The actual track is very close to the original, except they slowed the track down a bit. 
I remember Patrice saying that the MIB people asked her if they could just use a “sample” of her track for the Will Smith song.  They gave her a small amount of coin.  She realized they pretty much used her whole song, so she asked for more money.  They were basically low-balling her.
George Michael also used portions of the song for his Fastlove song.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vent Harassment: It is time for a nerd exorcism

Vent Harassment:  It is time for a nerd exorcism
I love this one because some of them laugh it, while others are downright pissed.  Baal!
Here’s a bonus video too.

Comedian makes fun of haters on stage

Comedian makes fun of haters on stage
This is both brilliant and mean at the same time.  I love the hater reaction when the comedian starts announcing background info about him.  This guy is truly embarrassed, just watch at the end. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weird Al’s Perform this Way

 Weird Al’s Perform this Way

Okay, I am officially freaked out by this music video.  By having Weird Al’s face CGI onto a woman’s body, this video has guarantee that I will have numerous nightmares.
The music video is brilliant, and the lyrics are just great.  It is a total and complete bash against the way Gaga uses the media to stir up controversy.  Al gleefully (pun intended) sings about the various goofy things Gaga has done over the years. 
This is Al going back to his roots from the 80s with “Eat it”/”Fat” and others from that era.   I’m even surprised how far he goes with the bashing/parody.
Oh, yes Weird Al even goes for the Madonna criticisms that Gaga has been accused of lately.  He even dresses in the Madonna outfit and has a Madonna (near-look-a-like) show up.  And, I know why Gaga didn’t want this song released.  There is a point when a singer says, “Express Yourself” in the song.  (1:50 mark)
And, I still believe it wasn’t Gaga’s management team that originally knocked down the parody, it was Gaga.  I think the lyrics hit a little too on the mark for her.  I don’t believe Gaga has a sense of humor about herself like other artists…like Michael Jackson or Madonna.  Heck, even George Lucas loved his movie parody song.   You can blame it on your management all you want. 
Anyway, I think Weird Al does Gaga better than Gaga in some parts of the song.  I love the video and the song.  Well done, Al. 
Grade:  A-
-Listen for the Wilhelm Scream.
-I love the nun outfit.

Ken Jeong teaches us how to save a life...for real, yo

Probably the best PSA I’ve seen
Yes, Ken Jeong kicks major ass.  I love watching him on Community. The video is very informative.  And, the kicker is that Ken Joeng is a real doctor.  Oh, it’s true, it’s true. 

Random Things

Random Things
~Ryan O'Neal a little puffy and strange: Uh, what's wrong with this guy in this interview? Did he read a letter on a beach where he says “Man, oh, God, oh, Man, oh God”? By the way, I've watch a good chunk of the Larry Sanders Show, and he's shown up a few times on there too.
~Keystone Beer guy: The character's name is Keith Stone. That's very clever. Sadly, I know people dressed and act the same way this Keith Stone does. Keystone is really pushing this character lately online. Keystone beer is seems to be the beer of rednecks.
~Megan Fox got fired by Spielberg: I really hate the way Fox handled the situation after the release of TF-2. She called Bay Hitler and Spielberg had enough. Spielberg had enough and fired her ass. And, she deserved it. I think Bay is the biggest asshole, but she did get her break from Bay because he hired her for Bad Boys 2. So, she kind of back-stabbed him. She and her crew released a statement that claimed she left the series, but wasn't fired. For me, I think Fox was getting a lot of negative heat from reviewers saying her performance was bad and she had to distance herself from the movie. So, she attacked Bay publicly. This backfired of course. Don't get me wrong I would kick her out of my bed, but I don't think I could carry a conversation with her.

~Megan Fox's career: Speaking of Megan Fox, have you seen her IMDB page? She hasn't really done much since her departure from TF. Passion Play was that Mickey Rourke/Fox film that everyone bashed at the Toronto Film Festival. Because of the harsh reviews, the movie got a small theatrical release. How about that Jonah Hex movie? And, she has nothing on her plate for 2011.   

Monday, June 20, 2011

Robostir: nice

Wow, I didn’t about these new Infomercial ads
Robostir:  Do we really need an automatic stirring machine?  I guess we really are moving toward the future from Back to the Future 2. 
Turbo Slicer:  This is clearly an item to compete against the Slap Chop.  The guy in the video hates Vince.  Vance actually throws away a Quick Chop in his Slap Chop ad. 
 What's next, a product that can wipe my ass for me?  Wait, they already have that.   The machines will rise.  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Any Winehouse too drunk to perform at her own concert

Man, I feel bad for anyone that paid to go see her live in Belgrade. It is hard to even watch the damn video because she can't even clap her hands without nearly falling over. I would have certainly demanded my money back. And, I'm embarrassed for her.
This concert was supposed to be the beginning of her European tour. It was the same tour she left rehab for remember? She didn't want to be bothered with her treatment and rushed into this tour instead. And, this is what her fans get.
People started to boo her as she attempted to perform her songs. This is not the best way to kick off your tour.
From MSN, ((The Blic daily said the concert was "the worst in the history of Belgrade." ))
Do you think she put that newspaper clipping on her refrigerator?
While she isn't really skinny like she was years ago, she looks like she's aged ten years. I think it was foolish for her to sing a anti-rehab song, because she has to live up to that attitude. Rehab only works if you want it to work.
By the way, it was just updated that she has canceled portions of her tour after this mess. From, ((He added that she will return home after agreeing with management that "she cannot perform to the best of her ability." ))
That much is certain.

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~The whole 2Pac/Biggie feud comes to forefront again with new conspiracy theories: An inmate is now making claims that a hip-hop mogul hired him to rob 2Pac during that robbery at a music studio. This robbery left 2Pac severely injured and helped spark the East/West coast feud. He also claims Puffy had something do with the incidents involving Biggie and 2Pac's deaths. I hope this doesn't spark more violence between different groups again.
~Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris: Why does this all seem very fake to me? It looks and sounds like a punch of PR people came up with this story in order to bring attention to Playboy and the Hefner brand. Does Hefner really use Twitter? Much of the drama is being talked about during his twitter posts, but I just can't buy a 85-year-old tweeting. Maybe I am wrong. Then, there is the story of the Playboy magazine placing a “runaway bride” sticker on Crystal Harris cover. And, why is Hefner trying to get married at this point in his life, and the guy founded Playboy for craps sake.

Joe Piscopo, Happy Birthday: Piscopo did an interview talking about his Star Trek TNG appearance. He says people still come up to talking about his appearance on the show. He was on the same episode as Teri Hatcher.
~The War over Rebecca Black video: It seems Rebecca and her family are really getting into it with Ark Music Factory. There are DMC take downs and other things going on between the two. It is hard to keep it straight. If Rebecca wants to extend her 15 minutes, then she needs to get some new songs.
~The Accidental Hipster Song: Enough with the skinny jeans hipster dudes.

~Rage Faces/Rage Comics: I personally like the troll rage expression. Somehow being a troll is now an emotion too. Now, here's the kicker, is this image of the girl on the left a real “trollface” or photo-shopped?  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cereal Killer: Best internet action video in a while

Cereal Killer:  Best internet action video in a while
-The direction is pretty good.
-Despite her blue anime hair, the store clerk is rather cute. 
-Coco Puffs or Coco Krispies?  Neither one is actually that good.   It is too much chocolate for my taste.  I do like that the main character is torn between the two. 
Here’s the making of video

Vancouver Riots: Man, gets knocked out

Vancouver Riots:  Man, gets knocked out
Here’s the thing, the guy getting knocked out was one of the guys in the other video attempting to smash the overturned car.  Yeah, he was one of those hipsters in the video threatening to beat up the “this is our city” guy.  It looks like hipster guy came back for more and got knocked out.  (However, “this is our city” guy isn’t really the hero either)
By the way, the guy that knocked out the hipster dude never took his other hand off his phone. 
The reason I used Liveleak is because people seem to be taking down all the Vancouver videos.  I’m not sure why, because YouTube has far worst videos on its site. 
Here’s a different angle.
Okay, this is the hipster dude earlier causing trouble.  Hipster dude seems to be the one really causing trouble with his friends. 
Sadly, this type of riot stuff happens all around the world whenever a sporting event happens.  How many times has this happened here in the states or in Europe?  A lot.  I think this shows that sports fans are annoying and crazy, yet they don’t get the shame that Fanboys and geeks receive.  When Fanboys hate the latest Spider-Man movie, they don’t usually burn down the theater…usually. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class
This prequel to the first three X-Men is nice character piece and has some great action set pieces.  While the prequel aspects of the story don’t fully set into everything we’ve seen in the earlier X-Men movies, it does lay the ground for the future conflicts between  Xavier and Magneto.  Thrown into their interesting relationship is the shape shifter Mystique. 
The movie is set mostly during the days leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Sebastian Shaw, Kevin Bacon, is a mutant that is secretly setting up both the US and the USSR for a nuclear showdown.  With the US government’s help, a young Xavier and Magneto find a team of mutants to stop Shaw. 
First Class is a step toward the first two Bryan Singer films more than the third movie in tone and style.  This probably also had to do with Matthew Vaughn being a fan of those films, plus Singer was a producer of this film.  Vaughn really does capture the civil rights vibe that was present during the 60s.  And, his film actually takes the time to let us get to know the most important characters in the piece, which is unlike the third X-Men film. 
Michael Fassbender is simply kickass as Magneto/Erik.  There is a brooding hatred within him that comes to surface whenever he goes after Sebastian Shaw and his allies.  While the first movie set up Erik’s origin, this film gives us true insight into why Magneto becomes such an enemy of humanity.  Fassbender is outstanding in the role. 
James McAvoy as Xavier is also good.  Sometimes his telepathic expressions are goofy, but McAvoy is convincing as a guy that truly believes in the X-Men cause.  Xavier is a bit of playboy in his early college years, and a bit of trickster.  We get a complete turn with his character the end of the film.  McAvoy and Fassbender have great chemistry together.
Jennifer Lawrence plays Mystique, and she is the one that amazed me the most with her role.  Lawrence has sadness to her Mystique as she is torn between her stepbrother Professor X and Magneto.  This backstory gives the Mystique in the first three movies a different aspect after watching this movie. 
The action scenes are pretty good for the most part.  It is character pieces that are more compelling here than the action.  However, the final act with the Cuban Missile Crisis is very well directed.  The FX shots seem to fit within the film well too, given that movie film production was rushed into filming this year.   
There are few discontinuity issues with this story.  Such as a certain thing happens at the end of the film that doesn’t fit with the opening of X3.  There are few other bits retconned in this prequel.  While the big one with a certain character is a problem for me, I can look pass that. 
Oh, there is a wonderful cameo from a fan-favorite X-character in this movie. 
Overall, I have to say I am impressed with X-Men: First Class.  After the interference from FOX with the Wolverine movie and X3, it is refreshing to see them give Vaughn enough room to make his version of the X-Men.  The acting and character development fits right in with the rest of the movies.  The interconnection to history will turn younger people off from the movie, but true X-Men fans will love it. 
Grade:  B+

Did you know that William “The Refrigerator” Perry was a member of G.I. Joe? Honest

Did you know that William “The Refrigerator” Perry was a member of G.I. Joe? Honest
If you watch the ad, you will notice that The Refrigerator has a strange edit during his appearance. Did he have problems with his lines. I remember some of my classmates bragging about getting the Refrigerator Perry action figure in the mail.
From me personally, I thought he was a stupid character. However, The Fridge was huge back in the day, so GI Joe wanted a piece of the action.
I do like that they gave his character a football on a metal chain as a weapon. His file card says he was a “Physical Training Instructor”. Uh, really? The guy was nicknamed “The Fridge”. I think he'd be in the kitchen eating Roadblock's gumbo instead.
Luckily, they never used his character on the show.
Currently, The Fridge isn't doing so well health wise. I guess he can look back at his career and remember he was a member of GI Joe.
Right now, you can get the refrigerator action figure on E-bay for around 30-40 bucks.

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