Thursday, February 08, 2018

All Eyez on Me

All Eyez on Me

There is not much to say about this movie other than it is weak and cheap. The movie looks like a Hallmark TV movie other than a theatrical release. This is its biggest problem. The movie needed more money on screen and probably another rewrite.
Loosely based on 2Pac's life, Benny Boom's direction is mundane if not pedestrian. There is no creative flair with a story with interesting style. This movie has no style and is just downright boring in some parts. However, there are some things are worth watching and don't make this movie a total failure.
-Get your facts right: I get the notion of creative license, but this has been a modern murder case. There are facts that living witnesses can tell you about. There are points where the movie just makes things up or mixes things up and it is confounding. The truth is more interesting than what this movie threw out as far as the murder goes.
-It doesn't know what it wants to be: It switches from a narrative/interview in prison with 2Pac into something else with no rhythm or reason. It feels like re-shoots were involved.
-Demetrius Shipp Jr.: The actor they got playing 2Pac is spot on. Okay, they got this right. He moves and sounds like 2Pac. His speech and mannerisms are perfect. He's the best thing about this movie.
BIG Casting: Smart move, they got the same actor that played Biggie in The Notorious B.I.G. Movie (Jamal Woolard ). That was very smart and he plays him well. I love they gave a lot of screen time.
-They mixed up the reasons behind 2Pac being killed: With the recent evidence that has come out, the movie comes across as being a little fuzzy with the facts behind 2Pac's murder. It thinly tries to make the connection to the east and west beef. In reality, his murder had more to do with the war between the Bloods and Crips.
-Cheap sets and filming: Sorry, but the movie looks like something filmed in the early 2000s for a cable network. And, this harms the movie given the serious and important subject matter. This movie doesn't hold up when you watch the NWA movie, which looks 100% better
-The two sides of the story: This movie does do a really good job conveying the friendship and respect Pac and Bigger had for each other early on. And, it shows some of the falling out they had together.
--Digital Underground: I liked seeing this aspect of the movie. It is fun watching DU and their influence in 2Pac. I think Pac was at his best under their banner. I didn't like their version of the Humpty Dance though. It is strange because they actually used the Same Song album version though.
The movie is cheap looking, but there are a few good moments here and there. Most of them come from 2Pac in the studio and his dealings with the various record companies. The movie tries to cover too much ground despite the fact it looks like a TV movie. Under a better director with money and a rewrite, this movie would have been great. Overall, it is barely adequate.

Grade C-

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