Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Random Things

Random Things
~Feeling less depressed: I am feeling a bit better outside of work. I haven't been sleeping 20+ hours as usual. I am used to sleeping and dilly-dallier around. I am still not motivated to go see Black Panther just yet. And, I am loving the Marvel movies, so there you go. I want to see it, but I cant deal with crowds in my grumpy mood.
~update on the boob lady: The woman that decided to pop out her boob has decided to tattoo her catchphrase on her body. I am guessing she got fired for showing a bit more extra flesh. I guess she is proud of her behavior. I am looking more into her and if she did get fired. Or her reasoning behind it.  I do find it interesting that her boss sided with her and wanted the woman out.  
~Best SNL Eddie Murphy moment: He screws up in character and addresses it in character.
~DSP gets suspended from Twitch: I love that he won't share the reason behind his suspension from Twitch. Basically, the theory is he was begging too much and trying to use a fundraiser to save his house. Having a fundraiser for yourself is illegal. He is going to have to get a real job at some point.

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