Thursday, February 01, 2018

XFL 2.0: The Return

XFL 2.0
Really, Vince? You bring this back now? Why?
I have written about this failure of a sports franchise in previous posts. It is right up there with the New Coke and Clear Pepsi of failures. In 2018, do we need another football, league? Why dig up this old bone and reanimate it? It makes no sense to me.
I just love that Venice wants to re-brand it in the same manner as the lame PG era of the current WWE. If I remember correctly, you basically had the camera go all up in the cracks of the stripper-type cheerleaders back in the first version of the XFL. When the ratings dipped, you started going for the raunchy stuff in the cheerleader locker room. I am guessing the school-girl/stripper type cheerleaders won't be back for the family-friendly XFL.
Does anyone remember this shit?  
It is kind of sad because it is clearly a way to rewrite history for Vince because he hates that the XFL was seen as a major failure. This is more of a way to stroke his ego more than anything else. It just digs at him that it failed under his watch. I am not going to predict that this XFL 2.0 will be another failure. Given that we have a stupid reality star as our president, this could work given our standards are pretty low. Plus, the streaming model might work for the league. There are too many new factors in play to write off this new XFL.
I just think the idea of the XFL should be buried right along with the Ghostbusters remake or pump-up shoes or Shaq's acting/rapping career. However, I will enjoy watching this grow and stumble and hopefully fail again.

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