Thursday, March 01, 2018

Devin and his new site: Word Down

Instead of just disappearing for good, Devin F is back. This time he has a new site.
From ((According to the site’s About section, Cinema Sangha is “dedicated to the points where pop culture and spiritual principles meet.” Faraci is described as “A film critic and pop culture commentator for a decade before he hit bottom in 2016. Losing everything he once held as important, he discovered a new way of living, aided by 12 step recovery and Therevada Buddhism.” ))
Get the f' out of here. That's putting a new coat of paint on a pile of shit.

The other problem with Devin is that he burned so many bridges that he has no one to defend or white knight for him. Trying to be the Howard Stern of movie bloggers has harmed him and no one from any side of the political groups wants anything to do with him.
From the Hollywood Reporter, ((Faraci notes that he was “terrified” to speak to her. She also conducts a separate interview with his accuser, Caroline.
I was suicidal. I thought I was the worst person who ever lived,” Faraci tells Salbi. “I was a total asshole to so many people. And I saw that as a sign of strength, dominance.”))
From Geek Girl Diva ((f your site mixes your personal insights with your professional life, then being honest about your personal life is step one. If you're in recovery, then truth means the full truth.
Devin has consistently taken only a certain % of the responsibility, which means he took none.))
And, that's part of the problem he refuses to either come completely out with what he did or totally deny it. It seems odd. Given all the virtue signaling he did, he can't bring himself to reveal what he did. That means this Buddhist personal is total bullshit and just another way for him to avoid getting another job like cleaning fast food restaurants.
And, I can't buy that this new hippy-dippy website is legit. I guess time will tell.

Side Note: Given his behavior and actions, his blog has already got 27 supporters on Patreon. How many do I have? Zero. Even pieces of shit get more money than me. God, I love it. 

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