Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rob Cohen vs. Renny Harlin: Who is the worst director?

Rob Cohen vs. Renny Harlin: Who is the worst director?
I was looking up Renny Harlin movies and I could swear that he directed The Boy Next Door. However, it wasn't Harlin, but Rob Cohen. Cohen is another shitty director. Then, I realized that they are really bad directors and have similar vibes and tastes.
1 They both have worked with Sly: Driven and Daylight. Sylvester Stallone seems to like working with shitty directors.
2 They like casting talent-less young actors and actresses: They both seem to be fixed on young good looking actors but they have no talent.
3 They both have had pretty good movies under the belt, but continue to do shit: Cohen did The Fast and Furious. Harlin did the Long Kiss Goodnight. They've proven they can make movies with some meaningful stuff, but just can't stop doing shit.
4 They both have had massive bombs, but still make movies: Stealth  and Cutthroat Island 
If these two did a Fusion dance and combined into one powerful being. They would be a powerful creature that wouldn't stop making shitty movies. I think it would be on a god level in "The Room" sort of way. For some reason, both of these directors continue to get work and waste millions of dollars on shit movies. I wonder if they are being used as tax write-offs at this point.
Renny Harlin might be worse because he has a larger body of work.    

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