Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Money Pit: Remember this movie?

The Money Pit
The guys over at Film Sack did a podcast about the often forgotten Tom Hanks movie Money Pit. I fondly remember watching this movie a lot as a child. This was back when Hanks WAS the physical comedic actor to go to. Chevy Chase was too much of a dick to work with so you would cast Tom Hanks to do your comedies. He was all over the 80s movies. Plus, he was more of a likable guy than Chase.  Chase had a sense of assholeness to his characters.  

I now just realized how many movies I watched as a kid with Hanks in it. This was before he became a serious actor. Bachelor Party  The Man with One Red Shoe  Dragnet Big Punchline  The 'Burbs  Turner & Hooch  Joe Versus the Volcano  The Bonfire of the Vanities 
I need to check out the Money Pit again.

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