Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Cross" that...

Well, that went badly...
There has to be a point when you realized you f'ed up as you walk away.  
Guess where this happened? Florida, of course.

Why did she even bring that up? What does interracial dating have to do with a parking dispute?
For me, racism is such a strange thing. I grew up in the suburbs with white and black people around me. I had white and black friends. I am attracted to all kinds of women. So, this behavior has always seemed odd to me. Why get worked up because some is dating outside their race? Why does it matter when it is not you?
From Heavy.com, ((I sent it to three different people, but they haven’t responded to me,” Fenton told the New Times. “I’m an attorney, so I felt it was a well-written letter. But zero people have responded.” ))
Again, due to her racism, her career is pretty much over. While she is a horrible and shitty person, I really can't support her being fired. The family demanded her to be fired. She can learn from her mistake via the public shame, but she shouldn't lose her job over this. Get chewed out and just learn.
From Heavy.com, ((After conducting a thorough investigation, WSVN has terminated a 7 News producer who was caught on cellphone video using a racial slur,” the email stated. “WSVN will not tolerate any kind of discriminatory language or behavior.” ))
My issue with her is clearly this interracial relationship bothered her so much that it was boiling for a long time. And, she was so angry that she felt relieved she let it out. That bottled racism is what troubles me more than the n-word.  

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