Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Random Things

Random Things
~Feeling less depressed: I am feeling a bit better outside of work. I haven't been sleeping 20+ hours as usual. I am used to sleeping and dilly-dallier around. I am still not motivated to go see Black Panther just yet. And, I am loving the Marvel movies, so there you go. I want to see it, but I cant deal with crowds in my grumpy mood.
~update on the boob lady: The woman that decided to pop out her boob has decided to tattoo her catchphrase on her body. I am guessing she got fired for showing a bit more extra flesh. I guess she is proud of her behavior. I am looking more into her and if she did get fired. Or her reasoning behind it.  I do find it interesting that her boss sided with her and wanted the woman out.  
~Best SNL Eddie Murphy moment: He screws up in character and addresses it in character.
~DSP gets suspended from Twitch: I love that he won't share the reason behind his suspension from Twitch. Basically, the theory is he was begging too much and trying to use a fundraiser to save his house. Having a fundraiser for yourself is illegal. He is going to have to get a real job at some point.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Stormy" Weather for Trump

Stormy Daniels and the President
I usually don't talk about Trump that much because it makes no difference. Just as I can't under people that devote their entire Twitter life about Trump. I literally watched a guy tweet about Trump as his marriage was destroyed. However, this story is too funny not to pass up.
If we were in the 90s, this would have been a huge scandal. Now, everyone has a pornstar story...except for me.
If you hire a clown, you get a clown president. I enjoy how the religious right is refusing to bash Trump over this shit. Clinton banged 4-5s in the White House, but Trump bangs Playboy girls and pornstars and they look the other way.
Given the number of scandals and bullshit, this pornstar story has taken a side-line. We would have been knee deep into this story if this were the 90s. However, now it is just a blip.
While I wouldn’t turn my nose to Stormy Daniels, I am more into the girl next door pornstars like Riley Reid. She has really bit 80s pornstar hair and fake boobs. She is just as fake and plastic as our President. I also find it fitting that she is doing strip club appearances and no one cares. While I don't see eye to eye with Vice now, they do have an amusing story about her tumbleweed appearance at a strip club with 80s music. Stormy, you don't want to be associated with this guy. Just move on.
I really can’t give two craps about the type of people Trump sleeps with, but you can’t have the support of the religious right. You can't side with the religious stuff when you cheat on your wife. Bill Clinton can get away with it because he was on the other side.

Look, I hate Trump, but at this point, nothing shocks me. He has made a joke of the office since taking office. Banging a pornstar is just business as usual. The far right wanted a President to protect their jobs, but he's too busy having Twitter wars instead. How about you put down the pornstar and the Twitter and do your damn job?  

Monday, February 26, 2018

Wonder Woman (Part 1 of 2)

Wonder Woman (Part 1 of 2)

Wonder Woman is a fun and entertaining movie that caught me by surprise. It has more of a Marvel movies feel of storytelling than some of the other DC movies in this universe. WW is a better movie than all of the newer DC comic movies combined. The shit that is the Snyder influence isn't really here. The movie has a lot of charm and sweet action. Unlike other Snyder's movies, I like the characters in the WW movie. WW made me look forward to DC Comics' movies again.
We want a kickass female lead that is what this movie brings us. Being a fan of WW during the 90s, I watched the movie with a huge smile on my face. Yet, I asked, “Why can't DC do this with the other characters?”
I am willing to go another ride with this WW character.  
Director Patty Jenkins does a really great job capturing the World War I era and the trench warfare. She knows when to let scenes breathe and when to cut fast for the action scene. Patty was the correct choice to direct this movie. Allan Heinberg should take credit for making a well-written script work in both dialogue and visuals cues.  
Let's talk about Gal Gadot. Not only is she easy on the eyes, but she is extremely good in the role. I wasn't a fan of her casting during BvS, but she was one of the few things worth watching in that mess of a movie. she is more like the New 52 WW than the old school version of her. She is more of a warrior type than a superhero. I was wrong about Gal. She busted her ass to get into shape and made a convincing WW. She is more of the leaner version of the Justice League cartoon.
There is a charm to her in every scene that makes her the most enduring character in the current DC movies. I love her bright-eyed expressions when she joins the man's world. I also like she isn't cynical at the start the movie and is more curious than her Amazon warriors. Yet, she changes as she witnesses the horror of modern warfare on normal people. She then has a choice in the third due to her changed views.
They could have made her a man-hating warrior, but she comes across as naive yet strong.  I love the sleeping next to Steve on the boat scene.  It was very charming and sweet.  Man or woman, she is someone we can cheer for.  
Due to social norms of the 20s, I also like that she can't walk around in her revealing WW outfit.  
I also like how the Greek god stuff fits into the modern DC universe. So, WW mixes the feel of Captain America and Thor into one entertaining movie. With the god stuff, there is a nice twist in the story. For the most part, the main hidden villain works. While I knew there was going to be a twist, I didn't see it being this twist. Yet, the heel-turn makes sense in the context of the story. The villain's beliefs aren't that far off given how evil humankind was in the 20th century.
Did I like the video-game look of the villain in the third act? Well, it was way better than the final battle in that King Arthur movie. However, that CGI fight might be the weaker aspect of the movie that usually grounds us in hand to hand and gun battles. By the third act, the movie earned some crazy god-like CGI fight.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Get angry, flash a boob.

Get angry, flash a boob.
I guess somewhere in the rule book it says you are supposed to show a boob when confronting a customer. WTF? She asked the customer to eat her a-hole too. I don't think your a-hole is on the menu...though I haven't checked.
I am not sure what she accomplished by showing her boob. That's not how you win an argument. Why can't this happen to me?  
Side Note: Someone in the comments said she looks like Dakota Skye and she does. It probably explains why she showed her boob. For all we know, this IS Dakota Skye.  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fergie and that Anthem

I generally ignore most, if not all, sporting event, but this popped up in my feed.
I can't finish watching the video because it has so much cringe I have to agree with the DT guys. When you hire Fergie, you get what you pay for. I like Fergie for what she is, but don't hire for the national anthem.

From CNN via People, ((According to People, the Black Eyed Peas star said she's "been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA."
"I'm a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn't strike the intended tone," she said. "I love this country and honestly tried my best."))
Yeah, it was “special” alright. Just sing the damn song and stop trying to shoop-it up. As I stated before, the NBA should also take heat for this...for hiring “lovely lady lumps”. Why not hire someone with more of a musical sound like Bruno Mars or Alicia Keys?
I am waiting for the tide to turn and the media starts “white knighting” for Fergie claiming all the criticism is an alt-right hit-squad fueled by 4Chan. Bad is just bad. Besides, something tells me Trump probably loved her performance.

Jimmy Kimmel has some amusing comments about the incident.

Trucks vs. Bridges

I love car crashes, but I love trucks crashing into bridges even more. In Louisville, everyone knows of a certain twin railroad overpass. Two different RR companies own each overpass on the same street. Trucks get stuck under the two bridges all the time. Heck, I have seen and heard a few of them get stuck when went to school in that area.
This collection of videos remind me of those times.  Each city has that overpass that truck drivers ignore.  
I love the comments from some random person screaming at the health bus.
All My Sons moving company: Two people were hurt.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

You Got Mail website: kicking it old school...

You Got Mail website
Ah, yes the 90s. This was when Tom Hank's son didn't make shitty rap songs and Meg Ryan's face wasn't melting. This was a time when I didn't get 50 e-mails a day that was spam. Cybersex didn't involve actual sex, but the text on the screen. Chaturbate wasn't invented yet.
You can click around and check out the "interactive" links made famous from the 90s. This site is clearly a throwback to the internet of the 90s. While the Space Jam site is older, it is amusing to see these artifacts in these days of Twitters and Facebook.

Most of the links down work. The soundtrack link is dead. The “chat/BB just link to the WB site. Why would anyone want to chat with You Got Mail? If you want to waste time, check out the cool e-mails from the two characters from the movie. This was viral marketing before it got cool. Check out the out of date actor profiles for a good laugh.
BTW, this nearly Geo-Cities site doesn't work well on Android devices as say windows machines. BTW, I love the Real Player link. I do think it is fitting that we just lost AOL's IM.

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History

While I didn't become a trans-woman, I actually have a similar background to Chris Chan. I had developmental problems growing up. There were times when I had to learn to communicate and learn things with special teachers. I had a lot of trouble as a kid, so I had serious social issues and that in turn made it difficult for me work and get along with others. While Chris Chan latched onto women as a protection blanket, I tended for myself. I find Chris to be a fascinating subject because it was probably a road I could have went down.
This is a new documentary that goes into more detail about Chris Chan's life than the other one. I hope the other parts go into his homophobic and racist beliefs. Chris went from hating gays and blacks into turning into a wannabe SJW with really apologizing for the mean things he wrote. It should be noted that he mistrusted the black kids at the Pokmon gaming store that they kicked him out for good.
Now, he spouts out things like, “Check your privilege.” Asshole, you're the guy that refuses to work and takes government checks every month. Part of the other problem with Chris is he hasn't worked in years. Keep in mind his last job was working for Wendy's. Wendy's fired his ass. He basically got into it with his co-workers.
He's taken on this tarn-sexual identity while cutting himself off from the rest of the world as the credit card bills pile up with his mountains of toys. He refuses to face reality. He won't have anything when his mother dies and will probably have to be put in a home of some type.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Zack Snyder was fired from the DC?

Zack Snyder was fired from the DC?
I still haven't seen the JL movie, and I really have little desire to watch it after BvS. For me, Snyder is like Bay. They both put style over plot and character. DC did give Snyder too much power and I don't they can heal the DC brand without completely restarting the universe. I also think they should have made Batman a “Year One” version than a “The Knight Returns” type of character.
From, (( the official story doesn't match the real story. According to Dickey, and later by Collider's Matt Goldberg, Snyder was fired from Justice League. The official statement at the time of Snyder's exit was that he was leaving to deal with the suicide of his teenage daughter, and it's clearly understandable that he'd leave the project behind for that reason. ))
I also feel bad for Snyder losing his daughter to suicide. Dealing with depression on a huge level isn't easy and loss is even harder. There was no way he could have bounced back and completed JL.  Joss Whedon should have been the first choice for JL, to begin with. And, after the attack Joss received for Avengers II by the far left, he needed a win. Instead, he played doctor-director to a movie that DC wasn't happy with.
However, we also got a hodgepodge of a movie with two different directors making one movie. If you didn't like the JL final product, Snyder's cut was even worst. It was only after the fact that DC knew they had a turd on their hands.  When reviews started to pour in, I didn't want to even bother watching the movie.  This is coming from a huge DC Comics guy.  And, I watch more Marvel movies now.  
One of the most amusing things is there are fans of Zack Snyder out there that want to see his cut of the film. These are the same people liked the extended cut of BvS too.  I don't think we will ever see all the stuff removed from the Snyder cut. 
DC, Zack Synder is NOT your guy.  

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Cross" that...

Well, that went badly...
There has to be a point when you realized you f'ed up as you walk away.  
Guess where this happened? Florida, of course.

Why did she even bring that up? What does interracial dating have to do with a parking dispute?
For me, racism is such a strange thing. I grew up in the suburbs with white and black people around me. I had white and black friends. I am attracted to all kinds of women. So, this behavior has always seemed odd to me. Why get worked up because some is dating outside their race? Why does it matter when it is not you?
From, ((I sent it to three different people, but they haven’t responded to me,” Fenton told the New Times. “I’m an attorney, so I felt it was a well-written letter. But zero people have responded.” ))
Again, due to her racism, her career is pretty much over. While she is a horrible and shitty person, I really can't support her being fired. The family demanded her to be fired. She can learn from her mistake via the public shame, but she shouldn't lose her job over this. Get chewed out and just learn.
From, ((After conducting a thorough investigation, WSVN has terminated a 7 News producer who was caught on cellphone video using a racial slur,” the email stated. “WSVN will not tolerate any kind of discriminatory language or behavior.” ))
My issue with her is clearly this interracial relationship bothered her so much that it was boiling for a long time. And, she was so angry that she felt relieved she let it out. That bottled racism is what troubles me more than the n-word.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Go Home, Semaj

Go home meme

Remember that “Go Home Gamer Game” meme? It came from that cringe-worthy episode of Law and Order Gamergate episode. I remember watching the episode at the gym and laughing the entire time. What is funny is that EVERYONE hated the episode from both sides of GG.
It seems they rushed this episode out just to cash in on the incident, but fell flat on their faces. Somehow, they managed to piss off everyone.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rob Cohen vs. Renny Harlin: Who is the worst director?

Rob Cohen vs. Renny Harlin: Who is the worst director?
I was looking up Renny Harlin movies and I could swear that he directed The Boy Next Door. However, it wasn't Harlin, but Rob Cohen. Cohen is another shitty director. Then, I realized that they are really bad directors and have similar vibes and tastes.
1 They both have worked with Sly: Driven and Daylight. Sylvester Stallone seems to like working with shitty directors.
2 They like casting talent-less young actors and actresses: They both seem to be fixed on young good looking actors but they have no talent.
3 They both have had pretty good movies under the belt, but continue to do shit: Cohen did The Fast and Furious. Harlin did the Long Kiss Goodnight. They've proven they can make movies with some meaningful stuff, but just can't stop doing shit.
4 They both have had massive bombs, but still make movies: Stealth  and Cutthroat Island 
If these two did a Fusion dance and combined into one powerful being. They would be a powerful creature that wouldn't stop making shitty movies. I think it would be on a god level in "The Room" sort of way. For some reason, both of these directors continue to get work and waste millions of dollars on shit movies. I wonder if they are being used as tax write-offs at this point.
Renny Harlin might be worse because he has a larger body of work.    

Shut up Wesley...please.

Shut up Wesley...please.
The troublesome little man-child.”

For some reason, I just randomly looked up “shut up, Wesley” for no reason. I mentioned before that Wil gets triggered by people using “shut up, Wesley.” Anyway, I watched this clip and laughed a great deal. Good editing. Was this the point Wil decided to disengage from Trek? Keep in mind he left the show back when it was in its prime.  

Thursday, February 08, 2018

All Eyez on Me

All Eyez on Me

There is not much to say about this movie other than it is weak and cheap. The movie looks like a Hallmark TV movie other than a theatrical release. This is its biggest problem. The movie needed more money on screen and probably another rewrite.
Loosely based on 2Pac's life, Benny Boom's direction is mundane if not pedestrian. There is no creative flair with a story with interesting style. This movie has no style and is just downright boring in some parts. However, there are some things are worth watching and don't make this movie a total failure.
-Get your facts right: I get the notion of creative license, but this has been a modern murder case. There are facts that living witnesses can tell you about. There are points where the movie just makes things up or mixes things up and it is confounding. The truth is more interesting than what this movie threw out as far as the murder goes.
-It doesn't know what it wants to be: It switches from a narrative/interview in prison with 2Pac into something else with no rhythm or reason. It feels like re-shoots were involved.
-Demetrius Shipp Jr.: The actor they got playing 2Pac is spot on. Okay, they got this right. He moves and sounds like 2Pac. His speech and mannerisms are perfect. He's the best thing about this movie.
BIG Casting: Smart move, they got the same actor that played Biggie in The Notorious B.I.G. Movie (Jamal Woolard ). That was very smart and he plays him well. I love they gave a lot of screen time.
-They mixed up the reasons behind 2Pac being killed: With the recent evidence that has come out, the movie comes across as being a little fuzzy with the facts behind 2Pac's murder. It thinly tries to make the connection to the east and west beef. In reality, his murder had more to do with the war between the Bloods and Crips.
-Cheap sets and filming: Sorry, but the movie looks like something filmed in the early 2000s for a cable network. And, this harms the movie given the serious and important subject matter. This movie doesn't hold up when you watch the NWA movie, which looks 100% better
-The two sides of the story: This movie does do a really good job conveying the friendship and respect Pac and Bigger had for each other early on. And, it shows some of the falling out they had together.
--Digital Underground: I liked seeing this aspect of the movie. It is fun watching DU and their influence in 2Pac. I think Pac was at his best under their banner. I didn't like their version of the Humpty Dance though. It is strange because they actually used the Same Song album version though.
The movie is cheap looking, but there are a few good moments here and there. Most of them come from 2Pac in the studio and his dealings with the various record companies. The movie tries to cover too much ground despite the fact it looks like a TV movie. Under a better director with money and a rewrite, this movie would have been great. Overall, it is barely adequate.

Grade C-

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Westworld Super Bowl trailer (season 2)

Westworld Super Bowl trailer
Brilliant. I had no idea HBO was going to roll out this trailer on Super Bowl night. I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but it popped up on the YT channel.

I enjoy telling people how great this show was and getting their reactions after completing the season. I believe the show blended and balanced the character moments with the high concept things while also moving a deep and foreshadowing plot in an entertaining manner. Before becoming an asshole at work, I was known as the Westworld guy heaping praise on the show.
I love this trailer. It gives us insight into the absolute chaos that will be the second season of WW. While the first season was about keeping things under control, this is what happens when the zoo is let loose on the watchers. I love that they went big and creepy for this trailer.
-Bull-Shit: I love the bulls running through the labs and killing people. It is an iconic sight. I like seeing the half-built ones in the group as well.
- Dolores, is the leader of the revolt: Will she be seen as the villain or a hero? I heard that the Dolores looking at the camera bit will not be on the show and was filmed only for the trailer. It is a great fourth-wall breaking moment. I also like that the narration is being done by her.
-Logan returns?: I didn't catch in the trailer at first, but he's there. How does he fit into the present WW? Are we seeing another “world”? Side Note: Did you know that Logan's character is bisexual? It isn't spelled out, but it is within the episode. When he hires robotic hookers, one of them is male. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't scream it out.
Ford reborn as a robot?
-Runaway theme: I freaking love that Kanye West's "Runaway" is used in the trailer too. It is fitting because people are going to be running away the entire time. You can listen to the piano version of this song below. If you follow the show, you know that popular modern songs are turned into piano versions for the show.

Monday, February 05, 2018

DSP and the tale of two gaming chairs

How do you lose two sponsors in a matter of hours? DSP had a sponsor earlier (OP Chair) and that sponsor dropped him due to his extreme antics. Then another sponsor appeared. DSP got the chair and promoted the damn thing. People started looking into DSP's new sponsor and things weren't adding up. After a few hours, the company completely shut down and the site went down. Pretty much the whole company was wiped from the Internet. That seems a bit strange.
DSP promoted the chair and the company shut down within hours.  
Once again, the King of Gout is lying. People figured out that his “sponsor” was buying cheaper gaming chairs and marking them up to a higher price. And, it didn't help matters that the chairs didn't have their own logos in order for streamers to promote their products.
Again, the trolls and haters saved him and his fans from getting scammed into buying an overpriced chair which was priced lower on other sites. People did do some digging into the company and it looks a bit shady.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Rose McGowan and Barnes and Noble

I like Rose McGowan. She was one of the few things worth watching in Ready to Rumble. And, she was great in Planet Terror. However, I started to notice she wasn't in as many movies and was known more for her tweets than her acting. That is always a troubling sign.  When the Weinstein stuff happened, she was in the forefront.  
Well, this was epic. I generally don't like everything Rose has to say, but she handled herself rather well, up until the point when she told the trans-woman to sit down. When someone is that emotional, you let the enemy stumble and you can attack their points. However, Rose lost the argument when she yelled at the woman to sit down.
Let her speak, and show why her stance is wrong.  You have more control over the argument when your opponent is emotionally distressed and you keep cool.  You lose when you freak out too and start telling her to sit down and shut up.  
Now, she is asking for an apology from Barnes and Noble for the incident. Why?
From Hollywood Reporter, ((Barnes & Noble said in a statement on Friday, "Barnes & Noble strives to make every author appearance in our stores a positive experience both for the author and our customers. In this case, a heckler appeared in the crowd and tried to disrupt the event and they were escorted out of the store by security." ))
BTW, this woman had to have waited nearly an hour to confront Rose. She was late to her own book reading and took a few more minutes to get on stage. That takes commitment to sit around to confront someone that really didn't give two shits about being on time.
From her Twitter ((And everyone from my publicists, t assistants, managers and every person sitting in their chairs frozen by their weakness, a weakness called COMPLICITY. The truth is you all failed me. Again. And again. And again. ))
What were they supposed to do? Tackle her? Use a phaser on her? This was my biggest problem with McGowan. Don't throw shade on your own people. There was no way they could have predicted this. And, you could have handled it better.
((I would like an apology from the manager of the Union Square @BNUnionSquareNY and all security people, and the audience, who did nothing and let the paid verbal assault of an assaulted woman happen. Cool? ))

Rachel Dolezal, and the hoodie:: Shut up.

Rachel Dolezal
Rachel, you really need to stop. Just stop.

I was going to talk about the H&M scandal, but something far more ugly raised its head in the story. I kind of chalked up the H&M hoodie as being people that had no idea they were doing something racist.
What I have a problem with is Rachel (trans-racial) butting herself into the discussion about race and racist. Did you really need you to make your own hoodie and try to make a buck off this shitstorm?
From Fox News, ((As she explained in the caption, she designed the sweatshirts ─ which initially read “Coolest Prince in the Hood” ─  not only to “counter” H&M’s version, but also because she claims her own biracial son was called a “monkey” back in the second grade, according to a screengrab captured by The Root. ))
This doesn't involve you or your clown-foolery. You don't need to white knight for us, lady. Because she thinks she is being so progressive with this trans-racial shit, she doesn't realize she is just performing another version of blackface. She is just taking it a step further.
I really don't want this trans-racial shit to become a thing, but she keeps popping up like a giant turd that won't flush. Darkening up your skin and curling your hair doesn't make you “part” of the group.
Let's not forget this woman faked her way through life as a black woman and made it all the way to a black organization as a leader. You pretended to be a black woman and lied about being harassed and got caught. It's like the real-life Soul Man movie.  
From Newsweek, (("So, I did a first design in response to H&M's 'Coolest Monkey in the Jungle' shirt that said 'Coolest Prince in the Hood,' because it's a hooded sweatshirt/neighborhood, etc," she wrote. "Some people liked it, some didn't like the word 'hood.'))

Thursday, February 01, 2018

XFL 2.0: The Return

XFL 2.0
Really, Vince? You bring this back now? Why?
I have written about this failure of a sports franchise in previous posts. It is right up there with the New Coke and Clear Pepsi of failures. In 2018, do we need another football, league? Why dig up this old bone and reanimate it? It makes no sense to me.
I just love that Venice wants to re-brand it in the same manner as the lame PG era of the current WWE. If I remember correctly, you basically had the camera go all up in the cracks of the stripper-type cheerleaders back in the first version of the XFL. When the ratings dipped, you started going for the raunchy stuff in the cheerleader locker room. I am guessing the school-girl/stripper type cheerleaders won't be back for the family-friendly XFL.
Does anyone remember this shit?  
It is kind of sad because it is clearly a way to rewrite history for Vince because he hates that the XFL was seen as a major failure. This is more of a way to stroke his ego more than anything else. It just digs at him that it failed under his watch. I am not going to predict that this XFL 2.0 will be another failure. Given that we have a stupid reality star as our president, this could work given our standards are pretty low. Plus, the streaming model might work for the league. There are too many new factors in play to write off this new XFL.
I just think the idea of the XFL should be buried right along with the Ghostbusters remake or pump-up shoes or Shaq's acting/rapping career. However, I will enjoy watching this grow and stumble and hopefully fail again.

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