Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Best Rap, yo: ABC Privilege Rap

Here's the video. For some reason, you can't embed the video. I wonder why?However, they did allow their response/diss track to be embedded though.  It was on another channel connected to the other video.  
And, I give credit for throwing in a diss at Sargon. Sargon brought it up and it became a meme.  However, did someone else bring this up before him, because the original song was two months old at the time? 
Well. I really can't give two shits about the political aspects of the song. I wanted to focus on the sheer badness of the song and the rapping more than the SJW or far right stuff. How could this be released without more thought put into making fun of their...whiteness?
Actually, I kind of like it. Seeing two musically “un-inclined” women doing their “thang” is very amusing. Like everything else terrible, this has turned into a living meme. To counter the growing tide of meme-ness, the ABC claimed they were attacked.

And, Sesame Street proves they know how to do hip-hop and make good songs out kids things.
The best part is Chris Ray Gunn proves even he can bust a rhyme.

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