Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Stormy" Weather for Trump

Stormy Daniels and the President
I usually don't talk about Trump that much because it makes no difference. Just as I can't under people that devote their entire Twitter life about Trump. I literally watched a guy tweet about Trump as his marriage was destroyed. However, this story is too funny not to pass up.
If we were in the 90s, this would have been a huge scandal. Now, everyone has a pornstar story...except for me.
If you hire a clown, you get a clown president. I enjoy how the religious right is refusing to bash Trump over this shit. Clinton banged 4-5s in the White House, but Trump bangs Playboy girls and pornstars and they look the other way.
Given the number of scandals and bullshit, this pornstar story has taken a side-line. We would have been knee deep into this story if this were the 90s. However, now it is just a blip.
While I wouldn’t turn my nose to Stormy Daniels, I am more into the girl next door pornstars like Riley Reid. She has really bit 80s pornstar hair and fake boobs. She is just as fake and plastic as our President. I also find it fitting that she is doing strip club appearances and no one cares. While I don't see eye to eye with Vice now, they do have an amusing story about her tumbleweed appearance at a strip club with 80s music. Stormy, you don't want to be associated with this guy. Just move on.
I really can’t give two craps about the type of people Trump sleeps with, but you can’t have the support of the religious right. You can't side with the religious stuff when you cheat on your wife. Bill Clinton can get away with it because he was on the other side.

Look, I hate Trump, but at this point, nothing shocks me. He has made a joke of the office since taking office. Banging a pornstar is just business as usual. The far right wanted a President to protect their jobs, but he's too busy having Twitter wars instead. How about you put down the pornstar and the Twitter and do your damn job?  

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